Elven Trinkets


First Post
I have just uploaded Elven Trinkets to the downloads area.

Hi everyone. My name's Ryan Chaddock and I'm a third party publisher, writing and illustrating licensed supplements for Numenera, The Strange, and Fate so far. I've started writing a few things for the new D&D, trying to get warmed up for publishing under the 5th edition OGL later on.

Here's a trinket list for Elven lands, communities, or characters. I'm thinking about doing more for the other races in the coming weeks.

You can find the file here in the downloads section. Please use this thread for comments.

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Racial Trinkets!

This is an awesome idea! Trinkets are one of the best new additions to the game, and I've always loved having racial character options for people to use as a supplement to the "anyone can do/have this" game content. Wonderful addition to my games.

Epic Threats

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