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Subsector Sourcebook: Hecate is now available in PDF from DTRPG and our webstore!

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The edge of civilization!

Hecate Subsector, Subsector D of Earth Sector, is the edge of civilization. Named for the Greek goddess of magic, crossroads, and entryways, Hecate is the subsector where settled space meets the frontier. From Hecate, spacers can move into Fjarron, Mazzoni, and Yeager Sectors and into the unknown.

Hecate Subsector is home to colonial worlds held by the Union of Scandinavia, Canada, Portugal, and Iran as well as several independent worlds on the trailing edge of the subsector. Hecate is home to the Scandinavian superterran Fuglesang, the cold Canadian world of Hadfield, the Iranian agricultural world of Arash, and the corporate mining world of Tartessos.

Filled with system maps, world maps, and physical data about each world, this book is a treasure trove of information for Referees who want to take their Earth Sector adventures to the frontier's edge. Government, legal, cultural, and population details will help the Referee paint a picture of each world for their players.

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