Errata print-n-cut sheets


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It's the tables that are the real killer. I just finished the PHB 185 table, here's the revised version. I've got a sleeping 10 week old in my arms at the moment, I'll finish the PHB changes off tomorrow morning and get them posted. :)


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I found these extremely useful. I used A4 size labels and just printed 2 on each. Of course it is bit wasteful, but no way I can get 4x6 inch labels here in Europe.

I'm eagerly waiting if you're planning to do the newest Monster Manual update too.

One thing you might want to consider changing is the red background on the "Whispers of the Fey" to black, as it is daily power, not an encounter one.


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Dude, Relbanan, you are the (wo)man! Trying to be gender neutral ^_^

I finally found the removable labels...they were in a wonky place...and managed to get my PH all updated. Props, yo...props.

Keep up the good work!



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I just wanted to take a moment to say THANK YOU SO MUCH!

I was doing this by hand when I stumbled upon this thread. You have saved me an amazing amount of time, and yours look so much better than mine!

Thanks again! I'm really grateful!


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Those will be too small. You need to buy 4" x 6". I was unable to get them online, but in the Staples store, they'll be in the label section (aisle 2) hanging on a peg (next to the main supply of labels). They're not 8.5" x 11" sheets, but just 4x6 individual labels in a plastic package. The item number he gave above is still accurate.

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