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Mike Myler



Mike Myler

Mike Myler

EN5ider #373 - Intriguing Organizations: The Powder Gang
  • 0
The cry of a wyvern prowling the desert skies and the snap of gunpowder from a distant dune are all the warnings you'll get from EN5ider's offering today before it's too late—by then the Powder Gang already has you where they want you!
Epic Monsters: Four Horsemen - Famine
  • 4
With the lands already suffering from Strife and War it was only a matter of time before Epic Monsters made it to the terrible consequences of such violence: Famine!
EN5ider #371 - Fungus Among Us
  • 3
There's a parasite coming to EN5ider today—an exploration of what might become of one of the real world's most disturbing fungi in realms of medieval fantasy!
Epic Monsters: Four Horsemen - War
  • 13
It’s not last call today on Epic Monsters but we are doing the Last Judgment. Grab your sword and board, strap on your armor, and get ready for some ultra violence: it’s time for War!
EN5ider #370 - Enchanted Trinkets: Exposed True Names
  • 0
This Enchanted Trinkets article on EN5ider today is unique even for this series: true names as magic items. Granted a hell of a lot people know these true names, but hey you buy a piece of a fiend for just 70 gold and you get what you get...
Epic Monsters: Four Horsemen - Strife
  • 13
Once more Epic Monsters is headed for the end times—not of the column, thank heavens, just the world. Without further ado let’s get into it with the first of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse: Strife!
EN5ider #369 - Dangerous Scenarios: Fool's Gold
  • 1
We stand upon the precipice of a new year and with that in mind EN5ider is forging ahead with a new type of article you'll see more of in 2021: Dangerous Scenarios!
Mythological Figures: Sadie Farrell
  • 7
Today’s Mythological Figures post is a myth from just last century in the Big Apple, a lass so fierce and tenacious (and so well known for headbutting people) that they called her the Goat: Sadie Farrell!
EN5ider #368 - Spells: Archmagic
  • 3
Today EN5ider has new upcasting options for 19 of 5E's most common spells. No longer will your sorcerer or wizard snooze on alarm or give up on ever casting web again!
Epic Monsters: Xiezhi
  • 9
This time in Epic Monsters we're going after the truth-telling lion, goat, or cattle seen in various parts of Asian mythology: the xiezhi!
EN5ider #366 - Mini-Adventure: Hero's Kingdom Come
  • 0
Trust us—the unique artifact in today's issue of EN5ider is something you WANT to give to 3rd level adventurers.
Mythological Figures: Elizabeth I
  • 7
Mythological Figures is tackling a historical figure that had the ninth longest reign over England, a polyglot whose rise to power was positively filled with intrigue, subterfuge, and uncertainty: Elizabeth I!
EN5ider #365 - Enchanted Trinkets: Highborn Luxuries
  • 0
Today on EN5ider we present to you a collection of 8 enchanted trinkets designed exclusively for the most demanding and particular members of high society.
Epic Monsters: Krampus
  • 17
It’s a rare holiday post in Epic Monsters to satisfy readers both naughty and nice with a character that’s been requested many times but not yet explored here: Krampus!
Mythological Figures: Moctezuma II
  • 8
Today’s subject in Mythological Figures pushed the borders of the Aztec Empire to their furthest reaches before its precipitous fall: Moctezuma II!
EN5ider #364 - Grandmother Grimm's Fairy Tale Emporium
  • 0
Bring a bit of our world's folklore into your game with today's EN5ider article all about magic items from Grimm's Fairy Tales!
Epic Monsters: Púca
  • 7
It’s time to get Celtic with Epic Monsters as we unpack that mischievous shapeshifting November-harvest-fairy-blasting prankster of northwestern Europe known as the púca!
EN5ider #363 - Multiclass Feats: Masterclass Edition
  • 3
EN5ider is roaring into the middle of November with a massive supplement of creatures for the end of the penultimate ZEITGEIST adventure and more than a dozen feats to maximize your multiclassing using the Masterclass Codex!
Mythological Figures: Cú Chulainn
  • 8
Prepare yourself for an epic post in Mythological Figures today because we’re going after an epic guy with a story as gripping and intriguing as any character posted yet: Cú Chulainn!
EN5ider #361 - Mini-Adventure: Sword Village
  • 0
Today EN5ider is asking that eternal question: what about that gigantic 300-foot tall sword in the middle of your village?



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