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Patreon Eldritch Patreon is Live!


My name is Daniel Cross, and I created a Patreon that focuses on adventures and material for my own Eldritch Role-Playing Game (eldritchrpg.net), including versions for the 5th Edition of the world's most popular game system. I co-authored the Eldritch Role-Playing game system with Randall Petras, and in 2008 it was published by Goodman Games. The game was revised in 2013 through Kickstarter, now published by my own Crossroads Games on DrivethruRPG. This is a game that uses polyhedral dice but celebrates the narrative, while remaining unabashedly action-oriented. It is a fast game to pick up and play one-shots for those weekend warriors, but also infinitely customizable for GMs desiring a system to make their own for longer campaigns.

Now I'm asking for your help to allow me to design more material for my labor of love. I have a great many ideas, and talented people who'd love to contribute, but as a lone freelancer it's difficult to fund such projects. More support means I can spend more time designing new material.

Among my most notable work to date involved co-authoring Troll Lord Game's World Builder with Gary Gygax, as well as authoring Vol. 4 of the Gygaxian Fantasy World Series, Insidiae, a book about RPG plot creation. Hekaforge Productions, Troll Lord Games Goodman Games have published my work. I am also the owner of the Ainerêve campaign setting (authored by Peter Schaefer, formerly of Wizards of the Coast, with contributions from Daniel Cross and Jon Creffield).

Join my Patreon means you become a participant in the evolution of these rules and the associated campaign world of Ainerêve. As a supporter, you'll have exclusive access to product as it's developed, and a voice in how it is shaped.


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