Email reaching non-registered email address?



I recently started getting email to my work email, which, as far as I can tell, is not a registered email address on the enworld site.

For example, most recently, I received email with the topic "D&D Next "Tyranny of Dragons" PAX East Panel; Dragonlance: What's Up With That?; plus What's O.L.D. is N.E.W. Updates!".

The message has a link to the email control panel, "Manage Keyword Subscriptions", but none are showing!

Going up a page, I do see that I am subscribed to "RPG News & Reviews" and "Test".

In addition, when I go to "Settings > Edit Email & Password", the email address in question does NOT appear as my email.

I'm glad to receive email on the registered email address, but I am NOT fine with receiving it on my work email. How do I configure to remove sends to my work email address? (I'd prefer to not unsubscribe altogether.)




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I can only imagine you may have a second account? I certainly haven't *guessed* your work email address! If you PM me the work address I can do a search for you and we'll figure it out.