Sale Ennead Games Mega Bundle (400+ PDFs for $39.99) - Week 2


Just over a week ago on the 15th of January I put on sale a Mega Bundle (Mega Bundle 2022 [BUNDLE] - Ennead Games | Bundles | that has over 400 pdfs in it for $39.99.

Rather than re-send that notice again, this time I thought that should highlight some of the titles you could get in the bundle. Thes below are some of the best sellers.

  • Empire Builder Kit - History Generator (Platinum Rated)
  • Star System and Planet Maker (Gold rated)
  • Starship Maker (Electrum Rated)
  • Creature Description Generator Volume 10 - Mutations (Electrum Rated)
There are many more included and I encourage you to look at the page to see them.

The bundle will end and be removed from sale at 9 am GMT/London time on February 15th 2022.

Lastly, don't forget, if you have anything that is in the bundle already, then the price gets discounted even further by a small amount.

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