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Mike Myler


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Mike Myler

Mike Myler

Epic Monsters: Slue-Foot Sue
  • 0
Today’s entry in Epic Monsters is another hero of tall tales from Texas: the wife of Pecos Bill and remarkable cowgirl Slue-Foot Sue!
EN5ider #419 - Parasitic Weapons
  • 0
Prepare yourself for a set of magic items unlike any others on EN5ider!
Mythological Figures: Aphra Behn
  • 10
This entry in Mythological Figures is a woman so good at secrets that despite being the first lady to make a living writing in London we don’t know that much about her: Aphra Behn!
EN5ider #418 - Tip of the Tongue: Part One
  • 1
This issue of EN5ider is the beginning of an adventure impossible to forget: a quest to discover and then put a stop to an idea that by itself might bring forth the end of days!
EN5ider #417 - Mini-Adventure: Night in the Library
  • 0
It's getting positively bookish on EN5ider today and we want you to embrace it: spend a Night in the Library!
Epic Monsters: Reynard the Fox
  • 8
This entry in Epic Monsters was so popular that its impact is still present today in a modern language: Reynard the Fox!
Mythological Figures: Sir Guy of Gisborne
  • 2
This entry in Mythological Figures might be the most popular figure of mythology to go about wearing a horse: Sir Guy of Gisborne!
EN5ider #415 - Dangerous Scenarios: Mimic Inn
  • 0
The inn offered up today on EN5ider isn't quite as abandoned as it first seemed!
EN5ider #414 - Roadside Encounters
  • 0
EN5ider wants you to make the journey more interesting and today's article has half a dozen great ways to do it!
Epic Monsters: Goldhorn
  • 6
Epic Monsters is headed for the peaks of Mount Triglav for today’s entry: Goldhorn!
Mythological Figures: Maid Marian
  • 16
Today Mythological Figures features one of the most important characters in the legends of Robin Hood: his paramour Maid Marian!
EN5ider #413 - To Smite A Fiend: Part 4
  • 0
The To Smite A Fiend adventure comes to a close on EN5ider today in a thrilling dungeon dive into the keep of a wizard that has wrangled both celestials and fiends under his control!
Epic Monsters: White Rabbit
  • 8
Oh our fur and whiskers! Epic Monsters is headed to Wonderland once again, today for that perennially late hare known to us all as the White Rabbit!
EN5ider #412 - Diabolical Diseases
  • 3
Pack up your paltry healing spells for another day—they won't help you get rid of the sicknesses in today's EN5ider!
EN5ider #411 - Enchanted Trinkets: Gambler's Toolkit
  • 0
Today's EN5ider is another Enchanted Trinkets article, though if a wager is to be made they could be worth more than the typical minor magical items in the series...
Mythological Figures: Will Scarlet
  • 6
The youngest of the Merry Men is today’s subject in Mythological Figures: Will Scarlet!
Epic Monsters: Sea Witch
  • 18
This entry in Epic Monsters is headed beneath the waves for a tentacled antagonist: the Sea Witch!
EN5ider #410 - Dangerous Scenarios: Kobold Cache
  • 0
Today's issue of EN5ider embraces kobolds and traps with a dungeon crawl—or dash—that won't soon be forgotten!
Mythological Figures: Sheriff of Nottingham
  • 10
The Mythological Figures column has seen many wicked and cruel entries, but few if any have any been as mercilessly villainous as the Sheriff of Nottingham!
EN5ider #409 - Mini-Adventure: A Trade of Bride and Pride
  • 0
What seems like a simple ransom delivery goes awry and in true EN5ider fashion the heroes in this mini-adventure are faced with an unexpected choice when the plot reaches its zenith!

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