Pathfinder 1E Dwarf Magus (Deep Marshal) spell list - revised


I've been working on a spell list for my dwarf magus for a while now. The Deep Marshal gets the basic magus list minus all enchantment, illusion and necromancy spells, plus all wizard abjuration and a handful of others. As others have noted before, the list is gutted and already gets most of the good abjurations anyway. So I wanted something more flavourful and that justified the sacrifice of three whole schools of magic...

With Deep Marshals being the keepers, protectors and repairers of the underground realms, I worked with the themes of earth, protection, repair, dwarves, wards and caves, with some additional thought into the magus touch abilities and electricity being an eldritch power from the beyond (given the dwarves didn't get to see natural lightning until after the quest for sky)...

With that I looked at the number of spells per level (0 x16, 1st x30, 2nd x30, 3rd x30, 4th x25, 5th x20 and 6th x20) and separating them into categories. (Battlefield Control, Touch Attack, Blasting, Debuff, Defensive, Mobility, Offensive Buff, Sensory, Restorative, Skill Buff, and Toolbox). Also, many specialised spells are being slightly reskinned to suit.

Battlefield Control: Lightning Sand
Touch Attack: Elemental Hand (1d3 touch, choose element)
Blasting: Anvil Sparks, Jolt
Debuff: Flare, Disorienting Quake
Defensive: Guardian Mote (reskinned to forge motes)
Mobility: -
Offensive Buff: -
Restorative: Cauterize, Idyllic Sleep
Sensory: Detect Magic, Stonesense
Skill Buff: -
Toolbox: Conjurers Toolbelt, Read Magic, Mending, Light, Prestidigitation.

Battlefield Control: Grease, Obscuring Mist
Touch Attack: Frostbite, Shocking Grasp
Blasting: Hydraulic Push, Magic Missile
Debuff: Blade Lash, Thunderstomp
Defensive: Ironbeard, Protection from Evil, Shield
Mobility: Jump, Expeditious Retreat, Featherfall, Linebreaker
Offensive Buff: Ail, True Strike, Blade Tutors Spirit, Magic Weapon, Fallback Strategy
Restorative: Celestial Healing
Sensory: Anticipate Peril, Hidden Illumination
Skill Buff: Crafters Fortune, Crafters Curse, True Skill
Toolbox: Expeditious Excavation, Secluded Grimoire, Erase, Hold Portal

Battlefield Control: Create Pit, Euphoric Cloud, Stone Call
Touch Attack: Frigid Touch, Elemental Touch
Blasting: Aggressive Thundercloud, Flame of the Forge, Molten Orb
Debuff: Glitterdust, Force Anchor
Defensive: Earthskin, Protection from Arrows, Communal Protection from Evil, Ironskin, Warding Weapon
Mobility: Bladed Dash, Spiderclimb, Scouts Hike, Alacrity
Offensive Buff: Cauterizing Weapon, Fiery Runes
Restorative: Visualization of the Body
Sensory: Greater Detect Magic
Skill Buff: Shared Training, Telekinetic Assembly
Toolbox: Knock, Make Whole, Web Shelter, Animal Aspect, Alter Self

Battlefield Control: Earth Tremor, Spiked Pit, Stinking Cloud, Windwall
Touch Attack: Force Punch
Blasting: Lightning Bolt, Greater Thunderstomp, Explosive Runes
Debuff: Dispel Magic, Grasping Tentacles, Conjuration Foil
Defensive: Blink, Clayskin, Lesser Guardian Monument (reskinned to dwarf), Protection from Energy, Magic Circle Against Evil
Mobility: Haste, Stormstep, Fly
Offensive Buff: Keen Edge, Greater Magic Weapon, Heart of the Metal
Restorative: -
Sensory: Arcane Sight, Locate Weakness
Skill Buff: Tactical Adaptation, Resilient Reservoir
Toolbox: Spellsword, Water Breathing, Mnemonic Siphon, Beast Shape I

Battlefield Control: Acid Pit, Obsidian Flow, Black Tentacles
Touch Attack: Rusting Grasp, Forceful Strike
Blasting: Ball Lightning, Volcanic Storm
Debuff: Arcana Theft
Defensive: Stoneskin, Fire Shield, Medusas Bane, Ward Shield
Mobility: Flash Forward, Earth Glide, Dimension Door
Offensive Buff: Aspect of the Dragon
Restorative: Greater Celestial Healing, Remove Curse
Sensory: Eyes of the Void
Skill Buff: -
Toolbox: Secure Shelter, Minor Creation, Greater Make Whole, Stone Shape, Absorb Rune I, Beast Shape II

Battlefield Control: Hungry Pit, Transmute Rock to Mud, Wall of Stone
Touch Attack: Corrosive Consumption
Blasting: Lightning Arc, Cone of Cold, Geyser
Debuff: Baleful Polymorph
Defensive: Covetous Aura, Greater Guardian Monument (reskinned to dwarf)
Mobility: Passwall, Overland Flight, Teleport, Greater Bladed Dash
Offensive Buff: -
Restorative: Grove of Respite
Sensory: Glimpse of Truth
Skill Buff: -
Toolbox: Major Creation, Fabricate, Beast Shape III, Permanency

Battlefield Control: Wall of Iron, Guards and Wards
Touch Attack: -
Blasting: Chain Lightning, Elemental Assessor, Disintegrate, Hammer and Anvil
Debuff: Greater Dispel Magic
Defensive: Globe of Invulnerability, Defending Sword
Mobility: -
Offensive Buff: Form of the Dragon I, Mass Bears Endurance
Restorative: Stone to Flesh
Sensory: True Seeing, Scry Trap, Stonetell
Skill Buff: -
Toolbox: Move Earth, Beast Shape IV, Absorb Rune II, Oasis, Create Demiplane

I would appreciate any thoughts anyone has on this. Arguements, questions, comments...happy to (attempt to) justify my choices...
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