D&D General Dyson Logos Dungeon Delves in The Bundle of Holding.


I crit!

Adventurer! This new Dyson's Delves Bundle presents hundreds of hand-drawn maps by master cartographer Dyson Logos suitable for tabletop fantasy roleplaying games. Famous in the Old School Revival community for his distinctive crosshatching style, Dyson has drawn maps for publishers including Wizards of the Coast (Candlekeep Mysteries, Glory of the Giants), Kobold Press, and dozens more. He's released more than a thousand maps and dozens of adventures free on his Dyson's Dodecahedron blog (funded by his successful Patreon campaign). The maps are unlabeled and (usually) in printer-friendly black-and-white. Many maps include gridded and no-grid versions. Most of them are provided in both .PDF and in high-res .PNG image files for use with VTTs (virtual tabletops) like Roll20 and Owlbear Rodeo

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