D&D 5E Eagerly Awaiting the Next Playtest Packet

the Jester

I'm sure I am not the only one. :)

Do we know when they are releasing the next packet to those of us who aren't going to make it to Gen Con? I'm so darn eager to see the character creation rules and just generally more stuff...!

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They say it'll be up during GenCon, or slightly before or after.

Well, let's be honest. We'll get it during GenCon, regardless of when the official release is.


I am waiting for this one because it has the new "I do something other than swing sword, swing sword, swing sword..." Fighter mechanic.

It should give us a better look at what Races, Themes, Classes, and Backgrounds entail. Supposedly they are converting Oman Dran (Jerry Holkins's 4E Half-Elf Cleric) into 5E, so maybe they will include the Half-Elf too.

I wonder if it will have multiclassing...


I am very much hoping the ranger is in it. That way, I can convert my players' 2e drow party and we can run a few playtests and still continue the campaign. Now that would be a win-win!


First Post
I am also eagerly awaiting the next packet as it should show us a much more complex version of the rules, in both characters creation and mechanics. The first packet was very simple, and I know why, but I am, and I imagine many others are also, bored with it now.

Very eager to be honest.

We arestill playig the first playtest and it is great fun. Not beeing combat machines makes players actually roleplay again. I hope, the new fighter mechanic will not be hampering this playstyle.

On the other hand: there is no fighter in the group, so what ;)

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