Echoes: Tales from the Chromatic Expanse - indie hack and slash TTRPG


Look for Loot
Hey everyone! 🎭 I’m excited to share my project, Echoes: Tales from the Chromatic Expanse. It's a unique tabletop experience where emotions and behaviors drive the game mechanics, creating rich characters and dynamic storytelling. 🎲

Main Features:
  • Dice System: Uses 2D10.
  • GM Role: The GM never rolls dice.
  • Player Rolls: Players roll once for both hit and damage.
  • Activation Points: GM utilizes activation points derived from player rolls.
  • Integrated Loot System: Loot is thematically woven into the gameplay.
  • Player Choice: For each roll, players choose a motivation (emotion) and corresponding behavior.
  • Emotional Mechanics: Chosen emotions influence both roleplay and gameplay dynamics.
Echoes is gearing up for its Kickstarter debut, and I'd love your eyes on the campaign draft! This indie game is a solo journey for me. Love it, hate it—tell me how I can make it better! Your feedback is pure fuel to shape this game into something amazing.

Check it out here and share your thoughts below:

đź“ś If you're curious, the Quickstart guide is available for FREE:


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