DMs Guild Exceptional Humans ~ New Racial Character Supplement for 5e D&D


Humans are each as individual as the stars in the Heavens. Some dream of being great warriors, some aspire to be powerful spellcasters, while others have hopes of becoming master crafters, scholars or simple farmers. In a word, they are all EXCEPTIONAL!

In EXCEPTIONAL HUMANS, you will find a brand new alternative to the Basic and Variant Humans in the Player's Handbook. Exceptional Humans have the versatility, intuition and indomitable spirit that allows them to stand as equals in a world full of beings possessing innate magical or even supernatural abilities of their own.

Also included are three new Racial Feats and a New Background usable by any character!

Check out Exceptional Humans and make YOUR Humans EXCEPTIONAL!

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Exceptional Humans - Dungeon Masters Guild | Dungeon Masters Guild

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