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Mike Myler


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Mike Myler

Mike Myler

EN5ider #404 - Villain Spotlight: Illusive Fool
  • 0
This issue of EN5ider might seem like more clowning around—which is all part of the act and what makes this illusionist so dangerous!
Mythological Figures: Friar Tuck
  • 10
Here’s hoping you're ready for a jolly entry in Mythological Figures—and that you brought your own drinking flask. It’s that big witty lumbering drunkard and expelled member of the church: Friar Tuck!
EN5ider #403 - To Smite A Fiend: Part Two
  • 0
The adventures in Holdenshire continue on EN5ider today with the second installment of To Smite A Fiend!
Epic Monsters: Catoblepas
  • 15
Today’s entry in Epic Monsters has a bit of history with it, and some of the OSR gamers in the crowd may already know about the confusing relationship that D&D has with the catoblepas!
EN5ider #402 - Intriguing Organizations: Mephit Network
  • 3
EN5ider wants your metropolis to be as engaging and magical as possible so today we've got some mephits to add to the urban sprawl!
Epic Monsters: Subus
  • 9
This entry in Epic Monsters is a real deep cut, a monster that only the most serious scribes of esoteric real world lore will even have a notion of: the rarely written about subus!
EN5ider #401 - Enchanted Trinkets: Found in the Sands
  • 0
Has the blazing summer sun got you down? EN5ider has a plan to beat the heat: desert-themed enchanted trinkets!
Mythological Figures: Alan-a-Dale
  • 15
Today Mythological Figures doth bring you a tale, a story about a minstrel that’s tread many a vale, the singer of Robin and courage availed: the merry man and musician Alan-a-Dale!
EN5ider #400: On Second Thought Nevermind, It's Very Silly (Free PDF!)
  • 5
Today marks a special occasion on EN5ider—our 400th article! We are thrilled to reach this milestone and thank all of our patrons for helping make it possible!
EN5ider #399 - Three Puzzles of the Feywild
  • 2
Today's issue of EN5ider features a trio of puzzles with riddles and obstacles to test your party's skill with wordplay and logic!
Epic Monsters: Thoth
  • 6
Though he’s got a bird head this entry in Epic Monsters is decidedly more bookish than he is monstrous: the ancient Egyptian god Thoth!
EN5ider #398 - Mini-Adventure: Mr. Kite's Flying Circus
  • 0
EN5ider is taking you to the circus today complete with sweet iced treats, clowns soaring about the audience, trapeze artists flitting about between platforms suspended in mid-air, and a few dozen elementals working hard to make these wonders possible—toiling against their will.
Mythological Figures: Guinevere
  • 2
We’re getting royal again on Mythological Figures and going back to one of England’s most famous and written about queens, the love of Lancelot and wife of King Arthur: Lady Guinevere!
EN5ider #397 - To Smite A Fiend: Part One
  • 0
A brand new adventure debuts on EN5ider today as we return to Holdenshire for the final installment of the To Save A Kingdom Adventure Path!
EN5ider #396 - Dangerous Scenarios: Wyvern's Apprentice
  • 0
Today on EN5ider we are getting down in the desert with a surprising pack of kobold raiders that fight alongside a very unusual ally!
Epic Monsters: Triton
  • 5
This time Epic Monsters is going after the original merman, a lesser deity amongst the olympic pantheon known for playing the conch: Triton!
EN5ider #395 - Tabi's Automata
  • 0
Companions can die unexpectedly and sometimes you need more than muscle or wit to best the trials of adventuring—next time you run into such a task, EN5ider suggests you rent out some mechanical help!
Mythological Figures: Florence Nightingale
  • 11
We’re looking after you today on Mythological Figures with a woman who is indelibly woven throughout the practice of modern nursing: the Lady with the Lamp, Florence Nightingale!
EN5ider #394 - Spells: Witch's Grimoire
  • 0
Today's issue of EN5ider is all about a bit of wickedness with 10 new spells designed with witches in mind!
Epic Monsters: Pecos Bill
  • 5
We’re off again to the American Wild West, taking on a legend as big as big can get. Epic Monsters is proud to deliver to you the twister-riding river-making storm-lassoing fakelore hero known to mortals as Pecos Bill!

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