Eberron novels - not selling or not enough?


Not trying to start anything here but I am curious if anyone else has come across something similar.

I went to two Borders (about 30 miles apart) over the past week and while generally browsing I also wanted to pick up a partiuclar Eberron novel. Neither store had it but also, both only had 3 - 4 Eberron novels on their shelves. Each had dozens of FR and Dragonlance ones.

I know I can easily pick the books up online and I didn't visit any other bookstores but I was somewhat taken aback but the discrepancy. Is it that there are too few Eberron novels out there (either not enough in number or for demand) or are they not selling so the stores aren't stocking them?

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I see lots of them at the local B&N and I've even been seeing them pretty steadily at the used books stores.

But in total number, the other settings have a good decade of books more so they will always outnumber Eberron.

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