D&D 5E EN5ider #395 - Tabi's Automata

Companions can die unexpectedly and sometimes you need more than muscle or wit to best the trials of adventuring—next time you run into such a task, EN5ider suggests you rent out some mechanical help!

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  • 395. Tabi's Automata. Tabi is a gnomish inventor and tinkerer who specializes in clockwork devices, particularly small automata designed to help adventurers and laborers with annoying but necessary tasks. These items are available for rent or lease, but she is quite reluctant to sell them as each is a labor of love—so all of them are time sensitive and if a client tries to abscond with the device it might stop working, becoming a nonfunctional assembly of gears, pistons and pulleys, or even be rigged to self-destruct if mishandled or stolen. These 10 mechanical wonders are extremely expensive to buy but are available for renting with a sizable deposit, so try out a Clockwork Mule to carry things about, a Map Minder to avoid getting lost, or consider a Mr. Handy to help out during the next dungeon delve! Dynamically designed by Anthony Pryor, illustrated by Xanditz.
  • 394. Spells: Witch’s Grimoire. The practice of witchcraft is more intricate than a few scorching rays or a casting of eyebite—it is a magical tradition all its own. With that in mind this article provides 10 spells perfect for witches in 5E that range from the seemingly innocent bake familiar to the potent Perdita's insidious storybook (an innovative new means for trapping one's enemies) and even a dance with the devil. Diabolically designed by Andrew Engelbrite, illustrated by Indi Martin.
  • 393. Villain Spotlight: Egeria, Botanic Necro-Alchemist. Forced from an idyllic life of potion making into one of conflict, the alchemist Egeria found her talents for magic are far greater than crafting a potion of healing or other such small tricks. Violently forced from her home and infuriated with the death of her loved ones, she took it upon herself to use her grisly newly discovered talents to strike back—and she hasn't stopped after achieving her vengeance. Now with an army of phytoalchemical zombies at her beck and call, Egeria's thirst for revenge may well turn into a reign of terror if she cannot be stopped! Dependably designed by Andrea Ferrini, illustrated by Rafael Benjamin.
  • 392. To Stake A Vampire: Part 3. The hunt for the ancient evil threatening to overwhelm Holdenshire reaches its end! With the Order of Light's weaponry in hand the adventurers finally come into confrontation with Lord Pemberton and learn his dark secret, then travel beneath Brockendale Castle where they once more butt heads with their adventuring competition—though this time Old Jovan and his crew are quite different than in their last encounter! Afterwards the party must avoid or best victims of the primordial vampire and his powerful pets before they can forge through the Dark River, then test their mettle against Gortag the Mad's maze. More horrors await the PCs in the abattoir that contains Nemirtvi's Vein, and at the end of the unnaturally dark and dangerous stairwell beneath it finally the adventurers come face to face with their foe in a duplicitous battle that your players will be talking about for years to come. Can the party bring an end to the primordial vampire once and for all, or are they doomed the moment they set foot into Nemirtvi's Lair? Includes the memory crystal hazard, five new traps (False Path, Forgotten Route, Maddening Gas, Unholy Blight, Unholy Ice Javelins), two maps, and 8 creatures: Corrupted Bluestone (CR 5), Corrupted Mossad (CR 5), Corrupted Jovan (CR 6), Corrupted Andrew Nemeth (CR 6), Mongrelwarrior (CR 1), Mongrelmage (CR 3), Lord Pemberton (CR 6), and Nemirtvi the Vampire Lord (CR 14).
  • 391. Dangerous Scenarios: Alchemist's Lodge. Whether sent to the recent ruins or stumbling upon it on their way to their next adventure, the party will quickly learn that the former site of the alchemist Torrin's lodge is a very dangerous place. The gnome's leftover experiments and discard chemicals have been wantonly consumed by the ogres Agon, Katyazog, and Zurg, as well as their pet death dog Chomp-and-Gnaw—each of them permanently transformed by the elemental essence they've so greedily drunk! Includes a new very rare potion and the CR 3 modified death dog. Dangerously designed by William Fischer, illustrated by Indi Martin, using cartography by Dyson Logos.

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