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Hi everyone! Pretty excited to post here, a forum I’ve lurked in for years - but now as a designer.

I'm Nicola Santagostino, an italian creative recently involved in the CHEW: The Roleplaying Game Kickstarter. On April 1st, we have launched on Kickstarter our Epigoni RPG game.

Epigoni is a urban fantasy game MythPop, in which you play the unworthy scions of Deities, Legends and Incarnations of ideas: common people, hanging in the balance between day-to-day life. They have seen through the Veil of Maya, and discovered a new dimension filled with the plots of these Entities.

Unlike them, Epigoni are not bound to their role in the story: so Fate tempts them into conforming to their pre-written plot, offering power in exchange. And if you willingly indulge too much in this, you'll end up a Stereotype.

Link to the Kickstarter (already funded): EPIGONI: a Mythpop RPG


Inspired by the works of Neil Gaiman (Sandman, American Gods, Anansi's Boys, Books of Magic, Neverwhere ... the list is long!), Alan Moore, China Mieville, Rick Riordan, with a bit of grotesque and over-the-top action, a la John Woo or Quentin Tarantino. We call it "Mythpop".

Game-design and tone inspirations come from the World of Darkness (Mage and Changeling most prominently), City of Mist, Scion, and from a game-design point of view Fate, Powered by the Apocalipse and Forged in the Dark games.


Epigoni is an action RPG based on our own Copperhead System.

Cooperhead is a prose descriptive quality game that took inspiration from the experience of rpg System like Pbta or Forged in the Dark, but more action oriented with a lot of personalizzazione for players and GM.

When a Challenge comes up, players describe how they’ll act by using the Keywords that define their characters and try to make things as easy as possible.
Dice rolls in the CopperHead System only require the use of D8 and Players only roll when the outcome of an action is uncertain. The result of the roll determines the resolution of the action: will it succed or will it fail? And what negative Consequences will it entail?

We have released the Copperhead system as a Creative Commons, and we already have some other projects in development, from two OSR-adjacent games (one, more ironic, focused on the life and evolution of Goblins, and another one inspired by the Gothich and apocaliptics atmospheres of Mordheim) to a crime-noir game: you'll find the SRD here --> https://drive.google.com/drive/u/3/folders/1HzG5s_TK0zbPlJ6_E85fyDcqZ1zxW7R5

Quickstart is free, it has over 90 pages of content, a set of pre-gens and a sample setting: you can get it here: https://drive.google.com/drive/u/1/folders/1a3O6SbEJFRdG_8_D6gjT9FEeevYCKApI

Here's an except of the Quickstart detailing two key concepts of the game - the GodNet Database and the Bank of Favors - with a stunning Anansi interpretation.


And finally, some art previews! Thank to our Art Director Alessia Sagnotti, we really have an amazing set of arts.

Myth Entities live in pocket realms inside and outside reality at the same time - the Everwithers: non-places where Stories
unfold, clash, meet and mingle to finally express their full potential. Folds of realities, lands halfway between our world and Hyperuranion.

The Station is one of the most famous Everwithers, one we have seen in countless stories, and that can be the gateway to reach other Everwithers and mingle with other stories.


Myth Entities strive to remain relevant in the modern world, manifesting differently through the Ages and trying not to be surpassed by rival Stories: here's one of them - Horus.


Two Epigoni drawing on the myth of King Arthur - seekers of justice in the corrupted City, let me introduce you the Sons of Camelot.


We also have some short tales and articles detailing the tone of the setting, you can find them here: https://epigonigdr.it/index.php/tales-from-epigoni/

Through the Kickstarter, we will offer two A5, 240 ppgs. books, the Epigoni corebook and the Visioni setting book, which will offer various settings that can also be tailored to different play styles, from the historical to the ironic to horror to heroic.

We will also realize a pdf-only product, the GodNet Database, with various Myth Entities, Everwithers, magical objects and creatures.

We will be published by NessunDove, that some of you might know from the amazing Crescendo Giocoso chamber LARP Kickstarter. Distribution will be handled by Dreamlord, the italian publisher of FATE.

The project is funded, and it has already unlocked a Stretch Goal, by none the less than Matthew Dawkins, WW and OPP author: he will write a noir mythpop story, set in the fashion scene of Turin.


We also have an AMAZING Limited Cover edition by Mirko Failoni, one of the most appreciated RPG italian artists: he has designed the HISTORIA 5e setting, anf also worked on The One Ring, Vampire 5e and Pathfinder.


I hope some of you might be interested to this project: I've been working on it for the last 5 years, and finally it's coming to reality!

Feel free to ask ... well, really everyting about the project!

Link to the Kickstarter (already funded): EPIGONI: a Mythpop RPG

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