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Expeditious Retreat Press leaving OBS: Important Announcement

As of today, Expeditious Retreat Press has ended it's long relationship with OBS and the companies that proceeded it.

All Expeditious Retreat Press products can be found at the publisher cooperative site www.yourgamesnow.com. We also have products for sale at www.paizo.com and www.e23.sjgames.com

If you have purchased XRP products at OBS, we suggest that you download any backups you may require as they will not be available forever.

We look forward to seeing all of our customers, friends, and fans at www.yourgamesnow.com. Stop by, shop, and support your favorite publishers!

Joseph Browning & Suzi Yee
Expeditious Retreat Press
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I kind of expected this. Didn't make sense to me for you to continue selling through them with your own website able to do the same for you with good search engine cues.

Good luck.

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