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Mike Myler


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Mike Myler

Mike Myler

EN5ider #387 - Intriguing Organizations: Vagabond's Kitchen
  • 0
Here's hoping you're hungry today because EN5ider has quite the tasty offering—a traveling master chef with a demand for only the most unique ingredients!
Epic Monsters: Green Knight
  • 3
Don’t lose your head over it, but today Epic Monsters is going after the most verdant member of the Knights of the Round Table: the Green Knight!
EN5ider #386 - Dangerous Scenarios: Tricksy Riddles Three
  • 3
It's classic gaming today on EN5ider with a bridge, a troll, a cyclops, and an exciting battle as the span the monsters protect falls apart beneath everyone's feet!
Mythological Figures: Irene Adler
  • 6
Today in Mythological Figures we’ve got a woman able to hold her own against the World’s Greatest Detective, that opera singing savant known as Irene Adler!
EN5ider #385 - Enchanted Trinkets: Spoils of War
  • 0
Add some depth the next time the party fights raiding monsters by including any of the 11 snazzy enchanted trinkets featured today on EN5ider!
Epic Monsters: Mad Hatter
  • 20
Nothing would be what it is, because everything would be what it isn't. And contrary wise, what is, it wouldn't be. And what it wouldn't be, it would. You see? In other words we’ve a great addition to Epic Monsters today: the Mad Hatter!
EN5ider #384 - To Stake A Vampire: Part 1
  • 0
Winter may be ending for many of us but today on EN5ider a bleak season begins in the idyllic lands of Holdenshire—despondency propagates, strange creatures prey upon townsfolk, and Lord Pemberton suffers from a terrible illness at the start of the classic horror adventure To Stake A Vampire!
Mythological Figures: 'Stagecoach' Mary Fields
  • 16
We’re headed up into the mountains of Montana for today’s Mythological Figure: the pioneering postwoman Mary Fields!
Legendary Adventures: Epic 5E Kickstarter
  • 87
Wish that killer D&D 5E game didn't end at 20th level? Keen on taking up a fight with a god? Looking to sunder worlds? I have a thing for you.
EN5ider #383 - Masterclass Archetypes: Tradecraft
  • 0
Spies make great adventurers and today on EN5ider we've got three new archetypes for our classes that make for excellent savant field agents, tinkerer drone operators, and noble masters of intrigue.
Epic Monsters: Ōphan
  • 25
This dalliance with the realms celestial in the Epic Monsters column is finally getting really weird: check out the ōphan!
EN5ider #382 - Intriguing Organizations: Arcane Investigation Unit
  • 2
In fantasy cities, crimes involving magic or the supernatural can baffle ordinary authorities. The dedicated city watch members who investigate these crimes are members of an elite squad known as the Arcane Investigation Unit. These are their stories…
Epic Monsters: Seraph
  • 9
Not all celestial creatures are pretty faces and today on Epic Monsters we’re cracking into one of the weirder ones: the six-winged seraph!
EN5ider #381 - Deadly Scenarios: Mutant Metal Eater
  • 1
Let the adventurers think they've got the upper hand in a familiar fight—then rip the floor out from under them with the special rust monsters in this Dangerous Scenario from EN5ider!
Epic Monsters: Cherub
  • 33
With the Four Horsemen behind us it’s time for Epic Monsters to wade into the realms celestial and we’re starting with the one you might think of as a baby: the four-headed cherub!
EN5ider #380 - Enchanted Trinkets: Magic in the Stacks
  • 0
This Enchanted Trinkets issue of EN5ider is perfect for mages of all kinds! Make the most out of the study of magic with these 11 superlative magic items tailored for the pursuit of the arcane.
Mythological Figures: Fairest Queen
  • 10
It’s another Grimm Mythological Figures post today as we consider the stepmother of the iconic heroine Snow White, that wicked woman with the truth-telling mirror: the Fairest Queen!
EN5ider #379 - Villain Spotlight: The Tooth Man
  • 0
The end of the month looms and EN5ider has an article appropriate for following up on last issue's Striking Magic: a friendly dentist! Really! Nothing sinister going on here. Nope.
Epic Monsters: Mórrígan
  • 10
Once more Epic Monsters delves into Irish legends and folklore, this time to tackle the shapechanging goddess of war: Mórrígan!
ZEITGEIST #13: Avatar of Revolution
  • 11
It's been over a million words and dozens of modules but here we are: the D&D 5E conversion for the ZEITGEIST Adventure Path has reached its end!

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