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example of lost works

Hey, in another thread someone had a great example of a dungeon where everything was useing open conentent... I had saved it to show my work now tonight to some people on one of the things that needed to be fixed... but sometime between me thanking them and now they blocked me.
SO all I have is an empty post saying "Thank you that is what I needed" but I didn't copy down teh twitter user or the dungeon.

Does anyone have an example of a product that used multi sources (better if at least 1 went out of print) for me to use?

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The EN World kitten
Basically, the more sources something uses, the more likely they are to fall under this particular category (though looking back for sources by companies which are now defunct is a bit harder, simply because most publishers don't put out an easily-found notice of shutting their doors when they fold up shop). There are a lot of products like this, especially if you look

Of course, any Open Game Content product put out by a company that's no longer around necessarily falls under this category too.

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