Ennead Games 2020 Mega Bundle - 2 Weeks left


Ennead Games 2020 Mega Bundle - 2 Weeks left

Normally, the bundle would cost $578.36 if purchased individually.

But for the remainder of January (and a couple of days in February) you can get it for...


Yup, you read that right, $36.00 for a LOT of PDFs, over 300 - Practically everything on sale from Ennead Games at DrivethruRPG right now: Free/PWYW titles are not included.

Thats a saving of over $500.

The best bit is, if you already have any items in the bundle, the cost will be reduced by an amount.
EG. If something in the bundle has a bundle "price" of $.50, then you get that off the overall price.

This mega bundle is only on sale till the start of February. To clarify on this:

At the end of the time period, 9am GMT/London Time on February the 3rd 2020, the collection WILL be going back up to its normal price!

$578 worth of PDFs for only $36.00 until February in the Ennead Games 2020 Mega Bundle

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