Enworld World Guide (Work in Progress)

Political and Military Organizations I

The Staff-Spear Tribe of Orcs
In the Northern Mountains live a semi-nomadic band of orcs lead by the half orc wizard Modar Kreel. He is married to the human Annalyn, another wizard, and daughter of Harnfal Interirion, a powerful human wizard who lives in the North. Modar Kreel and Annalyn are Chaotic Good, and most of the orcs in their tribe are chaotic neutral. They would fight to preserve their natural resources or to defend their own. They might be interested in expanding their territory or acquiring gold and magic.

Known operatives. Modar Kreel (half-orc wizard 8), Annalyn (human wizard 7), Morn (dumb but good hearted orc servant). Durg (half orc Monk who asked to be Annalyn's champion. Currently adventuring, but could be called into service.)

: The Old Fashioned Way

Created by: Kahuna Burger/Manzanita

Status: Public
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Criminal Organizations I

The Conclave:
The conclave is associated with old tales of organized crime. It's an intimidating name, but most people don't think it much of a real power, more of a myth. Much like modern people might think of 'The Mob', but even more distant in time. Few know the details of its operations, but it is known to engage in extortion, assassination, and smuggling.

Several adventurers have tangled with the Conclave and lived to tell the tale, although it is said they themselves are now targets for revenge.

Appearances: LPNN

Known operatives: Tryggvi male human Rogue2/ftr2 when last encountered.

Notes: The following characters have earned the emnity of the Conclave: Almayce, Juliana, Ogrin Brutalfist, Rasereit Vundinn, and Zaeryl.

Created byTwo. Expanded (slightly) by Manzanita

Status Completely public. Any DM can do whatever they like with this organization

The Monemvassia Thieves Guild
The MTG is quite powerful in Monemvassia, and its tenticals extend into other cities as well, as it is highly involved in trade. It is said to be able to smuggle anything to anywhere. It normally operates only for profit, frowning on political power grabs or personal vendettas. Recently it has been under assault by unknown assailants, who have attempted to undermine its power, and set it against the royal family.

Appearances: M1 & M2 (so far!)

Known Operatives Merchant Kim Tensil (human male rogue 8). Bodyguard Grod (ogre figther 1). Warehouse manager Botha. Represented by Lawyer Captain Benjamin

Created by: Manzanita

Status: Semi-public. DMs can integrate the MTG into adventures, but shouldn't identify the leaders or usurp its ideology
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