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Fablecraft - Have you seen the ads? What are your thoughts?


So Fablecraft is going to be a TTRPG but built to be online. There is a kickstarter with the lowest tier that actually gets a Steam key for the Beta being $9, at actual release this tier is going to be free I believe (Beta seems to be from August 2023, and aiming to go open to all next year).

Higher tiers unlock more expansions, and content, which gives some indication as to how the game is going to (try and) make it's money on release. Expansions (which include a ready to play adventure, and all the assets for it I assume, like backdrops, battlemats, creatures, music and soundscapes, etc), seem to be about $20 each they don't tell you how much of each asset you are getting for that price though.

Then there are Packs at the heir tiers that seem to cost $30 (worryingly) they do tell you what you get.
  • The Storyteller Pack has 10 landscapes, 10 soundscapes and 5 music tracks. A Dice and Token Skin.
  • The Brawler Pack has 6 interactive battlemaps, 14 monsters. A Dice and Token Skin.
I say worryingly as it makes me wonder how much you are getting for $20 at in the Expansions, less than 6 maps and 14 monsters?

Still it is an interesting concept. Seems to be backed by some high profile streamers, but not a huge amount of information on the system or who's actually behind it. At $9 it seems almost worth it just to follow what's going on, but then your paying for something you get free later...

But it looks so much fun...


I guess I'm old and cynical (or perhaps just British) but the videos are just so much cringe, no one is that enthusiastic, but if you can put up with all the "ooooh, ahhh" then (the second one in particular) it explains the game a bit.
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He'll flip ya...Flip ya for real...
This looks like an interesting product. Possibly a much lighter system than say 5E or PF1-2. Appears to get out of the way enough to be a quick moving story based game with all the mechanics under the VTT hood. I can see a market for this.

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