D&D 5E EN5ider #467 - Against Archetypes

Today EN5ider breaks the mold on three classes with a trio of archetypes that turn the bard, druid, and monk classes on their heads!

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⚔️ Free Articles including a complete adventure, a sidequest adventure, a very silly and maybe familiar adventure, and the smart-fighting savant character class!
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Lately on EN5ider:
  • 467. Against Archetypes. It's time to play an adventurer that reaches beyond the scope of the bolstering bard, leaf loving druid, and disciplined monk—contained herein are archetypes perfect for such a foray! The College of Misery teaches how to heckle foes and allies alike. Similarly unlike their peers, druids in the Circle of Corruption embrace the powers of aberrations, monstrosities, and oozes as they spread pestilence across the land. So too are irreverent monks different, their martial gifts a thing more akin to sorcery and as unique as their connection to life itself! Disruptively designed by Rachel Williamson, illustrated by Fabian Parente.
  • 466. Monstrous Menagerie: Villains Three. What makes a villain? In the case of this deranged giant, ambitious crimelord, and murderous warlord it is a specific item that personifies their wickedness. This article includes the giant puppetmaster (CR 10) and puppetmaster's crossbar, gnome steamlord (CR 13) and gnomepower armor, and lunar warlord (CR 16) and Moonmask. Daringly designed by Mike Myler, illustrated by Erik Davis Heim.
  • 465. Villain Spotlight: Toron the Blue Demon. Ambition and strength are the two greatest attributes of this warrior and he has both in spades. After years of turmoil waiting in his father's shadow Toron murderously stepped to the fore and he hasn't looked back since, leading his forces from the front and earning the moniker of the Blue Demon for the blood he sheds every time he walks the field of battle. Dangerously designed by Tyler Lee, illustrated by Julio Rocha.
  • 464. Adventure: Book of Endless Life. Finding the Book of Endless Life doesn't get the party very far—it needs to be opened, a task that is not so simple as undoing a clasp. To access this powerful enchanted tome the adventurers must seek out an expert on the Library of Wholeness (such as the sage Loremaster Dalwyn), find runestones to help finish crafting the ivy key needed to unlock the book, best the dwarven spirits roaming Karridan-Bakkal (alongside monsters aplenty), and hunt down a fell leech for the components to complete the opening ritual. Within the dungeon there waits another enemy however, a necromancer with a corrupted Tome of Decay eager to take their treasure for himself! This adventure for 4–5 PCs of 10th level was discerningly designed and mapped by Marc Kenobi, featuring illustrations by Herman Lau and Sade.
  • 463. Monstrous Menagerie: Reforged. Powerful magic can merge flesh and metal into one, remaking both into something altogether greater. The reforged are perfect examples of what this synthesis can achieve, their muscles enhanced by arcana and steel. This article includes 6 kinds of reforged: mentalist (CR 6), soldier (CR 1/2), sniper (CR 6), striker (CR 2), warden (CR 7), and zapper (CR 3). Dually designed by Levi Thompson, illustrated by Deanna Roberds.

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Mike Myler

Mike Myler

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