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D&D 5E Exciting New D&D Adventure for Kids! Looking for Feedback & Playtesters

Hi everyone! I’m Harry from Cavalier 3d Miniatures, and I’ve been working on a kid-friendly D&D adventure designed to captivate and educate young players.

I’m excited to share it with you and would love your feedback!

The Enchanted Quest’ is a magical journey through the Whimsical Woods, tailored for children aged 8-12. It includes puzzles, colorful characters, and a storyline that promotes teamwork and creativity.

  • Level: Beginner level for both players and DM's who are new to D&D.
  • Target Age Group: Designed for young players aged 8-12, making it an ideal choice for family game nights or young adventurers new to role-playing games.
  • NPC Variety: Features a diverse range of memorable non-player characters (NPCs) such as Elena Brightwood, Hal and Pippa Merrypie, Alistair, and Leafa, enhancing role-playing opportunities and deepening the story.
  • Key Locations: Explores multiple engaging settings within the game, including the town of Willowmere, The Giggling Goat Inn, The Golden Goat General Store, and enchanted areas within the forest itself.
  • Adventure Hooks: Rich narrative hooks that motivate players to engage deeply with the story, including a blight affecting the Enchanted Forest and the need to restore its former glory.
  • Combat and Challenges: Includes a balanced mix of combat, puzzles, and traps like the Tickle Vine Trap, tailored to be accessible yet challenging for the target age group.
  • Interactive Elements: Opportunities for significant player interaction with the environment, such as using items from The Golden Goat General Store or navigating forest challenges.
  • Educational Value: Encourages problem-solving, teamwork, and creative thinking through gameplay designed to be both fun and intellectually stimulating.
  • Role-playing Depth: Deep role-playing elements with NPCs that have rich backstories and emotional depth, fostering empathy and storytelling skills among players.
  • Magic and Mystery: Incorporates elements of magic and mystery, appealing to children’s fascination with fantasy and adventure.
  • Accessibility: Rules and gameplay are simplified for younger players or those new to Dungeons & Dragons, ensuring an easy-to-understand yet engaging experience.
  • Character Development: Offers detailed player character sheets with unique abilities, promoting understanding of role-playing game mechanics and character growth.
  • Visual and Sensory Descriptions: Vivid descriptions of settings and scenarios enhance the immersive experience, making it visually and emotionally engaging.
  • Flexibility in Play: Designed to allow for both guided and spontaneous play, accommodating various levels of player experience and DM improvisation.
  • Completion Rewards: Provides tangible rewards within the game, such as special items and information, encouraging continued play and exploration.
  • Future Adventure Links: The adventure is part of a larger campaign, promising more to explore and discover in future releases, which can maintain player interest and engagement over time.
I’m looking for feedback on the narrative flow and engagement level of the puzzles. I’d also appreciate if some of you could playtest this with your groups and share your experiences.

You can download a free sample chapter and the playtest materials here:

Thanks for checking this out! Your input will be incredibly valuable to refining this adventure, and I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

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