(ENN) Confrontation: Resurrection returns to Battle!

Confrontation : Ragnarok was a miniatures game from French publishers Rackham. The game had some absolutely stunning miniatures and the world of Cadwallon spawned not only the miniatures game but card games, board games and a tabletop Roleplaying Game. Sadly the game disappeared a few years ago when Rackham went out of business. But now French publisher Sans-Detour is rekindling the flames of battle with Confrontation: Resurrection!

Confrontation, is both a rule system and a range of splendid miniatures. Created by Rackham in 1996, it stages the fight between numerous factions in the medfan universe of Aarklash until the Final Battle, the ultimate combat of all races : the Ragnarok.

Rackham produced the game for almost 15 years, then stopped in 2010. During all those years, thousands of miniatures were designed, sculpted, and produced for the great pleasure of many players around the world. Therefore, this tragic episode shouldn’t be the end of their favorite game : the Confrontation gaming community is still playing nowadays, organizing tournaments, publishing magazines, animating websites and facebook pages.

And since that time, many artworks are still waiting to give birth to new, unproduced creatures...


Confrontation: Resurrection takes place after the ultimate battle. Factions are mutilated, disorganized. They roam Aarklash, seeking revenge and eager for conquest. The armies of Light, Darkness and Destiny are healing their wounds and get prepared for new battles. Griffon, Ram, Boar, Immobilis, Sphinx, etc. Which banner will be able to gather its forces and crush its foes?

A skirmish game and board game have been announced so far. I’m really hoping we’ll see a Roleplaying Game added to the list of products, so we can further explore the world of Cadwallon, but nothing has been announced so far.

More information will be announced on the Confrontation : Resurrection Facebook Page.

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Its going to be interesting because some of the confrontation aesthetic can now be found in Wrath of Kings. My understanding was that some of the design talent from Rackham moved over there.


Wow. Loved the world, but the setting detail was very scattered. Love the idea of the Cadwallon RPG, but it was more like a beta test than a finale rule set.

If they can fix those two things and make the RPG side of things a bit more expansive (i.e. not solely focused on the one city), then I'm all in. I still have the Cadwallon RPG and Secrets Vol 1, and there's a lot of cool stuff in there, even if the execution wasn't stellar.

And the artwork! Dear lord, the artwork was amazing.

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