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fallout 76 would make a great trpg!

Would fallout76 make a better tabletop rpg sandbox? I think the map is fantastic and there are some great stories that would be fun to interact with, but when you get there, they have already played out.

I think it would be a much better world to set your game during the scorch ascendency era where your rag tag band of survivalists end up interacting with the various groups that are doomed, unless the PCs manage to get involved.

you can even use the original quest as a template, but this time, you're not doing an autopsy. You're saving civilization.

and then when the Vault 76 are released onto the world, they are a swarm of locust and therefore
the "bad guys." :D

With that framing device, what would you play insucha game,

GMs, What framing device would you use within this environment to define a party,

and when you got your party running, what factions would you side with if you were there during this period?

What systems would you use?

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