WOIN Dying of Old Age


I apologize if this has been asked, but I was looking through the O.L.D. rulebook, and I can't seem to find it.

Dying of Old Age is mentioned, but never defined on how it happens. Humans, for example, become Old at age 60, but there's no Max Age, or anything, to determine when they actually die. At least not that I can see.

How do you determine when a character dies of Old Age? I would assume it's a roll of some kind. I'm considering starting a game where the Time rules for Advancement will be very important. As in, each adventure will be relatively self contained, and when the Adventure is done, I roll a d6 and advance the game that many years. Shorter lived Races like Humans get a free Advancement to their Grade, while Longer Lived ones have to do that 3, 4 or even 5 times before they get their free Advancement. This way, Longer lived Races will have to spend their XP on Advancement to keep up with the shorter lived ones, who can blow all their XP on Skills and whatnot, or just Advance like crazy if they wish.

But then the shorter lived races will die of old age, while the longer lived ones just keep going. Keep rolling 6's on those breaks between adventures, and the Humans are going to be aging out fairly quickly. The Goblins will be gone pretty quick. The Grand Elf will barely be out of his Tweens.

But I need to know how to handle Death by Old Age to make that work. I'd assume it's a roll of some kind at the end of every adventure, at that point. Perhaps an Endurance Roll when the Adventure is over, progressively getting harder and harder with each Adventure you do after reaching Old Age. Fail the role, and your character doesn't live to see the next Adventure. You can use the downtime to get your affairs in order, choose an heir, and give them your stuff.

Is there any official rules for that?

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There's no specific rule for that, no.

Maybe a countdown pool based on END is appropriate.

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