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Yeah Sharn has a lot of unique features that W: DH, which wasn't written to be set in Sharn, doesn't utilize. Just because they're both big cities doesn't mean it's a good idea to convert adventures from one to the other. There's plenty of other cities in the setting that let you convert for way less work.


Here's my journal entry from the first session:

You find yourselves standing outside in the cold outside the Queen of the Damned nightclub. There is a small crowd here braving the weather, but you are in Lower Menthis you are too far down for the rain to fall directly on you. You find the rest of your group and enter below the illusion of a drinking dragon.

Two warforged guards eye you up and down as you approach, but open the doors as you enter. You enter into a wave of noise, heat and dreamlilly fumes. This venue is packed. You leave (almost) all your weapons at the check and enter the main area. A variety of creatures are filling the space, gambling, drinking, partaking and enjoying the show on the stage. You note a variety of human and halfling working girls going around the crowd and occasionally luring someone up some stairs at the back. You all make your way to the bar, order drinks and get to know each other.

After a time you decide that you should probably get to work, so you call over a barman and tell him you are here to see Delgo d'Gallanda. He leaves and soon one of the warforged security comes up to you. "The boss wants to talk with you" he says, and you follow. You are taken past another guard who follows you as you go past, up some narrow stairs and past doors where you hear feminine giggling and muffled male voices until you arrive in a plush waiting area.

"Wait here", says one of the warforged and goes through another door. You wait for far too long in this area overlooking the stage through a window to the south. Eventually the door opens again and a goblin pokes his head into the room. "Da boss will sees yous now".

You enter a very fancy office with halfling sized furniture. A large window on the north wall looks through the illusionary dragon and you can see the street outside and towers rising up out of sight. A very well dressed halfling is sitting behind the desk, and the goblin, a bugbear and a human are also in the room.

The halfling jumps up out of his chair. "Hey, am I pleased to meet you guys. You must be Dresk, Peck has told me a lot about you. He tells me you are very capable. And this is the team you've rustled up. They look pretty tough. Good work for very short notice. Guess I'd better get to know you all. After all, if you are going to do some work for me that makes us family in a way. You know how that works? You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours. If you know what I mean. Anyways, tell me who you all are".

This charismatic halfling then gets you all to introduce yourselves one by one, finds out what you are good at, and in Dusty's case even gleans that he has family in jail. "Well, lets see if I can help with that huh? I know some people. But that would be contingent on you helping me first. See favours gain you favours and that's what this is all about. See despite what you may have heard, we ain't no thugs. We try and get on with our business with no trouble. If you want thuggery, go talk to Daask, they are a bunch of violent murderous thugs and we don't hold no truck with them. You'd know all about that hey Dresk. Anyways, as I say, clan Broromar and the law, we get on OK. That's why I need your help. I've been asked by an old friend from the watch, Germaine Vilroy, to send some people who aren't too connected to Boromar or the Watch to help her with something. She didn't tell me much, but it sounds like she has a witness to something serious that she needs you to find. She needs to meet you tonight. Midnight, on the top of Lyrandar Tower".

"He then looks at Dresk. "But not you Dresk, something has come up. I have been challenged and I need someone who is very brave but expendable if worst comes to worst. You stay here and talk with me". He waves a hand and the other people in the room escort all of you except Dresk out.

Having decided to take the job you decide that it would be best for you to get there quickly and without incident, so Topsy hails a skycoach and pays for the journey. At this point you realise that Delgo never discussed payment or reward.

You arrive at the top of Lyrander Tower at about 11:00pm, so wait for an hour. It would be a beautiful view if it wasn't for the driving rain and the darkness, but it is what it is. After an hour, a lift on the side of the tower brings up a figure. She looks at you suspiciously. "Germaine Vilroy?" you ask. "That's Sargeant Germaine Vilroy", she grunts back. She is well armoured, and wears a red cloak which signals that she is an elite soldier within the watch.

There is an awkward silence.

"Um, Delgo d'Gallanda sent us".

She looks you all up and down. You can see she is memorising all your faces and features. "Alright then. Thanks for telling me. She looks at Cronk and Dusty. You looked like you might be Daask operatives sent to stop me. Good for you that you're not. So, if you are what Delgo has sent me, then you are what I will work with. I'm going to be straight with you. I don't like using your services and I don't want to use your services, but times being what they are, I can't rely on my colleagues in Daggerwatch. I need your help, as I can't go where I've been asked to go".

Germaine explains "I have been asked to meet with a warforged named Coal at the Cog Carnival tomorrow morning at 8am. That's a warforged bar in High Walls. I'm worried that if I go there I will endanger him."His message said that he has knowledge of a crime being committed in Old Sharn. I need you to meet with Coal. I'll give you 25 Galifars each now and if what he says adds up, either bring him to me or take the appropriate action and I will give you another 50 each".

She pulls out a number of small pouches and tosses them towards you. They are heavy with coin. She also gives you some paperwork. "These are some Sharn Watch writs of enforcement. They authorise the bearers to conduct official duties of the Watch under my authority. Don't make me regret giving you these. If you need to find me, I'll be at the Daggerwatch station".

At that, she turns and leaves.

You now have several hours to kill. "Why don't you come to my house", says Topsy, "I'm not far from here and we can eat while we get out of the rain". So you all troop to Topsy's house where he reveals a machine that dries your clothes as you enter and you come into a facinating store of amazing items. You wait there till morning and then catch another skycoach all the way down to Highwalls. The stench of body odor, garbage, and tobacco mix together in the streets. High walls cut this district’s crumbling, vandalized buildings off from the rest of Sharn, though towers rise over the walls like imposing sentries. Many people stand idly on street corners, eying you suspiciously and keeping to themselves. You make your way to the Cog Carnival, a dilapidated warforged dive bar. The bar has a crumbling stone outside marred with graffiti that says things like, “Forged Are Scrap!” and “Leave, Metalheads!” You pay a small fee to enter and find your way inside.

Smoky, low flames in a fireplace barely illuminate the cracked stone walls and filthy floor of this establishment. The single-room space is crowded with warforged with severed digits or limbs, scars, burns, and other wounds. Other warforged in the area are gathered around traditional dice, card, dart, and board games as well as carnival competitions such as throwing metal rings onto posts, tossing a ball at a tower of weighted iron cups hard enough to make them fall down, and striking a homemade machine hard enough with a hammer to make it ring a bell.

A small bar in the corner serves cheap ale. Behind this bar, a warforged bartender shouts jeers at patrons losing games. You spot a warforged sitting in a dark corner and approach them. "We've been sent by Sargeant Vilroy"

"Why didn't she come", says the warforged in an obviously concerned tone, "I wanted to talk to her. How do I know this isn't some sort of setup?" She eyes Cronk and Dusty very suspiciously. You all reveal your writs of enforcement and explain that the Sargeant thought that her coming down in purpose might put Coal in danger".

Coal seems to relax slightly, but is still on edge. "OK", Coal says, "I just wanted to say that they murdered my partner".

Coal explains that her partner Razor had served with Coal in the Cyran military during the Last War, during which Coal lost her right arm. Razor and Coal had trouble finding work in Sharn, due to the fact that many businesses are reluctant to hire warforged foreigners. The pair became desperate for money. A month ago, Razor told Coal she had a job working on a long-term secret mission for Alden d’Orien, the scion of a dragonmarked house. Warforged from other parts of the city were also recruited to help in the task of digging for artifacts in old Sharn. The job required physical labor, so Coal’s injury prevented her from being able to do the job. Razor planned to save money then buy Coal a new arm so she could work with her. Razor would often come back from work sullen or wounded but never opened up about the job until shortly before she died. Razor confessed that the job was more dangerous than it seemed when she was recruited. Razor was planning to quit before she died".

Just as Coal is finishing her exposition, a bolt of fire explodes inches from Coal’s head. Bedlam erupts in the bar and Coal throws the table away in front of her. "I knew this was a setup", she yells, and bolts out the door. You run after her and see the doorman fighting with three goblins. Cronk grabs one of the goblins and slams it down on another one, smashing both their skulls. The other one is is also quickly dispatched and then you take off after Coal who you see running for all her life is worth. You sprint after her, but the streets are getting busy and you are forced to dodge around all sorts of obstacles. Only Ashana is able to keep up and as she sprints round a corner after Coal she sees him getting ambushed by some kobolds and a shifter.

"Sorry Coal", she hears the Shifter say, "this is where it ends". Battle is joined, but with the help of Ashana, followed by Dusty, Topsy and Cronk as they arrive, they are able to defeat the ambushers.

"Sorry I didn't trust you", Coal says, "you saved my life. What do we do now?"

You decide that you had better take Coal directly to Sargeant Vilroy so climb up a level to where you can hail a skycoach and then fly to the Daggerwatch District.

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Here's the first part of the game we had on Thursday. I'll write up the rest another evening.

This part of the adventure came about because one of the players had to pull out last week. So this was a side adventure to get his character into the game.

After you all left the Queen of the Damned, Dresk is left with Delgo.

"I guess you wanna know what this is all about", Delgo states, "well, let's just say that I've been challenged in a way that I gotta respond. I've been told you're brave by those who should know and that's what I need. Someone real brave. Are you my man"?

"I guess so", says Dresk, not very bravely.

"That's what I needed to hear", says Delgo, "Well, the challenge won't be till tomorrow morning so you may as well stay here the night. If it all goes well you should be fine, but just in case I'd make the most of the facilities. The bar is yours the restaurant is yours and a nice room is yours. Hells, if you wanna take one of the girls who work here with you as well be my guest. All on the house. You're gonna do me proud tomorrow so consider it some down payment".

Dresk goes down to the restaurant, has a very hearty meal and then heads up to bed alone.

The next morning Dresk is woken by a halfling maid and told that Delgo is waiting for him outside. Dresk quickly gets ready and heads outside. At the landing in front of the club, Delgo is waiting in a luxurious covered skycoach. As you fly up to the top of the city you see this is a wise move. The higher you get the more you notice how bad the weather is, with driving rain and gusty winds. You are taken to the rooftop of one of the tall towers on Clifftop and disembark. In the centre of the tower stands a thin man in a blue robe. He simply stands and watches as several other pairs are dropped off. "These are the guys you'll be competing against and their handlers", notes Delgo.

Dresk notes that he already knows one of them, an old friend from Daask.

Soon everyone is on the tower and the blue robed man begins to speak, yelling to be heard over the weather.

“Welcome to a tradition as old as Sharn itself.” The elf man waves his cloak with practiced flair, "a competition of guts and skill to test the mettle of the heroes of various guilds across the city. The representative of the guilds will compete for a great prize for their guild, a prize well sought after for some time which only became available yesterday evening. But we'll speak no more of that, I will introduce the challengers.

One by one he gestures at the people on the tower and introduces them.

Blueknife, representing House Tharashk

Image result for half orc rogue

Roger Ramsbane, representing the Deathsgate Guild

Image result for human fighter d&d evil

Kal Bloodhorn, representing Daask

Jaela Stout, representing the Clifftop Adventurers Guild

Dresk Kruotor, representing clan Boromar

"Odd to you see you here", Kal says to Dresk over the sound of the rain, "Are you all the way in with Boromar now?". Dresk gives an embarrassed look but does not respond.

The blue robed man calls up the competitors to take a token each from a bag he holds out. "These are feather talismans", he declaims, "Unlike a normal feather token these will not activate automatically. You must squeeze them hard. But when you do they activate quickly and will prevent any damage from a great fall".

The competitors go up one by one and take a token. Dresk is feeling very nervous about this.

"The rules are simple", cries the blue robed man, "you will JUMP from the top of the tower. The last person to activate their token is the winner". He then takes a bottle which he lies down in the middle of the roof area and spins. When it stops he points in the direction that it facing and says, "Competitors, stand over there please".

Dresk moves over to the edge of the tower and looks down. The wind buffets at him and when he looks down the weather is so bad that he cannot see far below him.

"NOW JUMP", shouts the man. Dresk takes a deep breath and steps from the tower into empty air.

Dresk plummets and almost immediately he sees a skycoach immediately below him, carrying a load of cabbages. He attempts to catch the wind and avoid but there is no time. Dresk, Roger, Kal and Jaela all smash into the coach, but Blueknife somehow manages to avoid it. Cabbages go flying everywhere and the coach tips to its side, throwing everyone off including the driver. The skycoach then rights itself and floats ahead, driverless.

In the action, Dresk squeezes on his token too hard and it activates. His plummet immediately slows right down and he watches in shame as the other competitors fall out of sight. Dresk slowly drifts down between the towers, until finally he finds himself in the Cogs. It has taken so long for him to get there that the other competitors are nowhere in sight. Dresk is ashamed. He has failed Delgo. He doesn't want to go back up to the top of the tower or to the Queen of the Damned so decides to go to Topsy's house to see if his mission went any better.

When he gets there, the door is locked but as he turns to leave the skycoach holding Topsy, Ashana, Chronk, Dusty and Coal comes around the corner. You are all reunited and Dresk is quickly introduced to Coal. You enter the store quickly to get Coal out of sight.

The events above came from 'Fired and Forgotten' an Eberron adventure from the DM's guild.

It's just a shame the player rolled low every time - including failing a DC 5 saving throw.

If you enjoy my writeups please let me know. I thrive on positive reinforcement and will slowly lose interest without it.


Here is part two of the journal from my last game

You fill Dresk in on what has occurred and he tells you his sad story. Dusty and Dresk then head to the Daggerwatch Station to try and collect the Sergeant without appearing suspicious. This is a task they totally failed at so it's hoped that the person at the counter is not corrupt. Sergent Vilroy meets Dusty and Dresk and then takes them through a winding and confusing route to get to Topsy's house in an effort to throw off potential pursuers. Dusty fills her in on events as she goes. When she arrives at the store she takes some time alone with coal and then addresses you all.

"Well, you have completed the task I set you and you have done an excellent job of it. I have your reward here. She pulls out a wallet and hands a note of credit for 50 Galifar to all of you except Dresk. I would like to request that you undertake another task. I would like you to find Alden d'Orien and ask him why he has been recruiting warforged for Daask. It all seems very unusual but he certainly seems to be in the centre of all this".

You agree and she leaves. You then hide Coal in the workshop and make your way to the Orien Guildhall in Dragon Towers. It is a magnificent marble building, crowded with people booking journeys, arranging transport and meeting dignitaries. You make your way to the counter and ask to make an appointment with Alden d'Orien. This is declined. Are some questioning the lady at the counter reveals that Alden has not been to work for some weeks and is not taking appointments. You try and glean his address but she does not cooperate.

You decide that you need to go to your sources on the street to find out. Dusty decides that his old conspirator, Sundry, a gnomish articifer might have an idea given that he has shown good knowledge of Orien transport schedules in the past.

This proves true, and Sundry also recognises Topsy as the son of the famous Tom Turvey. He gives Topsy a weird salute which Topsy does not recognise. When he realises that Topsy does not recognise the salute he says he will have a chat with Topsy's father. "You'd think now that you are an adult, and with the company you keep that Tom would give you his TRUST". Sundry gives Topsy a wink as he says "Trust", but at Topsy's continued blank looks he drops it.

Looking through his records he is able to give an address for Alden d'Orien called the Unicorn Estate in the Mithril Tower District of Upper Central Plateau.

Many of the grand homes in Mithral Tower are true to the district’s name, boasting mithral filigree. The Sharn Watch seems to be everywhere in this neighborhood full of busy scions climbing into skycoaches, hosting opulent parties, and showing off their latest purchases at all hours of the day. Unicorn Estate has a grand unicorn statue and unicorn-shaped topiaries adorning the yard beyond an open, wrought-iron gate. Flanking this gate are two guards in House Orien livery. Each wears a beautiful helm shaped like the head of a unicorn. The magnificent marble home is clearly owned by one of the city’s wealthiest dragonmarked families. Seated on a patio couch are two figures engaged in quiet conversation: a haggard man in his late thirties and an attentive kalashtar who holds a rose-colored crystal in his hands. Two more guards dressed like the ones at the gates stand nearby.

Ashana recognises the kalashtar as Vishtai, a devout and reliable member of the shrine. She starts talking to him telepathically and explains their mission.

Vishtai holds his finger up to the man who is talking to him, says a few words and gestures to you at the entranceway. You see the man shake his head but Vishtai talks more and then the man throws his hands up in defeat.

Vishtai then comes and collects you at the gate and takes you to the man who he introduces as Alden d'Orien. You explain your mission to him and he looks at you with fear in his eyes.

"I knew this wasn't good", he says, "but I have no choice. They have kidnapped my little boy and they won't give him back until they have dug out whatever it is they want in the undercity. As long as I can provide strong and expendable labour they will let my boy live".

You try and get him to further explain, but he becomes more upset as he talks until eventually turns his heal and goes inside.

Meanwhile Vishtai is telepathically talking with Ashtana. "I have no doubt that the boy, Caden, will die regardless of Alden’s actions. Please, save Caden and return him to his father. House Orien would owe you a great debt, and you see how broken the man is. There is an enclosed lift five buildings north of this estate. Look for the medusa inside. Make sure you’re alone, as this lift will take you down to the dig site and, hopefully, Caden.”

You leave and follow Vishtai's directions. Sure enough, there is a lift where he said. You open the door only to find people inside in an intimate embrace. They are reluctant to leave, pointing out the 'out of order' sign on the lift door, but you are sufficiently intimidating to drive them away. They do not look happy. You explore the lift, finding that the controls do not work. You find a hidden panel behind a carving of a medusa on the wall which has a small disconnected Eberron Dragonshard in it. You reconnect it and the lift slowly descends, with calming but yet inspiring music playing from panels in the wall as you descend.

The lift seems to descend forever into the belly of Sharn. Several minutes pass as and the lift rattles and shakes, as if passing into some place it was not meant to go. This rumbling builds to a violent peak then the lift stops, and you open the doors.

By the lift’s interior light, you can see into a vast, unlit cavern strewn with broken stonework from ancient buildings as far as you can see in every direction. The air is stale, and filled with dust and the scent of decay. These are the ruins of the cities atop which Sharn is built.

Ahead of you yawns a fifty-foot-diameter, ten-foot-deep pit that seems to have been intentionally dug. You hear the soft sobs of a young child coming from a wooden shed on the far side to the pit.

Outside the lift it quickly becomes very dark which effectively makes Ashana blind, but is no problems to the rest of you who are able to see in the dark. As you begin to explore you are ambushed by four goblins that pop up from the rubble, shoot shortbows and then disappear, only to appear elsewhere with another volley of arrows. As the battle roves around the pit you spot a large group of warforged, shackled together and sitting in the pit in the dark.

You are eventually able to defeat the the goblins, but not before Ashana takes quite a lot of damage. One of the goblins surrenders when his companions fall and you are able to question him. He doesn't appear to know much, but he does know that their boss, a half-ogre called Garra, was the one who had arranged all of this. Further questions reveal that Garra lives in Moran tower in the Terminus district. He doesn't know where in the tower though as he had only ever waited outside as Garra fetched stuff. He also knows that the warforged had found what Garra was looking for. Garra had taken a large chest earlier that day and left. He had told the goblins to watch the warforged and boy until futher orders.

You release the warforged and find Caden in a cage on the other side of the pit. You pass the goblin into the tender care of the warforged and send them up in the lift. Then you go up yourselves with Caden, and Topsy then removes the small Eberron Dragonshard that powers the lift.

You have saved the boy.

The campaign so far can be found here, including PCs and NPCs:


Session three:

You get to the top of the lift and the Warforged are up there with the goblin, waiting for you. They are all in very poor shape.

Topsy decides to take them to his shop to do some repairs and Dresk and Chronk decide to join him. You hail three skycoaches and head back to Topsy's house as Dusty and Ashana take the boy, Caden, back to his father.

You arrive back at the Unicorn Estate and make your way into where you are greeted with joy. Alden d'Orien gives you a reward of 50 Galifar each, and tells you that if you ever need help you can call on him. But he is also very clear that he doesn't want to be implicated in any of this business and asks you not to mention him when you report to the people that hired you. You agree and then head to Topsy's house.

Topsy, Dresk and Chronk had arrived some time before and they had found the house and workshop in chaos. Someone had been in there, turned the place upside down and taken Coal. The only clue you find is some coarse brown fur. Topsy had already sent a message to the Daggerwatch Garrison and before too long Sergeant Vilroy arrives piloting a small skycoach.

She is all business, and she sends the warforged away. Topsy tells them to come back in a week and he will help them with repairs. She then gets your report and then follows up with the Goblin. The goblin spills his guts, telling her everything - about the chest, using the warforged as slaves, Garra and her address, and how Alden d'Orien arranged all the slaves for them. "Look, I'm just a person", he cries, "I'm not 'the goblin', my name is Mike. It's not my fault I got messed up in this. I just wanna go home now. I've told you all I know, please, just let me go".

Image result for friendly goblin

Dusty looks uneasy - they have already broken their promise to Alden.

"I'll let you go when I have finished with you", Vilroy says to Mike the Goblin, "but I think we need to get to this Ogre's building straight away".

"I've already told you what I know", whimpers Mike.

Vilroy drags Mike onto the skycoach and you all follow. She takes off and you start heading towards Terminus. Part way there she looks at Mike and says, I think I'm finished with you now. I'll let you go, just like I promised", with that she draws out a dagger, slits Mikes throat and pushes him off the skycoach. Mike plummets out of sight and Vilroy looks at you. "I always keep my promises", she says with a wry smile.

You all look at each other. This is a side to Vilroy's personality you had not seen before.

You continue flying towards Terminus, but suddenly arrows fly at you from every side. Ashana immediately goes down, unconscious and losing blood badly and others of you are hurt. You see gnolls in strategic sniping position all around you. Somehow you have flown into an ambush.

Note - Ashana rolled a 20 for first death save so stablised but remained unconscious. Things could have been very different
Vilroy crouches down and whispers to Topsy, "You have gotten messed up in stuff you should have stayed away from", with that she pulls out a dagger and stabs Topsy twice. Dresk sees this and quickly pulls out his net. He throws it at Vilroy tangling her up and then Chronk barges her off the skycoach. She starts to plummet but then a magical effect kicks in and she floats down to a suspended balcony below, struggling to release herself from the net.

"Oh no, my net", says Dresk, "I might have lost it".

"It's just a bunch of fucking holes tied together", yells Dusty, "we can get another. Topsy, fly us out of here".

The skycoach has now stopped moving and the gnolls continue firing at you. You all hunker down while Topsy tries to work out the controls. He does this without many problems and the skycoach zooms away faster than Vilroy seemed to be moving it. The gnolls suddenly launch out of their positions and you see they are flying on some sort of magical disks. They appear to be moving faster than you and the ambush becomes a chase scene, with you dodging in and out behind buildings and the gnolls attempting to pin you down. As Topsy flies, the rest of you fire your missile weapons and spells at them.

Eventually you kill three of the gnolls and the remaining two retreat. You fly back to where you dropped Vilroy just in time to see her throw off the net and run up the street. You chase, but seeing you follow she dodges into a nearby doorway which looks as if it goes into a building of some prominence. You follow in, seeing her red cloak on the floor in the doorway. You enter a busy but quiet temple where robed gentlemen draw circles in the sand around a massive dragonshard. There is also a largish looking bearded man with ill-fitting but shiny plate armour.

"Oh this really is enough", says a small robed man, walking towards you, "who do you think you all are charging in here like this?"

"Did you see a lady run in here?", you ask.

"No, just all of you charging in like you own the place".

You realise that he is indicating a wider group of people than you, and take a second look at the bearded man. His armour looks familiar, in fact it looks exactly like Vilroy's armour.

"Did that man just run in here as well?", you ask.

Hearing that, the man turns tail and runs. He is chased and tackled, a previous injury slowing him down.

The room erupts, with robed men running for the exits yelling. Dresk quickly pulls out his writ from Vilroy, "Watch business, no need to panic people. Our apologies for the disturbance, we will leave you to your worship now". This calms people down a little and you pull Vilroy outside and into the skycoach. You are all badly hurt and need to decide what to do with Vilroy.

"This is getting too big", says Topsy, "I think we need to get our patron involved. We need to go somewhere safe and private".

Topsy then pilots the skycoach back to clifftop but not to his shop which he feels is no longer safe. He lands the ship on the landing of a small non-descript door and knocks. After a few minutes the door opens and his childhood friend Jaela stands before him.

Dresk recognises her as one of the people who played Sharn Chicken. She looks at Topsy, at the rest of you, at the blood and at the captive who again looks like Sergeant Vilroy from the watch.

"I know I've been encouraging you to get out of the house, Topsy", she says, "I didn't realise you'd take me this seriously. Quick, you'd better all come inside before the neighbours see you".

You scurry inside, with the tied up Vilroy. You get Jaela to send a message to Delgo and wait for a response. While you wait you patch up wounds, heal Ashana, Topsy brews up healing salves and Jaela provides a wholesome meal.

There is a knock at the door. Jaela opens the door and sees Delgo and an entourage. Her eyes widen and she ushers them inside. This small apartment is now very crowded.

"Hey, that was an interesting note you sent", begins Delgo, "very interesting. I thought I'd better come and have a look for myself". His eyes turn to Dresk. "I wondered what had happened to you, Dresk, you failed me and I lost a lot of money and the chance of something very interesting. I'm not happy at all. Let's call that strike one huh?".

Dresk looks down "I'm very sorry Mr d'Gallanda. I won't let you down again".

"No, you won't", says Delgo and turns his attention to the rest of you, "So how's about you all tell me why you are holding my old friend Germaine Vilroy hostage huh?".

You fill in Delgo everything that has happened so far. During the conversation Dresk mentions Alden d'Orien's involvement. Dusty shoots Dresk a dirty look, but Dresk hadn't known they were meant to keep that secret - he hadn't been there when that was agreed.

"Well Dresk", says Delgo, "you may have just made up for your error before. That's some very interesting information that I can use".

Dusty protests, but Delgo explains that this is just how business works. The cat is out of the bag.

"And you say this is a changeling?, Delgo asks and you nod in the affirmative. Delgo questions her, but when no new information is apparent he turns to one of his retinue, "Knuckles, take care of her". Knuckles walks up and puts a sword through her chest. Vilroy immediately transforms to her real form of a changeling.

"Oops, sorry about the mess", Knuckles says, looking around, "Do you have any blankets or something?". Jaela provides blankets to knuckles who wraps them round the corpse, mops up some of the blood and then throws the gruesome package over his shoulder. He exits through the front door.

"Now that that business is attended to", says Delgo, "we need to find this Garra and stop whatever is going on. I want whatever is in the chest. I'll head back to the club and arrange for a squad, but you'd better get there right now in case she tries to scarper".

You are all tired and wounded but reluctantly agree.

"I'll see you back at the club when this is all finished", says Delgo as he leaves with the remainder of his retinue.

"I think I'd better come with you all", Jaela says, "you all look exhausted".

You all jump into the skycoach and head to the building in Terminus where Garra lives, landing on a landing at the top of the small tower.

You slowly make your way down the crowded and dirty tenement, until you find a young boy who is able to help you find Garra's apartment. Dusty knocks but there is no answer. He then rigs a tripwire across the door 'just in case' and picks the lock of the door. He swings the door open and steps into the apartment, quite forgetting his own tripwire and falls flat on his face. As he falls he sees four creatures stand up from behind couches and an overturned table who pepper him with arrows.

A battle ensues, during which Chronk makes good use of the overturned table, using it to pin two of the Kenku to the wall while you bash at them, and then smashing the last Kenku to death with the table. There is nothing of consequence in this room, but another door leads further into the apartment. Chronk smashes through the door only to see one of the gnolls from the air attack desperately throwing documents into a brazier. Tied to a bed in her undergarments and unconscious is Sergeant Vilroy.

Chronk smashes the gnoll into the brazier and burning papers spread everywhere. The bed catches alight. Dusty quickly unties Vilroy and drags her from the apartment while Chronk finishes the gnoll and the rest of you gather the papers that remain. By this time the bed is burning well. As you sprint back up the stairs to the landing you here a magical alarm as automatic 'create water' spells activate throughout the building. You get back to your skycoach soaked and fly back to Jaela's house.

It's getting late and you decide that you have had enough for one night. You start to get ready to rest, but then Topsy who has been looking through the papers gasps. He has found a receipt for a first class ride in the lightning rail leaving in 20 minutes. You realise that you need to get there fast. No rest for you.

Level up at the end of this session - however any spent spells, abilities or lost hitpoints will not have been recovered.


Session four:

Leaving Jaela to care for Sergeant Vilroy, you jump back into the skycoach and fly with all haste to Terminus. You find a dock to tether to and run down the stairs into Terminus station. It is packed, with people covering the platform and trains starting to charge up. You don't know whether Garra has boarded the train or not yet so look around and when you don't see her go to the ticket booth to buy some tickets. The bureaucrat behnd the counter is slow moving and doesn't remember seeing a half ogre. You look for first class tickets, but the price is astounding. You show your writ to the bureaucrat but she does not seem that impressed and states you will still need to buy a ticket if you want to board the train and the watch can claim the money back through properly filed claim forms. You hear "ALL ABOARD".

Image result for lightning rail station

You move to enter the train without a ticket, but the conductor stops you. The conductor does seem to take note of the writ, but states that he does not have the authority to let you on the train without conferring with the driver. He asks you to wait and moves into the train. You stand on the platform waiting, but then the train starts to move. You go to step onto the train, but are distracted by some rough looking men who grab at you roughly, "you ain't goin nowhere bub", one of them says to Ashara.

Dresk manages to dodge the grabbing thugs and leaps onboard the train, jumping into a cabin where a distracted looking guard yells "You shouldn't be in here". He looks at the carriage and he is obviously in a security area where something valuable is held.

Ashara summons a pillar of fire which wounds one of the thugs badly, but suddenly the station erupts as the crowd scrambles to get away from the danger. Thugs grab Dusty and Topsy and start beating them. Another thug, seeing the damage that Ashara has caused draws a scimitar and slashes across her arm, wounding her badly.

Chronk picks up the thug moving towards him at throws him at the train. The thug hits the side and slides down the gap between train and platform. An awful sound can be heard as the thug is smeared across the platform and ground below.

Ashara then jumps onto the train, landing further back as the train has already moved considerably ahead.

Meanwhile Dresk has backed away from the conductor and stepped through to the next carriage back. A conductor starts in surprise, "You shouldn't get on the train while it is moving sir, most unsafe. Where is your ticket?".

Dresk tries to explain that he does not have a ticket and is on watch business, but is unable to produce a writ as he was the only person not there when Vilroy was handing them out. Instead he tries to be intimidating, "I am on watch business, and my companions who can produce writs will be here soon. In the meantime you will let me pass unless you want to be responsible for a dangerous criminal escaping. GET OUT OF MY WAY".

The conductor steps back and then reaches up quickly, pulling a panic cord. An alarm sounds throughout the train and it starts to rapidly decelerate.

Image result for train conductor victorian

He then draws a truncheon and as Dresk tries to push past he strikes him on the head.

Meanwhile Chronk, Dusty and Topsy have managed to escape the thugs trying to hold them back, two more lying smeared under the train. They manage to make their way into carriages even further back.

Dresk barges back into the next carriage where another conductor tries to tussle with him. As Dresk barges past Ashara sees him and calls to the conductor. "He is with me, look, I have a writ". The conductor calms down immediately, "Why are you here", he says.

"We are looking for a half ogre, a criminal by the name of Garra", Ashara says to the conductor, "Do you know where this person might be?".

The conductor points at the door of one of the first class compartments further down the carriage, "there", he says.

The door is slightly ajar, but as you look in that direction it slams. Dresk and Ashara stand on either side of the door, then Dresk bursts through the door. He is immediately hit by a small arrow from a sprite in the room, but other than that the room is empty.

A large window stands open and Dresk climbs quickly out, pulling himself onto the top of the train. He sees a large half-ogre, holding a small ancient chest, quickly running on top of the carriages back towards the train platform. The train has nearly stopped and Garra unless stopped will soon be able to escape. He gives chase.

At this moment Dusty and Topsy are at the front of a carriage much further back, with Chronk even further behind. They hear a thump above them as Garra leaps onto their carriage. This carriage has a line of small windows in the ceiling and they can see underneath Garra as she runs . Not a pleasant sight. Dusty and Topsy shoot at Garra as she passes. Topsy's firebolt shatters one of the windows and pierces Garra. Dusty's arrow bounces off a frame and lands back in the carriage. Chronk reaches up, smashing his hands through the small windows and rips the metal roof apart. He then pulls himself through the hole and onto the top of the carriage and joins Dresk in chasing Garra.

Dusty gives Topsy a leg up through the small window, but he is too large to fit so runs back to Chronks hole and pulls himself through. The train has now stopped so Ashara simply runs back to where the train is still at the platform and jumps out. Garra keeps running, getting hit by a volley of weapons. She leaps from the train and onto the platform, but he is not fast enough. A well placed firebolt hits her as she jumps. She is jolted to the side and lands badly, smashing her head into the platform. She dies almost instantly and the chest scatters from her grasp along the platform.

By this time the platform is swarming with guards. "GET BACK", Dusty yells as he pulls out his writ, "that device is extremely dangerous and we need to remove it immediately".

Image result for ancient chest

His bluff is successful and the guards back away from the chest. "You clean up here", says Dusty, "and Vilroy will report once we have disposed of this device". The guards confusion gives you enough time to grab the chest and get out of there. You run back to the skycoach and fly back towards Jaela's house.

That's the end of the adventure from the Eberron Rising book. Everyone agreed it was excellent fun. Next there will be a character intermission followed by part two of the campaign. Anyone reading this?


It's all been mad over the last week as our entire country went into lockdown. I've been working, but three times as hard and trying to save people in real life from losing their livelihoods. As such, we didn't game this week, but I did write a follow up e-mail tonight to the players to wrap up the last adventure and see what they want to do next. This is what I wrote:

You return to the Queen of the Damned and deliver the chest to Delgo. He is very pleased, although he does not open the chest in front of you. He gives you all credit notes for 50 galifar (gp) and tells you to take a well earned rest. He'll be in touch.

You then stop at Jaela's house where she and Sergeant Vilroy are still there. Jaela asks you to take them to one of the Jorasco houses of healing and you comply. You leave her there. As you leave she thanks you for your service to Sharn and states that she will be in touch once she finds out what has happened to coal, and who attacked her.

From there you each head to your respective homes for a good nights rest.

Questions: -

  • Who takes the skycoach? Only Dresk has a suitable place to hide it with his family living in a dilapidated old mansion. But you could just find a dock and pay docking fees if you wanted.
  • What do you want your character to do over the next few weeks? I'll email each of you separately about what happens to your characters, but it would be good if you take the lead on what you'd like to accomplish.

Other events over the next couple of weeks:

  • The warforged community finds out about the what happened to the warforged your rescued. There are protests outside of Alden d'Orien's house and a number of people of goblinoid and monstrous races in the cogs are found dead.
  • The Sharn guard are spotted going into Alden d'Orien's house to interview him.
  • The warforged also start to organise amongst themselves and start refusing to work at the foundries of those who have been not paying their worth.
  • You see this article in the newspaper about Sargeant Vilroy's boss.
So e-mail me. What next?


Gaming tomorrow. In between the last adventure and the next I set up an intermission and asked players via e-mail what their characters would do over the next two weeks. Depending on the responses, this set up a back and forth.

Dusty will try to get Sgt Vilroy to look into his family's case. He only has 170GP, not the necessary 200.
My relatives release is a top priority. Maybe Delgo needs a small job done to get any extra coin.
Also keen to help out Topsy, if he needs it, with locating Coal.

You go to Daggerwatch station, but Sergeant Vilroy is missing. None of the people behind the counter know where she is but you sense they are being evasive in their answers.

You head to the Queen of the Damned and after a short wait are escorted up to Delgo's office.

"Heeeey, Dusty my friend", Delgo says "I was very happy with the work you did yesterday. Very happy indeed. That chest held something very interesting. You ever heard of schema? No? Ah well, it probably wouldn't mean much to you, but once I get this stuff decoded it will change things around here. Anyhow, what can I do for ya?"

You explain how you are looking for some more work so that you can raise the money to release your parents from prison.

"Hey, don't you worry about that", says Delgo, Ï know some people and I've pulled some strings. Your parents are getting out tonight". When he sees your grateful face he laughs, "I told ya, bub, we're family now. Now, have you got a good place for you and your parents to stay while you decide what to do next? I'd like you to hang around in Sharn, but if you want to go back with your parents then I can still help ya. I think I can find a few mutual interests".

You explain that you are staying in overcrowded accommodation with your wider family.

"Well, how about I set you up with some nice digs", asks Delgo, "Your parents can stay there for a while and you can stay there for as long as you like. My cousin Kelso runs Ghallanda Hall in Underlook. He knows you might be coming so you introduce yourself when you get there".

You are then interrupted by a warforged knocking on the door and poking his head in, "Mr d'Ghallanda, sorry to interrupt, but Lord ir'Lantar has arrived and he don't like waiting".

"Ok, Ok", Delgo says, "You'd better scram Dusty. Sprocket, take him out the other way". You are taken out another door, through a counting house and down some stairs into the main gaming room.

The warforged, Sprocket, says "Mr d'Ghallanda is real pleased with youse guys. Keep it up and you'll do well" and gives you a hard metallic pat on the shoulder. He then heads back upstairs, leaving you to your own devices.

Some choices for you to make:

  • Do you want to move into Ghallanda Hall or stay with family?
  • Do you want to remain in Sharn or return to the plains with your parents. They are keen for you to head homewards.
  • How do you want to go about trying to find Coal?
  • Do you want to follow up further about Vilroy? How?

It might be nice for the family to stay up in some nice accommodation for a while. See the city a bit more and maybe expand our family contacts. I'll make sure they realise that they don't want to get too deep in with Delgo. He seems like the type that will need a favour returned in kind one day
Sharn is proving very interesting and good money can be made quickly. It is quite risky though but I'm not too worried about that right now. I have met some tough friends to help.
As a family member stationed in Sharn I could run interference as a distraction while our family missions are scheduled.
Coal is a tricky issue. My first instinct is that Daask is behind this. Maybe someone at the clifftop guild might know something but that probably involves bribes.
Topsy might have some contacts on this front and I'd be glad to help him out in any way. He always has great snacks.
Vilroy is even harder. I'm not keen go sniffing around the watch office and if she is as worried about trusting anyone there then I won't argue with that. Besides, now that my family are out of jail she isn't of much help.
I will keep my ears open to any rumours though. She is still a solid ally, and an ally on the force could be verrry useful.

Ghallanda Hall is massive and pretty swanky. It is crowded with a wide cross-section of society, all of them with one thing in common - they don't seem to want to talk much.
The owner, Kelso, is a thin and twitchy halfling who explains the rules of the place, how you can order food, where the training rooms and gymnasiums are, where the foodhalls are, where the bars are and how you can acquire luxuries. Food, alcohol and amenities are already paid for - you and your family need for nothing.
The rules boil down to - keep out of other people's business, don't cause trouble, don't start fights.

Your suite is amazing, with a large number of rooms, a balcony overlooking the ocean and a large living area. There is even a large empty hall with no windows but plenty of everburning lanterns on the walls.


A few things:
• I am keeping the sky coach. I will see if I can create a space on the roof of my building for it, if not, find a nearby parking spot.
• I will continue to reach out to the warforged and offer employment at my shop. I will offer them guard/muscle positions and for those who wish to, training in regard to the many crafting skills that I possess. I will reach out to my father to see if he will assist me in the training.
• I will continue the research on creating Prosthetic Limb(s)
• In-line with my 3rd level upcoming upgrades, will continue my research on creating a suit of magic-powered armour.
• I will try to make contact with Iva, the urchin who helped us in the Terminus Ward and see if she will become a regular informant for me. If this works, I will see if I can start establishing a network of young informants like her. In line with the Baker Street Irregulars from the Sherlock Holmes mythos.
• Take Jaela out for the series of meals that I owe her for her assistance in our exploits. At some point during this, will slowly realise that there are stronger feelings than friendship.
That's a start. I think TT's immediate goal is to start to create his own muscle (warforged), support staff (warforged) and informants network (BS Irregulars) in order to set himself and the party as their own crew.

You have a few options with the skycoach. You don't have any roof space in your building as it is part of a tower. Only the rich and powerful live at the top of towers. However you could:

  • Rent a nearby dock at 1 Galifar per week
  • Make a deal with some of your neighbours who have a dock in front of their houses - what would you offer?
  • Build some barn doors in your workshop - however having a skycoach in your building would massively cramp your workspace.

Many of the warforged are keen to work for you. You quickly find that most of them are not much use really, being used to being told exactly what to do and satisfied with mundane repetitive tasks. You also do not have the work or the income to permanently hire many of them. The warforged around the city are finding a new sense of worth and demanding higher pay. You would need to pay each warforged a minimum of 5 Galifar per week. There are 3 warforged with the brains to be suitable for workshop tasks, one who seems a quick learner and might become a very good apprentice, and as many as you like who can be security - not that you have ever needed security before.

You talk to your dad about his taking warforged on, but he is not keen to. He works alone. You sense that he is hiding something and he mentions that it wouldn't do well with his other work. You question him on that but he changes the subject.

A few days later he pops by and after some chat asks you if you would be interested in taking on some more responsibility around helping Gnomes around Khorvaire. He mentions a trust that looks after Gnome interests across the continent and says they are always looking for information.

Chronk and Dusty also seem to be hanging around your workshop a lot and wanting work. Both seem to have taken quite a shine to you. Chronk is hard to handle as he is not very smart, not good at listening and very prone to breaking things. You also have a small flood of warforged coming to your workshop for minor repairs. This is not unnoticed by the neighbours, and one of them approaches you demanding that you stop attracting undesirables into the area.

You continue researching prosthetic limbs, and you would easily be able to make basic prosthetics to a very high quality. But as you do not have a schema for the magic variety you would need to experiment in order to succeed.
Your choices are:
  • Find or buy a schema from somewhere - you know that house Cannith would have them, but they protect their schema.
  • Experiment. You would need to spend the time and money (4 days and 50gp). You could then do a DC 25 Arcana check. If you succeed then you have created a working prototype and can spend time and money again to create working prosthetic limbs. If you fail, but fail by 5 or less then you do not succeed but work out some of the kinks so that you can try again with a DC that is 2 lower. With lab assistants you could reduce the time by 50%.
You manage to track down Ivy, but she is really just a kid that lives in the building. She is happy to take your money and tells you she will report anything interesting that happens there.

You manage to take Jaela out for two dinners and they are great. However she stands you up at the third dinner and can't be found past that. During the dinners you found out that she is part of the Clifftop Adventurers Guild and going there you find that she was pulled out of the city for a job. You had also asked her (on Dusty's request) if anyone at the Guild was able to find the missing warforged, Coal, who had been taken from your workshop. However the Clifftop Adventurers Guild doesn't really seem to bother themselves with such mundane matters, being more interested in establishing expeditions.

So a few questions:

  • How many staff do you wish to take on in your smallish workshop?
  • Are you interested in taking part in your father's request?
  • How do you want to pursue creating prosthetics?
  • How are you going to deal with your racist neighbours?
  • Any followup on Coal or Jaela?

I think I'll go ahead and rent the nearby dock for the skycoach. Seems the easiest method.
As for the warforged, I think I'd like to hire on 1 for muscle, a permanent guard for the shop considering what happened recently and 1 who can be an assistant for workshop tasks and definitely hire on the quick learner and start training them. The rest I will try and build a relationship with to be on call in case I need their services. Also to use them as my eyes and ears. Using the downtime activities rules, I should be able to craft 5gp worth of items a day, (maybe more since I'm particularly skilled?) to cover salaries and business expenses.
I will see if Chronk and Dusty are keen on working with the warforged union to give them some protection and to be a point of contact with them. I can set them up with a bed in one of the spare rooms (which have rapidly been filled up now).
My neighbours I will try to pacify a bit, especially since the number of warforged around should reduce as I will take one day a week to visit them to do repairs, rather than at my shop. Good chance to take the two skilled workers I have and put them to use. I will take the time to try the prosthetic limb schema as well with my assistants' help (see roll20 - 24 Arcana roll, but that being said, I need to be 3rd level so this is a nice role-play/mechanic fusion).
As for dad, I will agree to have a meeting with the group. Making contacts seems like a good idea. However, I will press my father on helping train my apprentices if I am called away with business with this organisation, or in general.
My neighbours I will try and push off. I will try and use Chronk and Dusty as an intimidating presence. I am not particularly good at social dynamics and don't have patience for it so seems the most expedient.
I will leave a letter for Jaela hinting at the changing nature in our relationship and ask her to contact me when she returns (at her house). I will also go to the CAG hall and ask them to let me know when she returns or for any updates.
Coal I will follow up with Vilroy (I think she was looking into it?). I would like to get her back if at all possible.

Dusty tells you that Delgo has provided him with a luxury suite at Ghallanda Hall. He also tells you that Sergeant Vilroy is missing - he had gone to her for another reason but no-one at Daggerwatch station knows where she is.
Chronk is in your workshop way too much. He is almost always breaking things accidentally. You consider talking to him about it, but then suddenly he is gone for decent stretches. He has certainly taken a shine to you though and seems to just like being nearby.

You get to make one more check Arcana check to build a prototype prosthetic limb before the next adventure starts. This time it is at DC 23 since you did so well before.

You send Chronk and Dusty to have a talk with your neighbours and the complaints stop immediately.

Later that week you get invited to dinner with your dad, but when you get there you don't smell any cooking. A hooded and obscured gnome sits in a darkened corner. Your father ushers you to another chair and the figure speaks in the gnomish language".

"You will be tested you know. Trust nobody and remember that your loyalty is to Zilargo, to the Gnomish race. Sure, make friends with others and mingle their society, but you must never forget where you came from. You live and die at our pleasure now. Since you know your father is a member of the trust, he will be responsible for you. Report items of interest to him and make sure you never leave our details. Your father will suffer also if you do not live up to the trust he has shown in you. You will be called upon when needed".

He gestures at your father who escorts you from the building. Your father is pale and sweating. "I'm sorry my son", he says, and then shuts the door.

  • Feel free to tell me the personalities of the three warforged you take on.

Chronk will hang out with Topsy - its easy to break things and Topsy likes fixing things, win win.
He will trade in the paper for proper gold.
While he does not care about some individual goblins (sorry mike), he does not want to see the goblinoids taken advantage off.
He is interested in seeking vengeance.

You and Dusty both seem to spend quite a bit of time at Topsy's along with some warforged who appear to be working there now and other warforged who drop in often for minor repairs.

Topsy seems happy but always stressed.

After a few days you get a messenger asking you to visit Delgo, so you make your way to the Queen of the Damned, taking the long way and enjoying the sights and smells of the city. You are ushered into Delgo's office.

" Heeeeey, Chronk. It's great to see you buddy. I just wanted to thank you for your work a few days ago. You really helped me out you know, that chest you brought me was very interesting. Very interesting indeed. Hey, you don't know how to break hobgoblin codes do you? No? Never mind, just a thought. Anyhow, I thought since you helped me out I should help you out. I like to know about the people I work with so I found out a few things about you. You're a gods-blessed hero. What the heck are ya doing in Sharn? If ya wanna tell me what you are doing here I can see if I can help. I know a lot of people. I also see that you're living in a bit of dive. I'd like to make the same offer I made to to Dusty a few days ago. My cousin Kelso runs Ghallanda Hall in Underlook. Compared to where you are it's a palace. I can set you up there with Dusty in a nice suite and it won't cost you a thing. Whaddya think?"

He looks at you for a moment and you pause to process all he has just told you. You provide a brief answer.

"And another thing, I need some muscle for some work that needs to be done. There's people out there that don't like to pay their bills. I want you to go around with a couple of my other men and your job will be just to be there. You're a pretty scary looking guy and I think you will be a good persuasion for people to pay. I don't say there won't be trouble, but it's not too likely and I'm sure you can look after yourself. I'll pay you too, 30 Galifar per week. You in?

So three questions to answer:

  • Do you want to move into Ghallanda House with Dusty?
  • Do you want to tell Delgo why you are here?
  • Do you want to be an enforcer for Clan Boromar?
I might know a little bit - if not I could probably find out about the Hobgoblin codes.
Ah ... well ... I like Darguun, but its a big world and I wanted go to wandering as I don't like being told what to do all the time.
Ah thanks for the offer, but I'll stay with Topsy. He likes fixing things I like breaking things so its works out well.
Don't mind earning some extra coin - on a freelance job by job basis ....

Do you want to move into Ghallanda House with Dusty? - no
Do you want to be an enforcer for Clan Boromar? - no
Chronk does not want to be controlled by Delgo, however Chronk does want to know more about the chest.
Happy to do some extra work as a specialist contractor, but not on staff.

Delgo is happy for you to come on job by job and has a list of people who need talking to. You wouldn't be doing the talking, just being in the background. Let me know how much work you would like to take on - Delgo always has a use for muscle.
Delgo shows you the chest and inside are ancient documents that look like some kind of blueprint. However all the language swims in your eyes when you look at it. Delgo tells you that the plans are magically protected, and even when you get past that magic they are encoded in a way that magic does not seem to be able to crack. He does know that it is something from the ancient Dakaani Empire though.

Keen for any work relating to the chest and the Dakaani Empire. Approx 2 to 3 days a week work if its going. Need to visit Gydd Nephret for more info/guidance about the chest and plans.
Will completely avoid mentioning the ashen crown and ashtura's blade to Delgo - however that's the information/items I'm after.

Do you mention that is what you are after to Gydd?

not directly - trying to be vague as possible. Always keeping the Ashen Crown & Ashtura's blade objectives to myself.
more like ... I got this friend, who has a friend, who new a guy that over heard a bar conversations about - magical writing that wobbled ... reckoned it was something to do with old Dakaani stuff ..... seems strange ..

This gets Gydd incredibly excited. She asks a ton of questions, most of which you don't know the answer to which isn't help by her speaking Dhaakani with a strong human accent. She asks if you are able to get the chest to her so she can assess it.

lots of uming and back tracking -
ah just curious ... I dont have it ....just an rumor from a guy who new a guy etc ...


I will go to the Sharn Shrine of il-Yannah to medicate and debrief what has occurred so far with the Enlightened Havakhad. To hear his wisdom and discuss plans for uncovering any Dark Dreamers within the underground organisation as well as having a guiding influence on the people tarnished by shadow.

You enter the shrine and immediately feel a calm otherworldly peace. The smells and the sounds calm you and remind you why you enjoy being here. If it weren't for your missions you might choose to stay here indefinitely. You find your way the Enlightened Havakhad who is propped up by many cushions in a comfortable chair watching the comings and goings of the temple. As he sees you coming he raises a frail arm and makes the sign of contented peace.
"Ah, Ashana", he says in a frail yet powerful voice, "I have been waiting for you. I have much to tell you. But first, please tell me of your coming and goings in the outside world". He gestures for you to sit and you position yourself on the floor at his feet. You tell of your adventures of the last few days and he nods and smiles.
"Yes", he says, "I can see you are in the right place to sway many from a path of darkness and onto the path of light. Just remember there are always those that are too far down the path of darkness and you must find a way to excise them without losing your own influence to make further change. Subtlety will ever be your friend. You have done well and I can see you have the makings of a champion within you".

He slowly raises up to more of a sitting position and looks you in the eye, "but I have more to tell you. I have had one of my premonitions".

As he speaks you start to see images in your head. A spire, an ancient goblin blade, a swirling darkness filled with tentacles.

"I see the darkness approaching and when it arrives it will have always been here. You will find a place where this world and the world of dreams mingle and you will enter the darkness to save the light. More than that I do not know. I apologise for being obscure, I know exactly how annoying it can be. But hold my vision in your heart, this is still some way in the future and you have much to accomplish in the meantime. Stay, meditate and enjoy the space. The world will send you a message when you are required again. You have earned a little rest".

With that he sinks back into his cushions and falls asleep. You spend the next two weeks in the temple meditating on what he has said.

It's amazing how, after the events of that day, everything just returned to normal. Go to work, go home, go to work, go home. While you spent much of your adventure scared and in danger, it kind of reminds you how much you enjoy the adenaline. Hopefully something more interesting comes up soon.