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Exploring the difference between D&D5 and PF1 worlds . . . by means of Hello Kitty!


I had the idea to stat up Hello Kitty mostly because one of my Beloveds is a GINORMOUS Hello Kitty fan. Well, okay, zey is actually a Bad Batz Maru fan, but guess whose merch is easier to find?

So then I started thinking about a world called Sanri, a D&D setting I could slowly build up from that base idea. Only I couldn't decide between statting up HK in D&D5 or PF1. I could see benefits to both, but the way either system would shape Sanri was less easy to predict.

Meet Haroktii Howait, ruler of the realm of Mishru in Sanri Phaivii. She has a counterpart, of course, in Sanri Pyefwan, and I plan to stat out more and more characters from this and other IPs to explore the similarities and differences between the types of setting each system is most suited towards.

Lemme know what you think!

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