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I see that I can spend 1 TCP (Treasure Checkpoint) and receive 50 gold pieces.

Is the reverse true? I spend 50 gold pieces and receive 1 TCP

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The answer is correct, but that's not really the right reference. There's a list of what you can spend gold on in the player's guide, and it includes anything in the player's handbook or other allowed books, plus some scrolls and potions.

Your character may sell or buy equipment using the rules found in the Player’s Handbook. Between sessions, your character may purchase equipment found in any resource listed in Step 1 & 2, above. Individual adventures may provide limitations on what equipment is available for purchase during play.

Buying Potions and Scrolls
Similarly, your character can purchase potions and scrolls per the tables below. The cost of scrolls below is in addition to any component cost—regardless of whether it’s consumed or not.

Since treasure points aren't on the list, you can't buy them with gold.

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