Fan Creation Eberronicon: A Pocket Guide to the World [Silver in under 24 hours!]


This pocket guide for DMs, players, and content creators provides a concise overview of the fascinating world of Eberron. Within these pages, we've consolidated fifteen years of lore into one easy-to-read supplement. Whether you're new to setting with Rising from the Last War or a grognard who's got every book before, this is a useful resource to find new bits you've never heard before or forgotten, complete with references for where to read more.

Kanga said:
This is a perfect primer and great way to introduce it to your players in a condensed format.
@daylightpub1066 said:
I absolutely love it. Eberron is what got me into D&D, and I would want this in hardcover next to my other 3.5 Eberron books.
gingerale said:
Thank goodness for the handbook. I've been wanting something like this for a whole year. Ooh, Dragonshard article links!
Suddenly d'Rabbit said:
I was looking at writing a primer to give to my players who are new to the setting, but this basically does the work for me.
Camber said:
I've been wanting something exactly like this to untangle the spiders web of Eberron spread across the library of books, blogs, podcasts and blarticles!