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Eternity RPG

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5 out of 5 rating for Eternity RPG

Eternity is very fun and refined. I’ve had the opportunity to play this quite a bit. Here are a few points Eternity excels at:

  • Cooperative play is a strong suit. With a wide array of class options, the class abilities and role playing aspects can be meshed to create incredible and sometimes hilarious combinations. Developing roles can be useful in a party, but you’re not limited by your role. Every class is useful in any situation if you’re creative enough.
  • The model for character building is very well balanced. As a player, I never felt my character build was more or less useful than other players in my party.
  • The level progression path is rewarding. Level ups feel significant and customizing your character stats and abilities makes you feel powerful.
  • If you’re developing a campaign or a need ideas for a character, there’s a lot of quality lore to pull from.
Buy a copy, play it with your friends, and support this awesome game!

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