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D&D 1E Early Game Reflections

Silver Moon

Members of my first D&D Gaming group had a recent social media discussion about an early campaign;

Player #1: In my first campaign with you guys back in 1984 the plan was: "Sneak in, steal the sword, sneak out. Don't kill anybody." That ended with the castle partially collapsed and flooded, 75% of the castle guards dead, and the entire party captured.

Player #2: It was all a big misunderstanding. A few mistakes were made but I don't think we need to get into who may have killed who. I think we can all agree that what really matters is the mission was accomplished.

Player #3: Let's be realistic here. Any plan that started with "sneak in" was doomed to failure. We couldn't have been any less stealthy if we travelled with an Oompa band and rode in on SCUD missiles.

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Yeah, that definitely sounds familiar...

I seem to recall a certain half-ogre who walked up the a cave mouth, and began bellowing at the top of his lungs. Something to the effect of COME OUT LUNCH!!!

The occupants were not happy to see us.

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