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Mike Myler

Mike Myler
5E Epic Monsters: Jackalope
  • 2
Today Epic Monsters is headed even deeper into the rural regions of the USA with a personal favorite of mine, something of an oddity you absolutely do see in bars throughout the states. Whether you just like cute things, weird americana, or rabbits, or hate all three, you’ll find it hard to hate the jackalope!
5E EN5ider #291 - Intriguing Organizations: The Graven Sculptors
  • 1
EN5ider loves a properly duplicitous group and the Graven Sculptors are among the most cunning, seeming to offer an amicable trade of gold for a reliable helper that makes the lives of common folk far easier to bear. What none of their customers realize however is that each is a spy that reports back all that it sees or hears, often leading to the downfall of a settlement as its secrets become the property of the sly doppelganger craftsfolk!
5E Mythological Figures: Pirate Queen Ching Shih
  • 4
This edition of Mythological Figures has been in the queue for a long time now and after doing the research, I wish I’d have gotten to her sooner. We're taking a look at the incredible Pirate Queen Ching Shih!
5E EN5ider #289 & #290 - ZEITGEIST #8: Diaspora (Part 1) & Villain Spotlight: Dras'a Wolf
  • 0
Today's EN5ider article is perfect for groups in the midst of a nautical campaign (a hobgoblin commander and his seafaring goblin crew are ready to spread terror on the open waves!) and is hot on the heels of the eighth installment of the ZEITGEIST Adventure Path, wherein the adventurers get their first clear shot at taking the offensive and going after the leaders of the Obscurati!
5E Epic Monsters: Cù-Sìth
  • 11
Humanity so often today personifies death as the Grim Reaper but not always! Today’s Epic Monsters subject brings our species’ best friend into the mix to take on the job with the cù-sìth!
5E EN5ider #288 - Wear & Tear
  • 0
EN5ider's going old school today but making use of Fifth Edition's newer trappings to make gritty, realistic campaigns more engaging on the maintenance-front without things getting bogged down by excessive lists or the minutiae of equipment! What does that even mean? Read onward!
5E Mythological Figures: General George Washington
  • 31
We’re getting positively colonial today in Mythological Figures with the man most often credited with finding the United States of America. I’m of course talking about the Delaware River-crossing, (not really) cherry tree-chopping, ironic enemy of hero worship George Washington!
EN5ider #287 - Mini-Adventure: Angel's Bacchanalia
  • 0
Today EN5ider delves deep into the woods to crash an epic party in another fantastic mini-adventure penned by Andrew Engelbrite!
Epic Monsters: Hodag (5E)
  • 2
This week’s Epic Monsters entry comes to us from the heartland of Dungeons & Dragons, hailing specifically from Rhinelander in Wisconsin—I could only be referring to the legendary Hodag!
Mythological Figures: Queen Penthesilea (5E)
  • 17
Today Mythological Figures features a daughter of Ares, amazonian queen, and badass warrior who went toe-to-toe with Achilles in the Trojan War: Penthesilea!
EN5ider #284 & #285 - ZEITGEIST: Schism (Appendix) & Intriguing Organizations: MacGruddin's Engineer
  • 0
EN5ider has posted 2 fantastic articles in the past week—the statistics-filled ZEITGEIST #7 - Schism: Appendix and MacGruddin's Engineers, the 5th issue in the Intriguing Organizations series!
Epic Monsters: Arachne (5E)
  • 0
Once again we turn to Ancient Greece as Epic Monsters delves into one of the world’s most infamous arachnids: the boastful weaver-turned-spider Arachne!
EN5ider #283 - Monstrous Menagerie: Elemental Pets
  • 1
Is the thought of conjuring yet another mephit exhausting to you? Then today's EN5ider is right up your alley! Check it out to see five brand spanking new low CR elementals ideal for summoning, including in a fight to spice things up for the party, or even as familiars!
Mythological Figures: Saladin (5E)
  • 20
Watch out for quicksand and be ready to weather the dunes because today Mythological Figures is headed to ancient Arabia (and northern Africa) for one of history’s greatest generals: Saladin!
EN5ider #282 - Villain Spotlight: Skrivena Moc
  • 1
This EN5ider issue is for an intelligent weapon with much more than a simple curse, and by the time a new wielder realizes just how insidious the sword is it is often too late to stop the demonic blade Skrivena Moc from consuming their soul!
Epic Monsters: Skin-Walker (5E)
  • 3
Epic Monsters is back with a mysterious monster still thought by some to wander the world, supernatural hunters that walk amongst humanity unseen: Skin-Walkers!
EN5ider #281: ZEITGEIST #7 - Schism (Part 2)
  • 0
EN5ider continues delving into the intrigue of ZEITGEIST with today's installment into the steampunk adventure path, bringing a narrative close to the 7th module in the series (expect a companion PDF filled to the brim with NPC and monster statistics later this month).
Mythological Figures: Vlad the Impaler (5E)
  • 20
The Mythological Figures column has been hijacked by builds using the material from A Touch More Class for a while now: Sherlock Holmes as a savant, Nikola Tesla as a tinkerer, Billy the Kidd as a gunfighter, Paul Bunyan as a monster tamer alongside Babe the blue ox, Harry Houdini as a fatebender, and Zhang Zhou as a geomancer. Today though we’re switching it up a bit and calling up a class from the original A Touch of Class.
EN5ider #280: Mini-Adventure - The Shuggin's Heist
  • 0
EN5ider has another entry in the mini-adventure series today, a sidequest perfect for the city and guided by a unique enchanted deck of cards that make it something you can play more than once!
Mythological Figures: Zhuang Zhou (5E)
  • 0
The Mythological Figures column / A Touch More Class experiment has thus far seen: Sherlock Holmes (using the savant), Nikola Tesla (built as a tinkerer), Billy the Kidd (the gunfighter), Paul Bunyan (a monster tamer alongside Babe the blue ox), and last week Harry Houdini (fatebender in the house!) The Kickstarter is live right now (go pledge if you haven’t!) so I’m continuing the series, although today we’re going way, way back to the distant past, far from the literary and historical figures we’ve recently looked at.


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