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Chris Gunter

First Post
Hello everyone.

As a new member here I wanted to bring something to the table. I am working on making editable replicas of character sheets from old role-playing games. I have just begun my endeavors over at my website, ActiveRPG. I have editable replicas for Star Wars D6 1st Edition and Basic Dungeons and Dragons Red Box. I have put in time to make them as accurate to the originals as possible to bring back that feeling we had when we played them in the past. I have made them editable for ease of use here in the present day. I am in the works on Heavy Gear 2nd Edition and Cyberpunk 2020. Below is a list of future projects. Please let me know if there is something you are interested in. I love my nerd brothers and sisters and want to give something back. You can find the sheets in the Shop. You will need to sign up to download the sheets but it is the usual two stage authentication. No hassle and I would welcome any and all to the site. :)

Future Sheets
Generic Palladium character sheet
Ars Magica
True D20
Mechwarrior (Early Editions)
Starship Troopers
Votoms RPG

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