EN World photos - post yours! (was "Secrets")


Baraendur said:
Wow Horacio. Any chance I could talk you into morphing me (page 5) into something evil and sinister?

If you give me a .jpg or .gif with the evil or sinister thing, I could do it.

hmmm, maybe I should begin a thread in the Art forum... :D

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So, let's see if I can do an image...


Beard? Check. Odd costume? Check.

At least I'm armed...


PS: I listen to Diana Krall and the Eagles, so perhaps I'm not entirely in the group. Also, I do not have a ponytail.
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Dragongirl, If'n I wasn't married, I'd be packing my thing for a trip to the third layer of hell, but alas...:(
As for me, no pics, just now. Blond hair, male, round, no glasses, no beard, but I don't always shave, LOVE the hard rock alternative Music, KoRn, 31 years old.


BeholderBurger said:
Here is a piccie of my kid. I aint got one of me at work but when I get home I will post one.

His name is Ethan by the way.

Holy crap. Cutest baby ever!

BB, ideally you need to save that photo as a .jpg instead of a .bmp. Bitmaps don't show onscreen, and they're WAY larger in file size.
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