Eldeen reaches


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“The Dragon Room”

Once awake, fed and healed up once more the group head out. They pass the room where they found a few items (missed the Harpies) and go to the next room. They still have not considered how lucky they have NOT been discovered by the gray dwarves. They have however, considered the fact that hallways with guardians and/or locked doors often have dangerous creatures (and treasure) while the hallways with no doors or guards are usually empty and boring (they are learning).

While discussing this they almost literally walk into a warforged guard whom attacks them from his hallway entrance.

This warforged (Cleave) is the toughest and most skilled one they have faced (Fit 5) and gives them a very hard time. Paw is killed by the living construct while Piik is chopped up quite a bit. Gilfer is also severely injured (nat 20 confirmed) but once more it is Leaffa and her summoned Natures Allies that save the day.

They RUN back to the healing room once more to find it doesn’t work until the morning. Leaffa has prayed for a new Animal Companion and a Dire Badger has burrowed into the room by morning.

They go back to the room where the warforged was and begin to wonder what he was guarding. Once more they must break into the room through a large locked door. This one was reinforced with iron. Leaffa is certain this means there is good stuff inside.

Just inside the door is a heavy-duty iron fence that Piik and Gilfer team up on to open. The noise is great but they figure no one heard it outside since they were careful to reclose the door to the main hallway.

There is an unlocked door after this. They carefully open it (fearing why it is NOT locked) and find the room is lit with dozens of torches. The long hallway is lined with draconic statues and ends with another doorway. To the left side are the five main chromatic dragons and on the right the five main Chromatic dragons. Before stepping in however they are attacked by two ½ Black Dragon Hobgoblins!

The battle goes well for a moment as Piik and the Summoned badger take down one black scaled hobgoblin very quickly however, the other one is avoiding Gilfer’s attacks well and Leaffa can’t seem to do much for damage against the scaled creature. Then it spits out acid that strikes Piik and the badger whom happened to be standing in a line as they rushed it from behind.

Poor Piik…. He has more hair burned off from fire, magma and acid than remaining on his blistered body.

With the four of them attacking the lone cross breed, it goes down quickly.

Now with time to search, they begin to look around. Several potions and Longsword+1 are found they share and trade. These include Detect Undead, Expeditious retreat, Nature’s Ally and even Energy Protection of Electric.

They go into the next door and find a very angry medium Black Dragon whom attacks anyone that dares to enter the room. It takes a lot of shared damage to defeat the dragon and a lot of summoned creatures to appear behind the dragon to defeat him. They look around this room and find a clay mug that seems to never empty of its drink and a potion that is marked at Dragon’s Draught. ( Dad weakness…. I told the kids what it was… normally I would allow players to drink to discover what it does.)

They camp here within this room that seems to pay homage to dragons.


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“The Prisoner”

After looking around a bit more and peering out into the hallway to see if the dwarves are looking for them they begin to go out again. They pass two rooms with no doors (figuring they are empty) and come to a hallway with a sign set up. No one can read it and decide to check it out.

The short hallway leads into a 20x20-foot room with an exit on the other side. Gilfer continues straight-ahead saying how he has become the team’s rogue. He is right. He finds a 30ft deep camouflaged pit trap in the center of this room all by himself. Embarrassed, he uses his ability to run up walls to leave the pit. Piik is smiling the whole time (while scratching at his exposed burn blisters)

They enter the exiting hallway with Gilfer leading though much more slowly and cautiously. They notice a glow coming from the next room and creep up. Inside is a huge room with nothing but a 20 x20 foot swirling mass of elderich energy holding 5 feet off the ground a big orc holding an Orcish blade. He doesn’t react to their presence at all. They circle the swirling mass of energy looking for a trap. Leaffa is very cautious. She fears this is a Living Spell of great power. Gilfer (using player knowledge that a Living spell of this size would be MUCH too high of level for them) walks up the energy. With some hesitation he reaches out to the mass.

Piik’s jaw hangs open in amazed stupidity as the shifter touches the energy. Nothing. He leans forward more and puts his arm in. “See…. It’s an illusion.” They he disappears!

“Crap!” yells Piik.

“Gilfer!” Yells Leaffa

“Snort.” Snorts Night, the animal companion of Leaffa’s.

Piik watches the Orc carefully. He expects the creature to attack at any moment but it doesn’t.

They circle the mass expecting something to happen. Nothing. Not even a sound.

Piik steps up the mass and reaches out as the SoulKnife had. Nothing. “Mumph!” He pushes his foot towards it to reach in further and find the floor gives way! “He was right… in a way. It is an illusion. But it’s not about the Orc… That is part of the illusion also. The floor doesn’t exit. That is the illusion.”

He sets down his bag and pulls out a piton and his hammer. He bangs in a cheap iron stake as Leaffa comes over. “What are you doing?”

“He fell in and may need our help. I’m not going to just jump in.” He then pulls out his rope and hopes the floor isn’t far down.

A few moments before….

“See… no problem. Ahhhhhh!” and Gilfer falls as if there was never a floor. He falls a short way then hits the floor…. Hard. It takes a few moments before he opens his eyes. The small he is in glows softly and has four exits leading away from it.

He looks around some more then gets up. He looks up and sees the swirling mass above and a hand scrapping through the illusion. Piik Gilfer figures.

He decides to adventure first and goes down the hallway he was facing. The walls are glowing a pale yellow and seem to be made of stone unlike any native to the Eldeen Reaches area. He comes to a room that has a large chest within it. He hears a soft thus from the entrance and figures the others are coming. He looks at the chest and sees nothing and goes to open it (not a rogue yet…never saw it coming) setting off the fire trap spell. Hurting a bit he opens it and finds several scrolls within it. There are also potions and Bracers of defensive nature.

“What did you find as party treasure?” asks Leaffa.

“Errr….. nothing its mine.” Answers Gilfer.

“Seems to be a lot of nothing.” Adds Piik trying to see what he has.

“Then I will not store anything other than party stuff in my bag of holding.” Answers Leaffa whom has grown tired of the shifter’s hidden greed.

Now with the druid walking very close to the shifter they go to the next room over. There is a statue of a large winged man here. He has wings and a slightly reptilian appearance to him. A plaque below says something that none of the three can read. Piik suggests returning later and breaking the statue to look for hidden areas and treasure. However, there are at least two more rooms to look at.

The next room has a large table within it. There is a map here of the Black Cap Mountains which Piik recognizes. It suggests there are portals within the mountains to Xen’drik. There is also a beautiful necklace with a winged eye. Gilfer and Leaffa both want it and agree that neither gets it until something of equal worth is found to share.

The next room stops everyone in their tracks.

Within this larger room is a very large glowing coffin. It is easily 15ft long. They look it over more carefully than usual. A swarm from something this size would be extremely dangerous. Finally they decide to open it and find a large skeleton within it that has dry leathery wings. There are a lot of coins including PLATINUM! There are rings and jewelry also. As Leaffa and Gilfer are grabbing at the treasure Piik can not stop looking at the weapon it holds. An eight-foot long over sized hammer. A Maul if you wish. Piik pulls the cobwebs off of it and finds it feels good in his hands. Really good. “If you get that then we get this.” Gilfer says while pointing at the treasure within the tomb. Piik absently agrees, as he looks it over.

(Yup- Maul of The Titans)

As Piik figures out a way to carry the over sized weapon they head back to the statue. After a lot of arguing, Leaffa finally uses a spell to read languages and discovers that this tomb belongs to Lord Butaral Gutterson Planeswalker. He is a ½ Blue Dragon / ½ Storm Giant sorcerer whom came to Khorvaire to hunt down undead in the Gloaming.

They move on to the next room.


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“Storage room and Gray Dwarves”

Feeling confidant and ready for anything, they move on to the next room. The next room is a mere 250ft down. There is a door that has no lock on it. Shrugging, Gilfer pushes it open. 7 Duergar dwarves turn and look at them.

Even as they charge into the room the dwarves seem to disappear. They stop as they enter the room and look around in puzzlement. Suddenly LARGE gray dwarves begin to attack them from nowhere.

“They’re cheating! That’s no Fair” Yells Tim out of character. As a dad and the DM I remind them that it was just a matter of time before they were discovered then the dwarves would be ready for them.

They begin to attack and Leaffa summons up a Dire Wolf to both attack and use its sense of smell to locate any more invisible dwarves. The dwarves go down quickly despite their being ready for them.

Little is found on them but the storage rooms beyond their meeting table has food supplies that they were running out of including fresh water.

Now Leaffa realizes that they can not take it so easy anymore. They are expecting them and may be harming the animals (oh- and the farmers! ;) ) out of their anger and frustration. They take whatever they can and leave for the next room.


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About 200 feet from the storage room Leaffa notices a lot of yellowish ash in the cracks of the floor and walls. She points it out and the others look at it. Piik sniffs it and nearly becomes ill. “Rotten eggs!” he says while sticking out his tongue. Gilfer is tempted to place some of the powder on his tongue but decides against it looking at his sharpened teeth and one tusk.

They go a bit further and notice a difference in the air temperature. It is slightly warmer. As they go further it is much warmer.

They come up to several large heavy doors made of stone and steel. They look burned. The three of them look at each other as if to ask what this is about but move on anyway.

The worked stone becomes more broken up and less worked. Then they see light! They move up and find there is a great deal of sun light ahead. They move up and stop at the archway.

Looking out they see a 300 x 250 feet wide naturally made room. The walls open up about 100 ft up to the open air. Looking across the room, they see an island with a man made bridge leading to it. The bridge crosses over broken steaming land to a large manmade balcony that enters into the opposite wall. Where the land is not broken up and steaming there chunks of broken rock and…. Magma! The island is actually within a pond of magma!

Everyone is stunned by this. They were not expecting this. They look for where to walk next. There are several smaller cavern exits to the left side of the pond or they can take a stone ramp that leads to the balcony from the right. They choice the left side.

As they leave the hallway that must be over two miles in length, they disturb a small anthill of red 2-inch long spiders. The spiders seem to sizzle and emit heat as they spread out across the base of their home. Luckily, the group climbed a few natural steps that have stymied the spiders from advancing. “We have to remember those spiders if we are forced to exit back through the tunnels.” Suggests Leaffa.

They are careful crossing the warm slabs of stone that emit hot and smelly gases from the cracks between and under them. Gilfer spots a natural cavern only big enough for him and the others except for Piik. Unnerved by the volcano, Piik agrees to wait outside to guard the cave (and watch the magma pool). They go inside the tight edges and walls and find next to nothing within. There are footprints of something in the ash that can not be identified by either Leaffa or Gilfer.

When they return to the entrance to the cave, Piik is holding the huge hammer instead of his battle-axe. He is staring at the head of the hammer as if it has grown a face or something else horribly unnatural. “What is it Piik?” Leaffa asks out of concern.

A brief pause and Piik blinks over and over then calmly answers. “Nothing…. I’m just…. I don’t like the molten rock.” Leaffa doesn’t think much more about remembering the various burns he has received in the past week including from magma.

They come to 3 deep holes in the ground. Footprints are here in the ash. They seem canine by they are not sure. Either way, nothing is here now. They move away from these three holes to a much bigger crack near the balcony. A strong smell of cooking meat can be smelled as they near the hole.

Gilfer carefully walks up the crack and looks over the edge. His face turns white as he looks away quickly. “What did you see?” asks Leaffa. Piik looks next and he closes his eyes and pinches his nose before turning away. Night, her summoned animal communicates the smell of cooking food. Curious now, Leaffa steps up. She nearly becomes ill.

The crack has several human bodies thrown into it. The heat of the magma is slowly burning / cooking them. She then spots movement. “They’re alive!”

They try to reach the closest body using the eight-foot long hammer that Piik now holds. As he disturbs the body something does move. Fiendish Centipedes! The nasty creatures rush up looking for raw meat to eat versus the cooked flesh.

The nasty smell and knowledge of the cause of smell makes it hard for them to attack without becoming ill. They contain the centipedes more than damage them. Leaffa summons up a Hippogriff to appear on the opposite side of the crack. Between the five of them, they beat back and destroy the vermin. Piik is disgusted since he has the creature’s icor on his bare skin on his legs. Ugh!

On the other side of the crack is a cave. Gilfer runs along the crater wall to move past the funeral pyre and looks inside. The tunnel twists in and out. He finds many tracks of the centipedes along with other creatures. He feels like he is missing something so begins to disturb the ash carefully. He doesn’t want to unearth a swarm or something worse.

He finds evidence of mining. Leaffa comes in and notes his discovery. “I think they are mining Dragon Shards.”

Gilfer bites his lip and shakes his head. Not good.

“Gilfer….. I have been thinking about two things. The most recent is how much Piik is acting different. He looked like the hammer was… well…. Telling him something. I have heard of intelligent magical stuff before. They sometimes try to possess you. I’m worried about him.”

Gilfer can’t help but think about his two magical daggers…. One glows white and the other blue.

“Also…. We have fought several constructs. I don’t think the dwarves built them. I fear they are hired by someone else. The possibility of mining strengthens this theory. [DM: It does] ? ”

Gilfer doesn’t answer beyond going further on.

They climb out and look at the Magma pool. Piik is staring at it along with his new hammer. Leaffa steps up to him and he grunts then slips the hammer into a strap that was meant to hold his battleaxe. He holds and the axe and sighs. “We’re going in still….” He says rather than questions.

Gilfer runs to and up one of the columns that hold up the bridge that connects the balcony to the island. They others walk across the volcano floor, under the bridge and near the ramp leading up. Gilfer is checking it out still when they come down to check on him.

“What did you find?” she asks him.

“Foot prints in the ash. A heavy-duty iron ring planted into the island. It reminds me of a mooring ring on the shipyards which makes no sense.”

“We saw oxen tracks going to the ramp. They came through here.”

“We should go.” Warns Piik as he looks back to the balcony and the dark doorway leading into the walls of the volcano.
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and if anyone is curious- I did map out this volcano room using underground and regular dungeon tiles with red construction paper for the Magma.

The looks on the kids faces said everything and made it worth the two hours it took just to put it together then another hour to "populate" it.


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“Warforged Guards”

A mere 100 feet into the new passage they encounter two-armed Warforged that appear to be guarding another room. They say nothing as they attack the would be heroes. The battle is rough and the group takes several serious hits before they defeat the constructs.

There is a short hallway that leads to a 20 x 20 room with an exit. Gilfer is careful with this small room, as there have been many traps in similar rooms. He finds nothing and carefully crosses the room. Nothing happens so the others follow.

The exit leads to a ramp that goes down. They go down the ramp and discover another storage area. Within this room are pikes, shovels, crates and other things used for mining.

Deciding to be more careful, they rig some ropes to hold the defeated warforged up into a somewhat standing position and camp within the storage room. Tomorrow will be a hard day they suspect.

And this ends the gaming with them for a while. Between Cathy's basketball and the Holiday season I don't see playing until possibly X-mas but more like the following weekend of New Years. There are plenty more surprises for the kids to find and I am already working on the next two adventures for them.

and if anyone has a comments or thoughts feel free to post. The kids and I would love to read them. :D


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“Warded Desk”

The three adventurers and the animal companion slowly walk down the dark hallway. As they reach the next branch from the main hallway they hear a loud banging of metal on metal. As Gilfer rushes up to find out what the noise is the others get ready for the oncoming attack. The cause of the noise is a warforged guard banging his hammer on his shield. The sound is loud and carries through the hallway. The alarm has been given!

Gilfer and Piik quickly stop the banging as they engage the warforged guard. Leaffa summons up a Hippogriff to distract the living construct. Gilfer (now a level 1 rogue) takes advantage of this and tries to strike a weak area on the guardian. Its armor plating however blocks the extra damage. Still, with everyone attacking it, it goes down.

Gilfer then picks the lock and goes inside. They enter a 40x40 room with only two things inside. There is a shelf on the backside of the room and a table with a chair. There are three tied up rolls of paper sitting on the desk. The trick is… there is a clearly visible ward surrounding the table. Gilfer gives it a try anyway and suddenly finds he can not move as he triggers the Hold Person spell. The Hippogriff walks into the warded area and as commanded by the druid moves the “frozen” shifter back. Piik smiles as he sees an opportunity. He goes over to the magically held soul knife / rogue looking to have some innocent fun.

Since the summoned creature is not a humanoid, it can freely walk within the ward. Leaffa asks for the ½ eagle ½ horse to bring the scrolls to her. In its attempt to do so, it knocks over the table (no hands). One scroll bounces to the druid. She picks it up and asks for the magical creature to nudge the other two scrolls to her or at least outside of the glowing square.

Meanwhile, Piik is gently pushing the shifter with one finger. He is teasing the shifter with the fact that he could knock him over at any moment and with no effort. He sticks his slightly greenish-gray tongue out at him next. Then he looks at the bag with the potions. To take them or not….? The shifter’s face becomes red in anger and frustration.

Leaffa finds nothing on the shelf worth taking. She then takes a look at the three scrolls even as her Hippogriff fades away. Opening them she finds a partial map of the rooms they have been to. She notes there are not many more rooms listed. There is a materials list of mining tools and finally a written letter. The letter is written to Sams ir’Verdantrae of Aundair. The writer is proud to announce they have found a new vein of dragon shards to mine.

Gilfer’s condition wears off and he yells to back off to the giggling Bugbear whom pantomimes “what…me?!?”

They leave the room and head to the next one.

Gilfer inventories his potions.


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“Piik’s Revenge or Hammer Time”

The next room down has a door built of sturdy wood reinforced with strips of metal. Obviously it is an important room on the other side. Gilfer tries to pick the lock but can not.

Piik, very quiet, trades his Battle-Axe for the eight-foot long hammer. He looks at the over sized hammer and his lone canine tooth pops out as he smiles. “Move.”

“I can get it. Just give me a moment.” Replies the shifter without looking back.

“uh…. Piik…. What are you…. Oh. You better move Gilfer. NOW!!!!” Says Leaffa as she looks into the Bugbear’s eyes. There is a different look in his eyes. One of renewed determination and intensity.

Gilfer rolls out of the way as the bugbear’s shadow gives his intention away.

BA-WHOOM! Thunders the door as it explodes into the room and echoes throughout the hallway. Silence shattered as thoroughly and completely as the door.

Nothing remains of the door and Piik smiles as he looks with pride at the power of the maul (The maul having now gained possession of his goblinoid mind). Piik looks into the room and sees a familiar gray dwarf once more casting a familiar spell. He screams out and charges even as he briefly feels stiffening of his limbs from the oncoming Hold spell. He plants the hammer in the chest of the dwarven cleric whom is slammed into the wall. Large pieces of mortar breaking from the impact.

Gilfer rushes in to aid the fighter. His energy blade pierces the armored shoulder making the spell caster wail once more. Leaffa and Night, the animal companion Badger of hers, come in next. A Dire rat charges from the darkness of a joining room and attacks Gilfer. As Piik finishes off the cleric slaver whom weeks before tried to enslave him, Gilfer kills off the rat.

Gilfer looks at the rat and finds a collar with the name “Mike” on it. The cleric had a Dire Rat for a pet. Both dead bodies are left in the room. An impact crater remains in the wall where Piik slammed him earlier with the magical hammer.

Looting the body, Leaffa finds beautiful glasses within a velvet pouch. When she puts then on she spots things with greater ease. The glasses also turn invisible on her face. She takes them off and looks into something the others missed. A secret pouch in the cleric’s vest. Inside are keys. She takes these. They leave the jet-black warhammer behind.

They go into the next room and find little of value. A few pieces of gold and a chain leader for the pet Dire Rat.

They consider resting here but continue on. After all… the map suggested they are nearly done with the dungeon.

A few hundred feet down they reach another room. There are stairs leading up and a curtain for a door.

“Looks boring.” says Piik whom has yet to return to his preferred weapon of the battle-axe.

“Could be a good place to rest if we need too.” Answers Leaffa.

Gilfer sneaks up and sees very little within the room. There is a water fountain and several rugs on the floor. There is no light besides the light spell on his shield. “It’s okay.” He says as he enters the room. Leaffa and the others then hear Gilfer grunt several times with the sounds of fighting.

Three invisible and enlarged gray dwarves attack Gilfer and two others fire crossbows into his stunned body. More appear as they attack the others as they rush up the stairs and attack. Piik continues to enjoy using his Maul to attack. Leaffa calls up a Thoqqua. The Magma worm appears in the midst of the Duergar whom do not do well against it. Gilfer recovers and holds his own as they fight through them. Piik cleaves his way through the warriors. He doesn’t like the magma worm. Too many memories of being burned.

Soon the ten dwarves are defeated. They move to the next room and discover it is a barracks for them. They find nothing of use here and decide to camp out here.


They settle down and Piik goes on guard duty. About two hours into the rest period Piik hears something nearby. He debates alerting the others but does so as he moves down towards the main room. As he does many gray dwarves lose their invisibility as they attack him.

With a yell that leaves one uncertain if it was from pain or excitement, Piik unleashes himself on them.

Once more, the warriors prove to be of little challenge to the adventurers. Now they rest.

At the end of this battle, Leaffa makes the connection that the keys she has taken from the dead cleric may open the locks on the bugbear’s ankles and wrists.


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“Moment of Heroism”

Piik is the first to know what is in the next room.


They peer in and see a few Oxen feeding. They are tethered to the wall and eating hay and oats. They look for anything else that could be dangerous and see nothing. They move in and enter the next room. The only light is Leaffa’s torch and Gilfer’s shield with the light spell on it.

Within the next room there are several cages with near dead farmers within them. Only one of the men can manage a groan as he rolls his head around to look at the light.

Leaffa is horrified at the condition of these men. There is blood on the floor suggesting various beatings and cruel activities of the past. “This has to end.” She swears. The others only give a grim nod of agreement. As they move to the next room they hear a faint sound of a song. They can not place it. Piik feels it is Aundaran in origin. A slave song of some sort.

[DM NOTE: Song is a cautionary song about evil in the darkness of the night that waits to prey on unsuspecting prey. Aka the PCs]

They enter the next room and find large prison cells with a dozen farmers held within. One man is held in a cell by himself. He is glaring at a space nearby while “singing” the song. He is clearly no bard.

Once everyone is in the room a dozen Duergar suddenly materialize as they fire cross bows into the would be heroes. Staggering from the ambush more dwarves appear as they move in to attack. They are enlarged and pummel Gilfer hard.

The battle is fast and fierce. Piik is destroying them with his over sized hammer as he kills two per swing. Leaffa is saved as the battle moves too closely to the cell with the solitary prisoner. He grabs at a cleric disrupting a spell saving her from its effects. Later, this prisoner tries to help Gilfer also by throwing his waste bucket at him (well- at least what was inside the bucket).

Gilfer is nearly down when the battle finally ends with the cleric going down. The farmers are still fearful of their saviors. The lone prisoner introduces himself. He is Phillip of Greenwood. He and his adventuring friends had heard of the kidnappings and tried to help. He is the only survivor of the effort. While Gilfer and Phillip try to open the rest of the cells Leaffa and Piik go into the next room. There is a huge jail here with a wide-open space leading to it. Leaffa crosses the room and activates a pit trap. She falls 40 feet down and is seriously injured from the fall. A howling sound that is nerve racking can be heard immediately as the trap is activated.

Piik runs over and looks down into the cell. He sees her being attacked by a large dog-like creature with quills on it. A “Dog-apine”. Seeing she can not survive another attack from it he jumps up and down into the pit. He drives the hammer into the creature’s head, which then slams the creature’s head into the stone floor. Piik howls in pain as several of the over-sized quills stab into him also. While dazed, he is quick to finish off the Howler.

Leaffa, not much of a medic in truth, looks over the quills and warns him this will hurt and yanks them out! Piik screams in pain then whimpers as he staggers to the corner leaving a trail of blood. Using rope, Gilfer and Phillip get them out of the pit. Phillip tells them of the remaining slaves within the mines.

“Time to go.” Says Gilfer.


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“The Final Rescue”

They enter the mines with about 15 ex-slaves in tow and two oxen.

Not the stealthiest crew ever assembled. Fortunately, they is no one there except for a few dead farmers. Gilfer tries to cover the bodies so as not to freak out the survivors. They are subdued but also scared since they seem to be going back to mining duty but with different slavers. The three of them can’t seem to figure out why the farmers are still so fearful.

There is a large bonfire here used to give light for the human slaves that lack darkvision. There are two carved out exits from this room. One is a short dead end of little use or consequence. They begin to go down the main mine. Only Leaffa, Night and Piik go. The rest are too injured or too scared to go. Based off of Phillip’s description there should not be too many slaves or dwarves remaining.

Night tries to carve out new trails to enable them to sneak up on others. For his effort, Piik nearly clubs him as he comes out of the wall. So that won’t work. Lets just sneak up then they agree.

In a bit they spot them. Three slavers watching over four slaves. Leaffa tries to come up a plan of sneaking up on them. At the end of each idea Piik replies how he can sneak up on them if he wanted to. She fails noting his body language and suddenly- he charges down the hallway yelling. His charge kills one dwarf and startles the other two. Night charges at one and Leaffa with her bow luckily gets one. Piik finishes off Night’s bitten slaver.

The slaves are uncertain at what to do. They just follow orders as normal in the end.

The small army of wounded and subdued people work their way out of the complex. As they reach the volcano room however Gilfer spots something out of place. There is a rope tied to the iron imbedded ring that leads up! He runs to the edge of the balcony and spots a small elemental ship. They are pulling up the rope ladder to prepare to leave. A man in Cannith colors waves at them. A dozen warforged armed with cross bows and short bows train their weapons on them halting any further pursuit.

“It appears you have come just in time to bring the wretched farmers home. Well done. Better- I do not need to pay the gloomy dwarves because of you. For that I thankyou. Well Done! I hope in the future we met under better conditions. Good Bye and Travel well.” And he cuts the line and the ship slowly rises up and exits through the mouth of the volcano.

Gilfer swears an oath of vengeance.

Leaffa thinks about how she knows who he may be from the scrolls she has.

Piik wonders if maybe he should buy a longbow and do ranged attacks…….

Still subdued, they move on. It takes a week to get to the village. The farmers are lost however. Many of their family members have died. The farms in ruin. The livestock dead or in bad health. The guy in the airship has much to answer for.

And thus ends the second Story of the kid’s adventures. Next weekend I hope to pick up about a month into their lives as they face new threats.

Thankyou for reading and please feel free to comment.


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“The Circus Comes to Town”

DRAVAGO 14, 997

The three adventurers have enjoyed some time off retelling their adventures to any that will hear them. Each time Piik retells it, there are more creatures involved and many have magical abilities (more than they had originally).

Piik and Gilfer have each gone to the healer to buy more potions. Even Leaffa looked into buying some.

Today begins as most have recently for them. Leaffa is talking to Kato the halfling healer while Piik and Gilfer go to the Wine Tree for drinks. The two druids are still discussing how the world will end- by Fire or Ice. Arkoose is adamant that it will be destroyed by fire. Piik agrees in many ways. The sores have healed on his legs and the hair has just begun to grow back. Task won’t budge. Ice will destroy everything. Sir John, the retired adventurer whom has a story for everything merely smiles while smoking his pipe and cleaning glasses.

Gilfer goes outside to check on Leaffa and her animal companion Nite. The Badger is hanging out in the bushes by the healer’s hut digging and looking for something to eat. It stops and cocks its head as if to hear something. Gilfer does so also and thinks he hears something. He stops and listens for several seconds then is certain he hears something. In the distance there is a rumble. Not thunder but a deep rumble all the same. It is coming from the east through the woods along the trail that leads through the small town.

Horses. Horses and a wagon or two. Leaffa pokes her head out the door with Kato peeking out from between her legs. Eight mage-bred horses lead two carriages quickly to their area. They slow down as they near the three buildings that mark the town (Healer’s Hut, Wine Tree Tavern and the Blacksmith). Gilfer notes the two bolts stuck in the side of one carriage. It appears there are either bandits or more doom druids active on the road again. Before Gilfer has a chance to wonder how they escaped either threat the doors open and the occupants step out.

From the first wagon steps out a female gnome dressed in green. She seems out of place as she wears gems and jewels of a noble. Four humans climb out after her carrying their gear. Next steps out a human wearing the emblem of the Silver Flame on his tunic. He has a presence that suggests he is a paladin or cleric of the spiritual belief. He takes in the whole town in one slow turn. His eyes return to the healer’s hut and nods to that direction.

From the second wagon steps out a male human warrior. He looks like an adventurer. His armor is dented and gouged. After him steps out a female elf. She smiles and whispers something to the warrior and shakes her head gently in disbelief. Then four halflings spill out. They seem very excited to be here and begin to check things out quickly. The warrior scowls at them and then heads for the tavern. Once everyone has unloaded the two wagons start out again.

Through the windows of his tavern, Sir John watches the show. “The circus has come to town.” He announces.

The Paladin goes to Kato’s healer shop. She has one extra room in the back and offers it to him. Leaffa doesn’t hear anything else they had started to say to each other as she crosses the street to the tavern where everyone seems to be going. Nite shakes off the worse of the dirt and follows her in. He tries to find a quiet area within the tavern to lay down and watch the show.

“I am Karl Slieghfest and this is my …. Traveling companion Keria Stillmorning. We are in search of a room then some food and drink.” The human warrior declares to Sir John as he steps up and sits heavily at the bar. Piik checks out the elf. Cute.

“I have several rooms upstairs and I have limited food and drink but its all for sale.” He smiles as he thinks about Kato and her “Ca-Ching Ca-Ching” saying she makes when making money from adventurers. The druids continue to discuss the ongoing debate of ice vs. fire. However, Task seems distracted by the new arrivals. The halflings run in like little children into a toyshop. They are all smiles and laughing. Piik frowns as they run under his legs. He has them plopped up on a seat that he doesn’t want to give up but suspects he will need to. Still frowning, he looks across the room to where the Gnome has just entered with Gilfer talking to her. Leaffa is also there. Piik smirks. Looks like they may have a job soon. Good. He has not squished anything in a while.

“Hey there!,” yells Sir John as the halflings leap and run around a table. “Don’t touch that! And be careful! That animal might bite! Leaffa! Nite is in here again……” One halfling skids to a stop as he almost runs into a squatted badger whom bears it’s teeth and a quiet snarl.

One halfling hops onto the bar and says he wants a room also. “I have one room left that you can share with your friends IF you get off the counter.” Sir John’s want of gold is being tested by these halflings.

Piik lifts one leg to give a show to the elf but only the gnome notices. She has a startled look on her face for a moment then redirects her attention to Gilfer and Leaffa. Piik leans over to say something to the druids but finds only Arkoose there. Looking for Task he finds the human has moved to stand beside the human warrior. Piik pouts at being put out by one of the druids. “Damned circus.” He growls to himself before giving up the chair to a halfling. The halfling smells the chair and sticks out his tongue and winces at the smell of the bugbear’s feet. He happily then drags the chair to the table where he then climbs up and stands on it along with his fellow halflings.

Nite decides he can’t stand the noise and the halflings and goes outside. It grunts to Leaffa to let her know it is going outside. The halflings pull out a deck of cards and some painted pebbles while debating if Nite is a wolverine, badger or a small bear. In unison, they say with salt and pepper it would be dinner and laugh loudly.

Sir John tries to listen in on Leaffa’s discussion with the gnome as she describes what she is doing here but is also listening to the elf that is asking about the surrounding area.

“The ruins should be near here based on the map I have. The necklace I am looking for is within a temple underground near the mountains. It is triangular in shape with three overlapping circles. It is blue and green in color.” The Gnome Gussa tells Leaffa.

“You said it was very important to you. Is it magical?” asks Gilfer.

“It is and it belongs to my people. It was stolen during the early days of the war. It was only recently we located the thief. Before he died he told us where he hid it and provided a map. This is the closest settlement there. Do you think you could help us? I merely need a guide. If there is trouble I will pay extra for that. The necklace is important to my family.”

“Your people or your family…?” asks Gilfer.

“Both.” She frowns at the shifter and does back to talking to Leaffa.

Gilfer is slightly put out but gold is gold.

An agreement is made to meet here at daybreak.


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“The Failed Adventure”

DRAVAGO 15, 997

“SHORT journey through the forest then back.” Says Gilfer staring at the Gnome.

She sneers at him and his height joke.

Piik wonders what he missed before stretching and scratching his neck.

Gussa discusses the direction they need to travel based on her map.

The eight of them begin walking down the road the wagons traveled on. They turn to the south after walking a few hours.

Gilfer needles the gnome a few more times with height jokes. He has truly taken a great deal of exception to her dismissing him the prior evening at the Wine Tree. Finally Leaffa falls back to walk beside him. “What is your problem?”

“I don’t like her. I don’t trust her. I think she is up to no good.”

Leaffa walks a few dozen steps before answering. “Sir John pulled me aside last night. He warned me about the entire group that came in. He feels they are all up to doing something bad.”

“He tends to be right on this stuff.” Gilfer adds.

“Yes but this is a paying job and we have seen nothing to suggest she is evil.”

“So back to work.”

“and be nice.”

“Whatever.” And he picks up the speed and returns to his normal scouting position next to Piik whom smiles at some joke only he knows.

Walking across a large grass field they come onto a section of forest. The forest is thick and dark. Gilfer warns everyone that this looks like a spot for a good ambush. Piik answers by pulling out his battle-axe. Walking up slowly and listening to every sound real and false, Gilfer scouts ahead. He spots a large dead tree that has fallen across the trail. Looking and listening he senses nothing wrong. “Piik- can you remove that tree?”

Piik smiles and replaces his axe with the huge eight-foot tall hammer. He walks up to the tree and as he is about to swing another tree with no branches strikes him- hard. Then it rises as if to strike him again. Gilfer then spots the Hill Giant hiding within the dense foliage. The three adventurers try to stop him but his size is too overwhelming. Suddenly Leaffa sees a small burst of energy and Gilfer spots a green bead of energy arc up to the giant and fly behind him then suddenly burst into fire. It bellows then strikes Gilfer very hard.

The giant’s reach is holding the group in check but a second burst of energy is seen as Gussa casts a second fireball spell. The giant is fading fast after the second blast. The first blast was largely absorbed by the trees around it. Not so with the second blast. Piik kneecaps it and Nite chews on it ankles keeping it where it is. Unable to flee Gilfer finishes it off.

“Why didn’t you tell us you were a mage?!?” asks Leaffa to the Gnome.

“Everything is short about her. Short in height and in notice.” Sneers the shifter soul blade.

Piik says nothing. In fact he seems distracted.

“I am indeed a sorcerer but I do not know the area. Thankyou Piik and Leaffa for the help.” Says Gussa from within her ring of protective guards.

Gilfer spits out some blood before taking a healing potion he traded for.

That night they camp at the ruins of a small stone building. Only the stone floor and pieces of the walls remain of the 25-foot square structure. Gussa and her guards sit on one side of the fire and the three adventurers and Nite on the other.

Gussa pulls out the map and compares it the stars and considers her location. When Leaffa walks over, the gnome partially hides the map. “We should reach the site tomorrow around mid day.” The Gnome sorcerer says while rolling up the map.

“Are you sure?” asks the shifter.

Piik, bored with the on going height jokes curls up in the corner of the ruin. Nite settles down near him.

“So what is the necklace again? An heirloom?” asks Leaffa.

“It doesn’t matter to you. I have…..” the gnome begins to say while feeling defensive.

“Yelp!” Cries out Piik as vines have quietly stretched out and wrapped around his legs. Nite has rolled away the vines as they try to ensnare him also.

Piik is quick to reach for his axe and cuts away the binding vines. Gilfer also steps up and burns the vines with a piece of burning wood from the fire even as they reach out to grab anyone remaining in the back of the ruins. Piik finishes off the assassin vine very quickly once on his feet.

Piik choices a different corner to lay down and everyone else settles down now that the threat is over.

The next morning comes without further incident and they continue on their way. Gussa and Gilfer continue to glare at each other. Leaffa tries to get the shifter to stop and Piik continues to be in his own world. No one notices his distraction.

“Shortly” (as Gilfer would say) they arrive at the ruins they were searching for. Looking to show off, the shifter races up the wall to check out the roof. The stone building is roughly 50ft wide and 75 feet deep with a stone flat roof. One section of roof has collapsed. There are no windows, only a wide front entrances with no door. Thick vines cover the entrance instead.

Peering into the holes on the roof the shifter can hear something within the building. As he calls out two large monstrous mantis creatures jump from over hanging trees and land near him. A third one charges through to the doorway and between the vines and a surprised bugbear stops there.

Gilfer flees the rooftop luring the creatures to the edge where Gussa pulls out a wand and strikes them with a magic missile spell. The fighters surround her as guards. Nite snarls the creature within the doorway but can not get at it. Piik smacks it hard but not hard enough as he is struck in return.

Leaffa climbs onto the roof but is snared by a mantis that easily grapples her. Finishing off his mantis Piik tries to climb the wall to help Leaffa but is himself grappled. With a person in each hand, the insect is uncertain which to chew on first.

Between the spells and psionic knives, the second mantis is killed. Leaffa pulls free and slides off the roof to heal herself. Piik pulls free and destroys the mantis…. Over and over again. NEVER piss off the bugbear.

Going inside, they discover the building is sub-divided into three rooms. All are empty except for a set of stairs leading down. Gussa is quick to enter the descending stairs.

After several light spells are cast and even more torches are lit, they begin to explore the stairs going down several dozen feet. Just as Piik was about to complain about the length of the stairs they reach a small room. From this room are three doorways.

Gilfer checks out one door and tries to pick it only to have Piik push it open. Unlocked. Gussa smiles and giggles at the embarrassed shifter then pushes past him to be the first to possibly glimpse the necklace.


It leads to an empty room.

Turning, they try the door opposite of this one. Also unlocked and empty. Turning slowly to the last door with an unnerving grin, Gussa asks Piik to level the door. He does with his hammer. Gilfer is beside himself. He is tired of her slights. “Short on manners?” he commits but she has already entered the hallway beyond the now smashed in door.

A 50ft long hallway leads to a large round room with a round raised stage. On the stage is a pedestal. Gussa hurries to it and finds what looks like a bust lacking the arms and head…. And necklace. Nothing.
Piik and Nite’s sensitive noses find something very sinister behind the platform. A dead beholder. Burn marks from magical attacks and arrows are embedded into its monstrous body. “Looks like someone was here already and looted the place.” Says Gilfer. He then begins to laugh.

Now extremely angered, Gussa slowly turns to him and waves her hand and says something too quietly to be heard by the others. Gilfer finds his body is not his to control. He drops his shield and dissolves his weapon. Then he begins to pummel his own face. Piik rushes over to grapple him worries there are evil spirits at work. Gilfer stops hitting himself but does nothing. He stands there rigid and at attention. Gussa walks up to him and stares at his face.

“Servant… follow me. We are leaving.” And she leaves with him following her. Piik is slack jawed and Leaffa wonders if a spell was caste onto him by the gnome.

Eventually the shifter returns to being himself. He snarls and throws a tirade but once he makes eye contact with the gnome he quiets down and redirects his aggression elsewhere. It is a long and quiet walk back to the Wine Tree two days later.

Each are paid their 100 gold then dismissed. Two days later a carriage arrives and they leave with Gilfer giving her a wave and an universal sign of displeasure. Piik sighs quietly. Things are returning to normal.


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“Epilogue: Secrets”

Gussa and her four human guards get on board the carriage and begin their return trip to Karrnath. She is still angry that the necklace was “stolen” from her and also irritated by that shifter. She may have to return to deal with him at some other time. She pulls another necklace out from her traveling outfit. It is green. Emerald green. She concentrates and a hazy image of a near skeletal image appears within the claw pictured on the necklace.

“My queen….. I have failed to retrieve the necklace of immortality. Someone else has collected it ahead of us.”

Piik sits down in his timber home and settles in for the night. He picks up a whetstone and his axe. He is about to start his daily ritual of sharpening his axe but stops. His gaze wanders to the hammer. The wonderful oversized hammer. He puts the tools away and looks briefly at his axe. A weapon he has possessed since leaving his tribe in Darguun many years ago. He frowns with tightly pressed lips then places the axe aside. He picks up his hammer and looks at the solid metal head of it. “Hello Lord Gutterson. What stories of glory can you tell me tonight?” The hammer’s head gently glows and the bugbear quietly sits back in his hammock and closes his eyes. He dreams. He dreams of the glory that was Lord Butaral Gutterson Planeswalker. He dreams of what glory may be his.

The tavern keeper has had few stories to tell in the past few days. The arrival of the explorers worries him. Task, a druid that worships the cold and has questionable ethics has gone missing. He believes he has gone with the human and elf. Perhaps nothing will come of it but he still wonders and fears several of the “what ifs” that can happen. Then there is Gussa. There is an aura of evil about her though nothing can be detected magically on her. The necklace she described to Leaffa is familiar to him. It is largely what brought him to the Eldeen Reaches. Quietly he unbuttons the top two buttons of his shirt. He pulls out a necklace. A triangle with three overlapping circles. The necklace of Immortality. He first found the necklace in the year 766. Over 2 hundred years ago. That is a long time for a human to live. A very long time.

and thus the third story is completed. This was a short one due to time restraints I had and the kids were only 500 pts from leveling up so I looked for something just to get them over the hump. They now have two possible returning foes. One of House Cannith and the other the Emerald Claw. We also got to know a bit more about the team's lore expert. More on Piik and his Maul of the Titans at a later time.

Feel free to comment (the kids will love it as well as myself). later when we begin Mama Jura.


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We're back.

A death in the family delayed the game including Tim's destiny so here we go again......

“Mama Juro”

Nymm 3, 997

The small little settlement hidden in the southern most part of the Eldeen reaches along the Byeshk Mountains is growing. Once it held a small tavern, a healer’s hut and a blacksmith’s forge. Now a paladin from outside of the forest is building a small temple. Other small settlements are being built nearby. Most by farmers but others by retired adventurers and soldiers from the war looking for a place to call home.

As such, the influence of the Dragonmarked Houses is increasing. Today it is by a gnome on a magebred horse. He rides in and stops at the Winetree. He hops off and stretches his legs from the hard ride. Getting an envelope out of a bag he marches into the tavern.

“Welcome to the Winetree. I have little for Zilargo fruit wines but perhaps an Elven wine?” offers a friendly old man smoking a fine looking pipe. The other people here also take note of the traveler. Gilfer, a shifter adventurer, a bugbear wielding a hammer eight-foot long and a druid named Arkoose whom is an Orc.

“Later perhaps. First I must locate a noble from Aundair.”

“You have found him I believe.”

“You are….?”

“Sir John ir’Gunther of Aundair now of Eldeen Reaches.”

The gnome hands over the envelope. The tavern keeper looks it over then opens it while looking at the gnome. “It’s from my granddaughter.” A look of concern mixed with happiness falls onto his face.

As the others are waiting for more, another druid enters the room accompanied by a badger. The final member of the Eldeen Heroes has arrived along with her animal companion Nite.

“Kerri is coming here in a few months. To visit.” Sir John says absently.

“Who is Kerri? Asks Leaffa.

“She is my granddaughter. She is also an adventurer of sorts. She will be here in a few months to visit.”

“Sounds wonderful.”

A short pause then Sir John begins again. “She and I don’t talk much. If she is here, it is not for me…. She is looking for something.”

Before anyone else can ask more questions another stranger enters the tavern. A farmer whom looks haggard and tired. He sits at the bar and asks for a drink. After a few sips he gulps his drink and says thankyou. “I am looking for three people said to live in this area. The Heroes of Eldeen.”

Piik dips his head low and shoulders himself to hide from view. Gilfer says nothing and waits for Leaffa to say it all. “We are here. What can we do for you?”

“I am Gus Furok from Green Valley. I have come here looking for you.”

“Here we are.” The druid says while motioning to the table where Piik and Gilfer are.

“A beloved member of our village is in trouble. We fear for her and want someone to help her. It may involve the talents of experienced adventurers. Adventurers like yourselves.”

“What is wrong?”

“We are uncertain but we believe it involves one of her children.”

“We can help you and her.” Leaffa says in new concern for a mother in need. “What is her name?”

“Mama Jura.”


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“Mama Jura’s Problem”

Nymm 4, 997

After traveling the next day to the Green Valley, the Heroes of Eldeen begin to travel up the trail that leads to the woman’s home. The village is poor and simple. Crops do not grow well in the rocky soil and the farm animals seem underfed. Mama Jura is described as being something of a hermit that is highly respected and honored by the people of Green Valley.

Going up into the higher hills the group reaches the entrance to a cave where Mama Jura is said to live. Gilfer stops the group at the entrance. Looking into the dirt and sand he spots several footprints of small figures that appeared to be running out of the cave. Looking further into the cave he sees huge reptilian footprints.

With more caution, they enter the cave. About fifty feet in the cave branches to the right. At the entrance of this area Gilfer spots four small sets of foot prints mixed in with the fleeing ones and reptilian ones. Still being cautious, the four of them enter the area of the cave the footprints lead to. Inside is a set of four beds and a chest to place extra blankets. The beds are sized for humans.

“Nothing to squish.” Says Piik looking around. His battle-axe readied.

“Where is the woman?” asks Gilfer looking around.

“What made these tracks?” asks Leaffa looking around at the small humanoid tracks.

“Maybe whatever chased them off is to be squished.” Says Piik.

Nite sniffs at the reptilian tracks and shakes his head in disgust. Leaffa is about to ask what it is that bothers him so much when Gilfer leaves the room and goes further down the hall.

They reach another branch but skip it. Warm air can be felt from ahead of them. Maybe it is Mama Jura’s health. The four sets of small tracks lead in and can be seen fleeing also. They follow the tracks to the next area around the corner.

“WHO IS THERE?” A loud voice calls out. It vibrates within their heads and body.

Piik swings his axe around to strike. Gilfer powers up his mindblade. Leaffa debates whom to summon up and Nite just continues to pod up behind everyone ready to attack…. with some hesitation.


Piik looks at Gilfer and together they rush around the corner. As normal, Leaffa has cast a light spell on Gilfer shield. The lit shield reveals….. a large scaled and horned head. The head of a green dragon! A HUGE green dragon!


“oh carp.” Whispers the bugbear.

[ Tim says something that makes me remind him about the use of adult language ]

Leaffa stops and stares.

Nite stops outside of the room deciding it would be better NOT to enter unless the druid insists.

“We…. We were sent here by the villagers.” Says Leaffa with a great deal of caution.


Gilfer spots something under the dragon. Something green and blue with a rough surface. An egg!

“We came from below. The villagers were … afraid…. The villagers were concerned for you.” Continues Leaffa.


“No. We were under the understanding that you needed help. Our help.” Leaffa says with the most calming voice she can muster.


Gilfer motions to Piik. Piik sees the eggs now himself. He lowers his axe and does not put it away. He is not advancing either.

“Who are… the little people?” Gilfer asks.


Piik scratches his arm in uncertainty. “So many halflings….. which ones?”


The three of them turn to look at each other with rolling eyes. In unison… The Ghallanda Halflings.

“What did they take?” asks Leaffa with a lot of caution and fear of the answer as she now also sees the eggs.


“uhhhhh….. I don’t understand.” Stumbles the bugbear. Gilfer would kick him in the shin if he were closer.

“An egg? They took an egg?” asks Leaffa.


Piik feels stupid and uncomfortable around the dragon. Maybe even a bit fearful (though he would never admit it.)

“Do you….. do you know where they went?” asks Leaffa.


The three of them look over their shoulders towards the exit.

“PLEASE. WILL….. WILL YOU HELP ME?” A look of great and deep sorrow crosses the Dragon’s eyes and body. Her pain is nearly as felt as the fear aura she had sent out.

“It’s what we came to do. Yes we will help you.” Answers Leaffa.


“Yes.” Says Leaffa. Both Piik and Gilfer whirl around and glare at her in disbelief.


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“Follow Those Halflings. ”

Nymm 4, 997

Uncertain at what else to do the Eldeen Heroes begin with what few clues they have.

Four Halflings

One has a Dragonmark

They are Hyperactive and will stand out

They have a large bulky egg they are carrying

They left foot prints at the mouth of Jura’s cavern home

They begin by following the tracks as best as they can.

The halflings are not true adventurers. They have not tried to hide their tracks and they have taken the main road to the village and presumably out of it also. While in the village of Green Valley they are able to get some weak horses to travel with and a small hay cart. One villager had spoken to the halflings. He learned they were headed to the Lake Galifar.

So the Eldeen Heroes begin to follow them again.

The first day of travel is very slow. The donkeys are slow and slowed even more by pulling the cart. Tracking the halflings is not easy. But then again none of the group are excellent trackers. Nite seems to be the only one that can follow them.

The next day picks up with them stopping at another small village. The halflings stand out and everyone remembers them. One villager remembers something about the Queen of Aundair was mentioned by the halflings.

They follow on through the ever-thickening forest on their way to the Lake and hopefully catch up with the halflings…. And the egg. On their way they come across a broken down wagon. The wheels are broken and the animals are gone. There are no people there.

“What happened?” asks Gilfer as he looks at the broken wagon.

“Halflings.” Says Piik with no uncertainty.

“No. Not them. Something else.”

“Are you sure?” asks Piik as he kneels down. “Four sets of footprints… all small. Looks like they were playing in the mud. Stupid halflings.”

They gather around the puddle and indeed, there are four sets of tracks. The tracks go forward then split up and exit into the woods. Walking slowly the four of them spot new tracks. They look like… warforged tracks! The tracks are two toed and block shaped. However they seem small for warforged. Piik, once had seen small warforged in Breland. They are called scouts. Looking at the tracks, they seem to be following the halflings. Piik, Leaffa and Nite go to one side following the tracks. Gilfer goes to the other side in case those halflings have the egg.

Instead they of the halflings or warforged scouts they find…. Strange warforged-like creatures with claws and crystals on them. They charge as best as they can within the forest. Piik switches to the hammer to destroy the constructs. He finds the hammer works better on non-moving doors and walls. The battle goes poorly especially as more of them show up challenging Gilfer.

In the end they win and defeat the rampaging constructs.

But still no halflings.

Further up the road Gilfer hears a strange loud sound. It sounds like a familiar sound but not quite the same. They reach a bridge and see several very large frogs in bog. A small foot is sticking out of the mouth of one of the frogs.

“uh-oh….” Says Piik thinking what the others are all thinking….. is that a halfling foot in its mouth and if so… is there an egg there also?

Gilfer moves to the edge of the bridge and calls up a mindblade. Piik figures this means its time to squish. Leaffa summons up a wolverine to rip and tear any frogs as they reach land (assuming they will). And yes, they are still hungry and hop forward to attack. Piik and Gilfer find them to be tougher than expected. But in time they are all killed. Leaffa also had summoned up a crocodile to attack them. Her control over it is not very good as one takes a frog to the bottom and plants it there for “later”. As the bugbear and shifter are cutting open frogs looking for halflings and eggs Leaffa mentally battles her summoned ally for the last body. Eventually it does bring up that one also (the one with a leg sticking out) and find nothing but a halfling. One of THE halflings.

And no egg (or the remains of).

“Let’s get going.” Leaffa says.


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“Random Encounters to the Lake”

Night of Nymm 5, 997

Too tired to continue the Eldeen Heroes stop and camp deep within the woods but not far from the road leading to the Lake Galifar. Piik sharpens his axe while staring at his hammer. Gilfer cleans his clothes from the mud and slime of the dead frogs. Leaffa uses up her healing spells on the others then prepares to meditate for her next days spells.

During her turn to watch the campsite she hears something in the forest. A distant screech like an owl but more from a giant owl. She watches the night sky in case of a Giant Owl that is hunting. She spots no giant owls but hears a few tree branches crack nearby. She immediately tries to wake everyone. Gilfer is slow to awaken but Piik merely rolls over and gently burps the prior meal. Another branch breaks but closer now. Another growling hoot can be heard… very close now.

Gilfer, nervous from the sounds grabs a small branch that is burning and “tickles” Piik’s foot. Piik awakens from the pain. Snarling and sweeping his clawed hands at everything around him he tries to attack the source of the fiery attack. Just as he is realizing he is attacking Gilfer the cause of the noise charges towards them. As large as a Dire Bear but with the head of an owl and taloned claws with a thick coat of armor-like feathers the Owl Bear strikes. Nite is knocked clear across the camp. It then turns onto the two arguing fighters.

Instead it moves around the stunned heroes and the horse is nearly taken down in one blow. Snapping out of it, Piik attacks and nearly takes an arm off. Gilfer strikes with his powered up mindblade. Followed by arrows from Leaffa the owl bear’s savage attack comes to a sudden end.

Leaffa finishes her rite to renew her spells and uses them to heal the villager’s horse and the team.

They reach another village late in the morning. Stopping for supplies, they learn of the halflings crossing through the day before. One tavern owner asks if they are traveling to Passage for the festival. A festival where the queen herself will be attending. It is where the halflings are going. One halfling had a large bag.

Leaffa pushes for them to hurry and get after the halflings. She hopes to reach them before they begin to cross the lake. The supply shop owner she spoke to had mentioned the halflings were asking about boating costs at the lake.

Late in the day they are riding through an area of high grass and tall shaded trees. Watching the area and recognizing it as a good ambush point, Gilfer spots something in the large tree ahead of them. The tree over hangs over the road. He spots a straight “branch” that he recognizes as an arrow as it is being drawn back.

Leaffa stops the cart which disrupts the ambush as several skin pebbly skinned humanoids run out of the grass with javelins drawn. Piik screams out loud and leaps into the air in a crazed charge. He annihilates the creature in one blow (charge +critical with battle axe- personal record for 6th level character- 93 pts in one single blow! And no magic enhancement to boot!!!!)

Several more Forest Trolls come out. Gilfer attacks the “tree” which at first confused Leaffa until a stunned and injured troll falls out of the tree. Nite takes a bite out of one ambusher and finds they taste extremely poorly.

Leaffa uses her bow and fires onto the last troll as Gilfer finishes off his despite its regeneration. Piik and the druid finish off the last one. Nite is sick from the flesh of the troll, which is vile to begin with but decays quickly once away from the main body.

They reach the shore a few hours later. The village of Verdant Shore has a large dock area that acts as a trade center for Eldeen Reaches to Thrane and Aundair. Gilfer is caught more than once staring at the seamlessly endless water as he looks at the huge lake. Piik looks about and mutters something about being in Aundair again. “Again?” asks Gilfer. Piik ignores him and motions to a ship that appears to be for rent.

They learn the halflings have already been here and taken a ship to Passage. Leaffa makes it clear that they need to catch them. They are directed to a smaller ship with a strange configuration. It is a special magical ship used by the Dragonmarked house of the Storm- Lyrandar.

Leaffa tries to convince the ½ elf captain that they are on an important mission and need to reach Passage as soon as possible. He agrees… at the standard rate. Only by pooling their money and resources can the young heroes afford to hire the captain to head to Passage immediately and in a hurry. Even then, it will take nearly two days to reach Passage.
Leaffa insists on taking the horse and wagon. The captain is okay with that so long as they do the loading. Easier said than done as the dock is narrow and there is nothing but planks to load and unload supplies.

The crew is entertained for many minutes as they try to figure out how to do it. Piik doesn’t have the rare strength to pull or push the scared horse and wagon. Gilfer has no skills for animals. Leaffa tries to calm the horse and lead it. For the effort, the horse almost falls into the lake! Frustrated with it, Gilfer suggests calling up some help. To the amazement of the crew a Dire Ape arrives and aids Piik to wield the wagon as Leaffa once more calms the horse and gets it to cross the plank. This done, the crew clap and cheer and they begin their first water adventure.


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“Random Encounter on the Lake”

Nymm 8, 997

Piik is not doing well on the open water. Gilfer is not enjoying it either. Leaffa regularly calms the horse that is scared from the roaring wind that drives the elemental ship. It is fast and travels over halfway across the lake by dawn. At this point the crew has settled down but do not mingle with the heroes.

Captain Tudaraen d’Lyrandar warns them about their papers (or lack of). Passage will require such papers to travel especially with the international festival that is occurring there now. Having never left the border of Eldeen both Leaffa and Gilfer ask Piik about this. Piik admits he had illegally sneaked across borders to reach Eldeen from Darguun.

Late morning, Gilfer looks up and spots something in the sky. Something large and flying on feathered wings. When he tries to point it out, the creature flies in line with the sun making it impossible to see. The captain is certain he is imagining something.

Gilfer is very certain he saw something. The captain suggests it could have been a dragonhawk which are sometimes seen in Aundair though rarely over the lake. Then the captain sees it. He is certain it is a dragonhawk though a bit big. It dives down at them but the air elemental ring pushes it away from the crew whom gathers under its protective cover.

Arrow and mindblades are used to try to hit it but all miss. It flies high above the ship again then dives once more. The horse is startled this time but Gilfer gets one hit in. It circles again just out of reach of the arrows. The creature circles again for a few minutes. Everyone below readies their attacks and fire as it attacks once more. Several hits make it land on the deck wounded. The creature resembles a giant eagle but with molted feathers. The skin below is black and almost rocky in appearance. The eyes are blood red. (Giant Eagle with Chaos Creature Template).

The ship begins to slow down as the land can be seen in the distance. Many masts are visible in the bay that leads into Passage. Navel flags represent many different nations and noble houses. The captain looks at his ship and the crew and sighs deeply.

Grateful for the help the Heroes of Eldeen did that saved his ship and crew he decides to help them. He arranges for a means to get papers and a cover story to avoid the authorities… at least for a bit. Once more they entertain the crew to move the horse and cart off the ship. At least this time proper ramps are offered.


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“Festival of Nations”

Nymm 8, 997

It nearly costs the heroes the remaining money they had but House Sivis sets them up with Ids and Traveling Papers. The Gnome grumbles a great deal with making papers for Piik.

Now for the hard part…. To find three Dragonmarked halflings within a city that is celebrating a world wide festival filled with food, art and festivities.

As they walk around the city looking for clues to where the halflings are. Security more than once watch and follow Piik but he somehow avoids them.

“How will we ever find them?!?” Leaffa says in frustration.

Gilfer spots a bulletin board that lists events for the festival. They go to it and find out about several food related parties. However there is nothing about the queen.

“Now what?!?” Piik growls.

“Anything about the queen?” asks Leaffa.


“Passage is a big place.” Says Piik.

“we know that.”

“What I mean is it’s big…. Important. Does she have a home here?”

“Hummm…. Good point.” Gilfer looks at the map. “Nothing….”

“She would be well guarded…. Maybe we need to think that way. Where is the most guards?”

“Where to look?” asks Piik again.

“Look for the fanciest place?” offers Gilfer. The three of them turn and stop as they spot the flagged towers of a very tall building. “There.” They say in unison.

They fight the crowds, which become denser as they near the building. Security is more so. “How will we get in there?”

“We can’t give up…. Not yet… not now.” Leaffa looks about. She then spots motion. Staring into the dense crowd she sees…. Three halflings! “There!” As she points the laughing halflings suddenly stop and frown. They note she is pointing to them and they spot her… and Nite. A vivid memory of Nite is all it takes for them to turn and try to run. Generally the ground disperses as Piik charges through them. Though no weapon is drawn they are clear to see.

The halflings run around a corner and Piik and Gilfer give chase. They go down an alley and they go to follow but find themselves suddenly sliding and slipping. Piik crashes into a wall and Gilfer then into him. Leaffa goes over and discovers magical grease on the ground. The halflings literally gave them the slip. So close yet so far away.

She looks back to the entrance and sees the three of them enter the main gate. The halfling with the bag stops and speaks to the guards. He points in their general direction. That guard then calls out to others and they look to the Eldeen Heroes.

“Time to go.” Says Gilfer.

“But we can’t stop…. Not yet.” Retorts Leaffa.

“Too late.” Grumbles Piik.

They turn and find themselves with several guards drawing weapons including one with a wand that is glowing.

“Hold and be accounted for.” The female dwarf commands.

“oh carp.”


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“Unexpected Aid”

Nymm 8, 997

This next segment will be more of a footnote. The day after we ran this game my mother (their grandmother) passed away unexpectedly. For the next month I did nothing but deal with the issues related to a loved one passing away. In that time I have forgotten much of the details of the segment so here are the DM notes I had written down slightly fleshed out.

1) The group learns officially the halflings are to cook the dragon egg for the Queen of Aundair as a high light of a food festival hosted by House Ghallanda.
2) When guards are not looking they escape
3) Return to the Resturant
4) Look for ways in
5) Be watched by a woman in the crowd
6) Attempt to sneak in
7) Chased away by guards that are aware of their wishes to enter the building
8) Watch from the rooftop of the building next door
9) Woman that was watching them comes to the rooftop
10) She has been monitoring them for some time and wants to know what is up
11) They tell her the entire story
12) Intrigued, she decides to help them
13) Leaves then returns with a very fashionable dress and asks Leaffa to wear it.
14) Using a pass, she gets Leaffa into the resturant while the guys watch
15) Takes time but they locate the egg…. Still intact
16) The mystery woman distracts the guards within the resturant as Leaffa steals the egg
17) They meet up with the guys
18) Guards and halflings are going nuts below
19) Piik notes the mystery woman seems pleased
20) Gilfer asks for her name. “You may call me Thorn.”
21) They flee the city with the egg
22) The woman known as Thorn is happy to complete her mission. (Nyrielle Tam is a Dark Lantern for Breland. Her mission was to embarrass Aundair (Queen is even better) and embarrass the Dragonmarked houses some also.
23) Get back to Mama Jura’s home with the egg intact
24) Mama Jura thanks them and reminds them they may collect one item from her
25) As she sayes this the egg cracks and tears.
26) Baby Green Dragon is hatched. All get to watch.
27) In sincere gratitude Jura names the child after them- PiikLeafer
28) PCs swear to visit whenever possible.