Eclipse Phase 2nd Edition

I loved the world and style of Eclipse Phase when I discovered the ruleset back in 2011. But, at the time, the rules felt too heavy and character generation too dense for a game I would likely use for mini-campaigns and one-shots. With some reluctance, I set the game aside and moved onto other systems.

With Eclipse Phase 2nd Edition, the game is not only back on my radar, but has been simplified enough that it has jumped right to the top of my “to run” list. Very likely the next time I need a one-off game session or need a two or three session game between campaigns I’ll look to Eclipse Phase.

The setting is excellent and bursting with story ideas. The concept of body swapping is engaging. The execution and world building is top notch.

I think fans of the 1st Edition of the game will still like this edition. (At least I hope so.) The world and setting is unchanged and the game seems much smoother, but retains the basics of the system. Just by trimming down the skill list and ease of character creation & morph changing, the game feels much more accessible to new players, and easier to run for side campaigns or mini-games.

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