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Mike Myler



Mike Myler
EN5ider #352 - Nature Magic: Ecomancy
  • 0
Are you tired of having to play a hippie cleric or druid in order to embrace nature with your spellcaster? Be refreshed by today's EN5ider as we break new ground into the Ecomancy school of magic with a new wizard archetype and a suite of 8 spells you didn't know you needed until now!
Mythological Figures: Cathay Williams
  • 4
Break out the bugle and battle standard because today in Mythological Figures we’re going a century and a half back to post-Civil War America, exploring the history of an incredibly brave woman named Cathay Williams.
EN5ider #351 - Enchanted Trinkets: Scraps of Knowledge
  • 0
EN5ider's 351st article brings us a set of 10 unique academic items! As enchanted trinkets these are fun and low impact magic items that can be destroyed for a more potent effect, but unlike the others a few have a more insidious and subtle cost...
Epic Monsters: Bunyip
  • 8
Oi Epic Monsters is headed back down under to take a gander at a mythological creature from the Outback, a mysterious beast of which little is definitively known: the bunyip!
EN5ider #350 - Mini-Adventure: The Devil's Maze
  • 2
Today we've got EN5ider's 350th article! We are incredibly grateful to have so many Patrons and thank everyone who has been, is, or might become one. We figured that an awesome planar-hopping fiendish dungeon labyrinth was in order to ring in this milestone so check it out!
Mythological Figures: Melankomas
  • 4
Today in Mythological Figures we’re looking at a supposed winner of the ancient Olympiad who’s said to have truly floated like a butterfly, so evasive that nobody could even hit him: Melankomas!
EN5ider #349 - Monstrous Menagerie: Damned Sovereigns
  • 1
Today EN5ider looks upon the unending ruination visited to three sovereigns from the ancient past, each cursed by circumstance or their fallen empires to walk the world long after watching their homelands fall to the sands of time.
Epic Monsters: Rusalka
  • 9
While out for a walk and reminiscing about your favorite Epic Monsters you spot something awry in the deep creek near your house. Is that a person caught beneath the current? It is! It’s a woman—and she’s beautiful, and beckoning to you to join her, and without thinking you march to your watery grave becoming yet another victim of the vengeful rusalka!
EN5ider #348 - Enchanted Trinkets: A Noblewoman's Essentials
  • 2
Perhaps this issue of EN5ider is not for you—it's for the finest of adventurers with the most refined tastes, champions that regularly rub elbows with kings and queens. Should you aspire to such lofty heights however, maybe you have scraped enough coin to peruse it. If so we assure you that you will be overwhelmingly pleased with the truly couth item you choose!
Mythological Figures: King Shaka
  • 85
We’re finally getting more subjects from the world's second-largest and second-most populous continent here in the Mythological Figures column, putting together statistics for one of history’s most famous Africans: King Shaka!
EN5ider #347 - ZEITGEIST #11: Gorged on Ruins (Part 3)
  • 0
Going with maximum bluntness for today's EN5ider issue: this is a high level bestiary with 39 monsters and NPCs in it. There are other things too like handouts, diseases, some new items, but really it's a whole whomping truckload of nearly two score middle to high CR baddies. Plus a catastrophe dragon!
Epic Monsters: Leannán Sídhe
  • 8
Today’s entry in Epic Monsters could be my favorite yet, and not because I am quietly afraid my wife might be among them. Indeed these muses of Irish folklore are beautiful and enchanting, offering inspiration to those who accept and return their affections—only to ultimately drag them down into madness and death. Prepare yourselves for the leannán sídhe!
EN5ider #346 - Spells for Punching
  • 7
Today EN5ider wants you to reach out and touch someone—with a bit of magic that knocks them on their ass!
Mythological Figures: Dr. Moreau
  • 13
Mythological Figures is going mad today, mad I tell you! On this lonely island the beasts walk like men—or something more, something in between humans and animals. Today we take a trip to the island of Dr. Moreau!
EN5ider #345 - Mini-Adventure: The Pallid Piper
  • 0
EN5ider's highly anticipated sequel to the amazing Fungal Bums mini-adventure is here—read onward for an infectionadventure you'll never forget!
Epic Monsters: Cheshire Cat
  • 25
We all know the grin of today’s entry in Epic Monsters, but there is much about this mysterious creature that will surprise you—like how its first appearance was not in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Are you intrigued? Good because I think it’d like that. Click onward for the Cheshire Cat!
EN5ider #344 - Changes of Zhou
  • 0
Divination magic: one of the most essential but uninspiring aspects of the game. This issue of EN5ider means to buck that trend however, embracing a form of fortune telling that's been in practice here on Earth for more than 3 millennia.
Mythological Figures: John "Jack" Broughton
  • 16
I’m right chuffed with today’s entry in Mythological Figures and I reckon if you take a gander you’ll be too. I swear I’m not taking the piss so apologies if I've mucked up the lingo, but it seemed proper for a bloke like John “Jack” Broughton!
EN5ider #343 - Spells: Herculean Incantations
  • 0
Today EN5ider is doing a bit of flexing with a slew of 15 new spells for divine and arcane characters that want to be mighty. A must read for muscle wizards!
Epic Monsters: Grootslang
  • 4
Epic Monsters is getting weird with a legend from South Africa, a serpent as massive as it is devious: the Grootslang!

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