Critical Role EN World's Critical Role Roundup 013: Wrapping Up The Round Up

The Mighty Nein take the Gentleman's offer to get the heck out of Dodge. There's a classic D&D skirmish with goblins, wolves, and ogres, and more character background details are shared as the Critical Role Roundup wraps up.

Episode Recap
The Mighty Nein go to the Evening Nip, traveling downstairs to see the Gentleman. There's a prizefight happening in the downstairs bar when they arrive, with a crowd gathered around.

When it ends, Jester and Beau decide they should have a fight now. Caleb casts Haste on Beau.

Jester: I punch her in the face and cast Inflict Wounds!

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This move is the very definition of, "That escalated quickly."​

Beau: I thought we were having funsies!

Blood vessels burst and blood spurts out of Beau. At 1st level, Jester's Inflict Wounds does 3d10 necrotic damage. That's our cleric!
Beau rallies and the fight ends quickly. Jester is knocked out. That'll teach her to start a fistfight with a monk. When she is revived, Jester opens her eyes. "That...was...seriously AWESOME!"

They pull themselves together and go talk to the Gentleman. Now that the war has started, he wants to take advantage of the authorities' distraction to do some business. He already knows about their offer from the Lawmaster, and counteroffers with a few out-of-town job opportunities.

Opportunity 1: About 350 miles northeast, a woman named Ophelia Mardune is in some unknown a predicament and needs to be rescued and retrieved. She works with the Gentleman in Shady Creek Run, the town of thieves and murderers mentioned last episode.

Opportunity 2: Smuggling shipments from the Labenda Swamp, about 70 miles away near Berleben, have stopped recently. A safehouse in the swamp has gone dark. They must find the safehouse and secure its contents.

The Mighty Nein step away to confer. Taliesin fetches the huge, beautiful map to see where the jobs are located.

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Looks like everybody got new mugs during their recent trip to the Renaissance faire​

They agree to take both jobs. They receive an advance of 750 gold and a few potions, and they're off. They still have their cart and six horses.

On the road out of town, they see many soldiers marching east towards the battlefront with horses, siege engines, and other materials of war. They camp when dusk falls, and have an uneventful night.

The party asks Nott about goblins. She hated living among them. Jester and Caleb both relate how their parents told them goblins would steal naughty children. Nott confirms that's true, except they'll steal and eat any child regardless of naughtiness.

Yasha, Fjord, and Molly briefly stop at a shack owned by an elderly orc. He sells them hide armor and fresh meat.

When they camp that night, Caleb and Nott take watch. Caleb notices creatures approaching and sounds the alarm. They are attacked by eight goblins, three wolves, and two ogres.

Nott fools the goblins by pretending to be on their side. She yells "Modern literature!" to Caleb, then fires her crossbow at him. With a natural 20, she intentionally hits the book under his arm, allowing Caleb to pretend he's dead.

Yasha uses Necrotic Shroud. Skeletal black wings emerge from her back, the white tips of her hair turn black, and her eyes go black. She rages.
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Folks are excited about Yasha sprouting wings.​

The fight continues. Jester kills one wolf outright with Hellish Rebuke after it attacks her. Fjord annihilates a goblin with Booming Blade. Caleb puts a wolf to sleep.

Yasha kills one ogre and seriously hurts the second one in the same round. Fjord finishes it with Eldritch Blast. Molly kills the other wolves as the field is cleared.

Yasha's wings fold away. Everyone is dumbfounded except Molly, who's seen it before. Apparently it happens sometimes if she's startled or angry. She says she can't fly, but they pop out when she gets really angry or startled.

Caleb speaks Celestial to her, and she replies in Celestial before switching back to Common. She doesn't seem to understand much about her aasimar nature, and isn't sure why she knows Celestial.

Jester asks if Nott is okay after fighting goblins. She says she is, and it was "very rewarding." Nott says she never felt comfortable being a goblin. "This feels wrong, like I should be in a different body." She likes herself, but doesn't like goblins because they do terrible things.

Nott explains that as soon as goblins are old enough to work, they are given a job. She wasn't good at the first several jobs. Finally, she was assigned to be a torturer's assistant, which she hated. Once she was told to kill a halfling they captured, but she was kind to him instead. She still got good information from him, but they became friends. She refused to kill him. Instead, she got drunk, attacked a fellow goblin to create a distraction, and ran away. She hopes the halfling was able to escape, but she doesn't know.

They discuss possibly going to find the halfling and fight her old clan someday. They are with her now, and they will back her up.
She later admits to Caleb that she may have eaten some baby meat once by accident.

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Caleb needs a drink after hearing Nott's confession.​

At sunrise, the Mighty Nein awake and get back on the road.

Speaking of riding off into the sunrise, this is my last Critical Role Roundup. This feature is being discontinued, but I will be writing other pieces for the site. I've enjoyed writing these roundups very much, and I thank everybody who read and commented on them. If you ever want to talk about anything Critical Role-related, I'm @texasannie on Twitter, where I am always down to talk about Critter stuff! Now for the final highlights:

Play of the Game
After sprouting wings, Yasha kills one ogre by grabbing its shoulder and dragging it down onto her sword. On her second strike of the same round, she heavily damages the second ogre as well.

Quote of the Week
Nott: With great honesty, I can tell you that I have never eaten a child.
Molly: Insight check! (Taliesin rolls a natural 1.)

Context-Free Comedy
"I just pull down my spiritual weapon and start licking it."

contributed by Annie Bulloch
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I'm sorry to hear that these round-ups are being discontinued. I seldom have time to watch the 'casts, but enjoyed hearing a summary of the shenanegans.

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