Exclusive Contest! Todd Lockwood draws your character! [NO MORE ENTRIES!]

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Kai Lord

Re: 2 MORE WEEKS!!!???

Goddess FallenAngel said:
Ummm... Kai Lord?... you *are* going to post the people who made the top 20, right? Right?
I wasn't going to, since I'd rather have Todd take the heat for unchosen entries than myself :D , but after giving it some thought here's what I'll do:

I already decided to bump the number of "quarterfinalists" from 20 to 25, it'll take me some time to gauge how the new entries measure up with the 20 I've already chosen but when I get that squared away I'll post 24 of the Top 25 I'm sending to Todd.

That way if you don't see your character on the list you can just assume it was the one I didn't post, because...well, it was. ;)

I'll have the list of 24 up within a couple days, and post it in a new thread.


Bard 7/Mod (ret) 10/Mgr 3
Kai Lord -

I'll close this thread to keep things cleaner for you. Good luck to the 26 who are being forwarded on!

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