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Essential skills?

Bold or Stupid

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How many skills will each essential class get? The Wizard and Cleric both have lists of class skills but I see no listing of the number of skills they each get.

So on with rampant speculation, do they just get them all (On noes brokin!) or will there be a set number that is common across all classes?

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My rampant speculation is that there is a common number, but that a few class (like rogue) will get a bonus skill or two.

Which is pretty much the current situation. In PHB1 1 class gets 3 skills, one gets 5, one gets 6 and the other 5 get 4. So really if they cut the rogue back by one and increased the fighter by one then we have pretty much 4 skills for each class with 2 classes getting one bonus skill. Heck they could easily cut ranger back to 4 as well. Rogue really only needs 5 because they pretty well have to have Stealth, Thievery, and Athletics just to be able to function and having less than 2 optional choices bites.


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Well, rogues have 5 because like bards their legacy is as skill monkeys.

The set number of skills with some classes having bonus ones would be just like hybrids, so it seems quite possible.

I would like to see rogues that don't require training in Thievery.

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