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Hey all,

I am rolling up an Elven Bladesinger wizard for a 5e campaign and have read descriptions of the songswords they use for their bladesinging but am having trouble forming a mental image of one and can't seem to find any pictures of them.

Are there any pictures of their instrument-weapons from previous editions or anything?

Thanks in advance for any help!

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Sorry, where do you get 'songswords' from? Also maybe get this moved to the 5E forum, it gets a lot more traffic!

But, as far as I know, there is no specific style or non-standard type of sword used by bladesingers. In DnD elves have always been longsword users, in the sense of DnD longsword, a one handed sword. So any sort of one handed sword that you think elves would wield, traditionally (pre 5E) bladesinging required a longsword, that was their signature weapon.

So bladesingers are mentioned in some 1E FR books, but not much that I know of.

First rules I know of is a 'kit' (thin 'martial tradition' or 'arcane subclass') in 2E, the first pic of a bladesinger I know of is this from 3E Races of Faerun


There's this figure from the 3E miniatures range


Note that the first has a normal looking sword, the figure more of a curved blade

This guy is from the 4E Neverwinter Campaign setting...


...as are the two attachments. Good luck! :)


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