EPIC5-3 Shadow Storm (Free L29 Adventure)


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EPIC5-3 Shadow Storm is available for download on livingforgottenrealms.com!

It is highly suggested that players experience EPIC5-2 (and the rest of the series!) before playing this adventure.

EPIC5-3 Shadow Storm by Lori Anderson, John DuBois, Keith Richmond
Thwarted time and again, Shar is finally forced to answer for her attempts to plunge creation into eternal night. But the dark goddess is not so easily defeated, even by Faerûn’s greatest heroes. Traps and treachery abound, and every move seems to lead closer to apocalypse. A three-round continuous-play Living Forgotten Realms Epic Campaign adventure for 29th-level characters.

This adventure is a direct sequel to EPIC5-2 Dragons Dark and should be played before EPIC6-1 Confrontation in Shadow if possible. We recommend that you allow 12-15 hours of game time to complete this adventure.

This adventure also has some puzzle/minigames, which are a more sizable separate download.
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This is the ninth in a series of free adventures:
EPIC3-1 The Glorious Hunt
EPIC3-2 Cracks in the Crimson Cage
EPIC3-3 Tangled Skein of Destiny
EPIC4-1 Shooting the Moon
EPIC4-2 Age of Ruin
EPIC4-3 Dark Hearts of Madness
EPIC5-1 Plaguewrought Prism
EPIC5-2 Dragons Dark

As always, I'm happy to answer any questions anyone might have about the adventure. I encourage folks to use it even outside of LFR as a mine for ideas, encounters, stat blocks, or whatever. We do a lot of new and interesting things in every epic and it's a free download, so pillage away and have some fun.

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I think it'd be safe to drop the immunity to charm off of Shar's avatars, fwiw. The end can also be really dangerous for some groups; it might be reasonable to move the maelstrom damage to the end of the round or space out the arrival of the avatars. For clarity, the avatars are out on the map before they act, so PCs with good initiative can attempt to make Nightsinger less of a threat.

Though, it's level 29 and they've got gods who can resurrect them, so I think it's fine to risk a recoverable TPK at that point. Just adds urgency to the next quest :) Just be aware of your group's capabilities. I like a dash of scary at the end of an adventure.

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