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Established D&D group in the Palouse area of Pullman, WA/Moscow, ID is LFP

Mean Eyed Cat

Games are TBD - depending on people's schedule but preferably on the weekends. We are a long time D&D/RPG Group that has had 15+ years gaming on the Palouse and we are looking for players and possibly DMs to join our group. These would be face-to-face games only and the preferred location would be in Pullman, WA. Our preferences for play would primarily by 5th Edition D&D, although we would also be willing to play other RPGs and/or board games. Play style is casual - new or experienced players welcome.

A little bit about us: Our previous group disbanded last summer due to gaining educational degrees and/or moving away for employment. We played primarily Pathfinder but also delved into Numenera and Mutants & Masterminds. The two remaining members (myself included) are in our 40s, but age is not an issue. While play style is casual, with occasional conversations about Geek Culture (comic books, movies, books etc.), those interested should be serious about meeting regularly to play (think "Poker for Nerds."). Word of warning: while we generally don't encourage talk about politics or religion, know that, if it does come up, we tend to have a liberal bent.

For more information about our group, you can visit our website

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