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[Epic] Help me build a Necro...


Epic Commoner
Wizard 20 (specialized Necro)/ 20 Cleric/ 5 Archmage/ 5 Heirophant / the rest Arcane Lord from the dragon magazine. True Necromancer may work here as well.

With the Heirophant level you will only be a 55 levels of spellcasting level but if you take it all in divine reach those harms and inflict spells will have a 25 ft ranged attack spell.

Feats, Spellcasting prodigy, Spell focus (all of them you can) Greater spell focus (necro) Extra turning, Spell penatration, greater spell penatration, Spell Girding (tome and blood feat) A few meta magic feats

And if you are doing epic spells, Epic spell casting, Epic Skill focus spellcraft and concentration. Also I would take 3 feats in Epic Quicken spell 1-9th level spells all cast as quickened spells.

With 60 levels you got a lot to play with. This is my idea.

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green slime

First Post
Don't have Arcane Lord, I'm afraid... :-(

Dragon magaziness are about as rare as hen's teeth in this dried up section of the planet.

The surprising thing is, you don't get too many feats. The requirements for Archmage are too steep. In order to qualify, it consumes 3 of your non-epic feats. As you aren't getting Epic Classes in Wizard, Cleric, or another PrC, you are loosing Epic Level feats.

Thats why you need to stick with one PrC or Class for as long as possible, in order to squeeze the most feat "bang" out of your levels.

I'll post my proposed Feat progression when I get home.


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My opinion would actually be to ditch Hierophant all together.

A wizard 5/cleric 5/True Necromancer 50 would be an awe-inspiring sight indeed.

Your Major Desecration ability would extend 600 feet! An epic progression would probably look something like:

1st: Bonus Feat
4th: Bonus Feat
7th: Bonus Feat
10th: Energy Drain (Once More/Day), Bonus Feat

Since the class only has one standard, repeating ability (the Energy Drain) the progression for bonus feats should be pretty high.

Even more interesting would be some of the ultra-high level metamagic spells or Epic Spells (in this case, both) that the Necromancer would have access to.

One that I liked from a recent update to the Wizards Homepage:

Horrible Army of the Dead
Necromancy [Death, Evil]
Spellcraft DC: 112
Components: V, S
Casting Time: 1 full round
Range: 300 ft.
Area: 300-ft. radius
Target: One or more living creatures
Duration: Instantaneous
Saving Throw: Fortitude negates
Spell Resistance: Yes

To Develop: 1,008,000 gp; 21days; 40,320 XP. Seeds: animate dead (DC 23), slay (DC 25). Factors: reduce casting time by 9 rounds (+18 DC), create additional 60 HD of undead (+60 DC), create skeletons (-12 DC). Mitigating factor: burn 1,000 XP (-10 DC).

All living creatures within the area (to a maximum of 80 HD, no creature with more than 10 HD is affected) wither and die, their flesh falling to dust in seconds. The next round, these creatures rise as skeletons. You can naturally control 1 HD of undead per caster level; any undead beyond this number are uncontrolled (but since you're probably creating them out of the middle of your enemy's army, they'll cause plenty of chaos on their own).

XP Cost: 1,000 XP.


Also, someone with that much time and money could probably create (or find, if you classify it as an artifact) an item that lets them control some multiple of their caster-level in undead...

Just a few thoughts.


First Post

level 20 mage/specialist necromancer
level 18 priest
level 10 true necromancer
level 9 Eletum Aemidun
I would make him an Eletum from the mythic races book

f-scribe scroll
1- spellcasting protogee
3 - spell focus necromancy
5- bonus mage feat-undead legion
6- desicrated animation
9- craft wonderous item
10- bonus mage feat-greater undead legion
12- greater spell focus necromancy
15- improved animation
15- bonus mage feat-improved iniatiave
18- chain spell
20- bonus mage feat- energy substitution

21- extra turning
24- energy admixture
27- turn resistance
30- turn resistance
33- turn resistance
36- Augment summoning

true necromancer
39- spell penetration
42- repeat spell
45- persistant spell
48- sanctum spell

51- twin spell
54- weapon focus rays
57- spell specialization - rays
60- greater spell penetration

of course I don't have the epic level handbook or I would substitute some of these for what are no doubt more sutible necro feats.

Make sure he has the whole "horde" he can control (130 levels of undead) as well as the non inteligent undead that will ignore him.
I recomend converting the 2e spell bone knit for the Regenerating skeletons. even 2-3 hd skeletons can be a nusence in a defiled area when they regen. at the very least the will use up resources or slow the party down if there are enough of them.

I don't envy your pc's it's gonna get ugly.


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Green Slime!!!!!!!!!!

Det var ju inte igar.

Hur gar det i Sverige? Hur gar din vikingkvinna?

Jag har skiljat mig fran min och flyttat tillbaks till landet Down Under, men jag tanka atervanda for att klara med uni.

Du far val hora av dig. Skippy.

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