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Greetings all! With only 13 weeks to go until Level Up Advanced 5E, this week includes a murder mystery Kickstarter success, a most persuasive performer and a swathe of potions. Lets get started.


Murder. Conspiracy. Secrets. Our latest Dungeons & Dragons 5E adventure for the ZEITGEIST setting, Death of the Author, takes you on a dark adventure to a remote manor. There’s still one week left on Kickstarter.


Judge Dredd & The Worlds of 2000 AD​

Introducing the latest Rogue Trooper Compilation, Tour of Nu-Earth 1, a collection of scenarios written for the Rogue Trooper roleplaying game supplement. Pull on your chemsuit and check your ammunition, there’s a war to win soldier!


Level Up Advanced 5E​

Our upcoming tabletop RPG Level Up Advanced 5E takes your Dungeons & Dragons rules to the next level. The latest update explores how Level Up A5E will take to virtual tabletops.


On our Podcast​

This week, Morrus and Co explored the delights of the RPG kitchen, plus the latest tabletop RPG news.


Over in our D&D 5E magazine, EN5ider, meet the devious Illusive Fool, who draws a crowd so he may better unlock a planar gate - and unleash the inscrutable god-like entity within it.



Including demon lords, subterranean insectoid traders, and enough Bloodwort, to see you through a pinch, check out the latest WOIN supplements in our store. Check our the EONs magazine to learn more.


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