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I'm looking for big and interesting Events for Eberron's next Decades.

I am Gming a Campaign where there are massive Downtime between the Adventures (~1 year each, like Ars Magica). And since Eberron is such a big boiling pot of possible Dangers, I wonder how I will manage this.

My plan is to create a table (or multiple) to roll on each year and see if some Danger is intensifying , a War breaks out, etc. But this is more or less a background Event, the Player will NOT be the big heroes to stop these things (they have there own big Adventures)!

Has anyone done this already or has good Ideas?

At the Moment I have
* War
** Between Nations
** Within a Nation

* Danger from another Contient

*Danger from other Planes
** The Draming Dark
** Maabar with the Undead

* Danger from Below
** Mror Holds
** Demon Wasteland

But there should also be positive Events and Wars can end... I think I will try Doom-Clocks like that from the Blades in the Dark RPG.

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Some of the more obvious things would likely be death of King Boranel ir'Wynarn of Breland and the rise of the anti-monarchy/pro-republic faction, a border war between Aundair and Thrane over Aundair's lost holdings that Thrane still has, and a resolution to the division of House Cannith.


Planar Conjunctions are fun. Having two or more planes become coterminous with Eberron at the same time can have plenty of unexpected effects - new manifest zones, changes to the ways certain magical and physical effects work, extraplanar incursions.

In our current campaign I had a conjunction between Mabar and Thelanis which supercharged their respective manifest zones in the Eldeen Reaches - and then a coven of Hags tapped into their opposing energies to create a cataclysmic magic storm from which they could feed on planar energies.


A couple of ideas:
  • The Mark of Death manifests for the first time since the Dragons attempted to eradicate the House of Vol
  • Either the cause of the Day of Mourning is revealed, or another Day of Mourning scale event breaks out
  • The Lord of Blades establishes a nation for Warforged and demands formal recognition by the Five Nations
  • The Dreaming Dark fails and a new cycle in Dal’Quor begins (big implications for Sarlona, the Kalashtar, the Inspired, etc)
  • Two or more Dragonmarked houses unite
  • The Silver Flame is extinguished
  • A Lord of Dust breaks free, ushering in a new Age of Demons


Heretic of The Seventh Circle
*Someone invents an airship that doesn’t require Dragonmarks. This leads to more variety of flying machines, including “fighter” type devices, and skipping right on to flying armor suits.

*Someone invents a firearm type magic weapon that is basically a cantrip wand that doesn’t require special training to use. It’s just point and click. you can fire bolt. You can train in these like a mundane weapon.

*Mass production of Tenser Disks, and Propulsion Disks, making things like horseless carts a viable industry.

*A process by which new warforged can be made by two or more warforged is developed. The new warforged must be raised, rather than coming to life with training built in, and is heavily impacted in its “programming” by the behaviors and lessons of those who spend time with it.


My favourite type of table is the d66 table. basically six sub-tables of six entries each; keeps it conceptual and manageable. Decide of six main themes, then divide those six themes into six possible avenues of events.

11) Local but Intense Skirmishes.
Little direct global impact, but trade lines are being interrupted, brigands take advantage, lightning rail is cut as a key city is under siege. House Orien is growing impatient.
12) Internal Conflict. The three Cannith branches come into open hostilities. May result in an unified house or new splinter houses.
13) Civil War. Swords of Liberty make a bid for a republican state against king Boranel, or Karnnathi nobles are tired of being "cheated" of their inheritance by immortal vampires.

21) Year of Drought.
Lyrandar has one of it's most lucrative year ever. Regions and rulers who weren't in good terms with the house suffer more.
22) Intense Storms/Hurricanes. Causes lots of destruction/floods/landslides. Coastal regions are more affected. For once Karrnath isn't so affected by harsh weather. House Lyrandar is blamed (wrongfully or rightfully).
23) Year of Plenty. Exceptional production. Wine of (year) will be remembered. Lots of festivals and weddings, especially among the peasant class. Where there is abundance, there are people to take advantage of it.

31) Sarlonia.
Refugees from Sarlonia arrive by thousands; apparently there is some kind of war there. The inner nations are ill-equipped to accommodate this inflow of newcomers.
32) Xen'drik. Many Drow immigrate from the southern continent. Most settle in Droam, Valenar and Talanta, but a significant number are slowly getting used to the mixed populations of the five nations. In years to come, some will adapt to daylight life. Magewrights protests against their commercialisation of faerie fire and dancing light.
33) Lhazaar. Birth "boom" after the Great War creates overpopulation problems. Many inner Khorvair inhabitants are emigrating to the Lhazaar Principalities.


Other possible themes: Dragonmark Houses, Invasion, Technological Breakthrough, Exploration, Mournlands, Uprising of Border Nations, Cultural Collapse/Growth, etc. You may even have enough material for a d100 table.

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Here are some events that I think would happen.

The Kingdom of Ohr Kaluun returns to power, and Riedra suffers a tremendous blow when Ohr Kaluun mages corrupt part of the dream monolith network.

Adar’s presence on the international stage increases since its neighbors are now duking it out, and more kalashtar immigrate to Khorvaire.

Mror Holds. The dwarves drive out the Daelkyr from the Realm Below. Clan rivalries intensify as a result, and the Iron Council is dissolved.

Epic Threats

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