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Mike Myler

Mike Myler

The Statistics of Stick Bugs
An essential addition to your menagerie; sugar glider included.
Gaze Into The Void And It Gazes Back
One of Elissar’s most potent spellcasters embraces this truth.
Keep In The Border Kingdoms
A warband is on the march—it's up to you to stop them!
Fire in the Laskian Mountains
As it turns out, the bandit Borok the Burning is very attached to his head.
Worms, Worms, and Worms
Demois the druid's unusual choices have made him into something uniquely villainous.
There Just Aren't Enough Dragons Yet
The 101st monster-focused issue of EN5ider does not disappoint.
Not Your Typical Fiendish Influence
Dozens of people disappearing all at once without a trace—more victims of the Night Lark's curse.
Helping Hands and Helping Hands: A Two-Fisted Approach
Lesser villains that giveth while they taketh away, luring the unwary into a life of crime.
Tarnished Reputations and Deadly Retirement
Even the best adventuring companies run into treachery from time to time.
Adventurers and Arcane Renovations
A routine job turns into a dangerous escape!
9 New NPCs From Conartists to Serial Killers
Bandits!? We don't need no stinking bandits.
Stuck In The Astral Plane and Nowhere To Go
Flying: ✓, Pirates: ✓, Psychic Ship: ✓, Mysterious Island: ✓
Reading and Adventuring Go Hand in Hand
Finally a secure place to put those pesky tomes of dangerous magical knowledge!
Family Feuds and Wizard Hats
One part missing mage, a teaspoon of cave diving, and then liberally spice with spelunking.
Adventurers Should Care When They Die
Resurrection? Not as easy as it looks.
Summer Is Not Done With Us Yet
And neither are the crustaceans.
We Finally Have a 1st Level Adventure with a Vampire
With or without copious amounts of mist, at the GM's discretion.
23 Different Ways Your Fighter Can Cast A Spell
And they'll look fly as hell before they cast it, too.
Thieves Have Gone Too Far in the City of Rogues
What does the Thieves' Guild of Morrigan value so highly that its absence incites panic?
Reward Adventurers That Embrace Multiclassing
A little bard magic and a little paladin magic can go a long way.
Magic, Psionics, Doors—Nothing Is Safe
A trio of new fey-friendly creatures ready to spread mayhem!

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