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I would like to promote my selfish nature and nominate the level 15 elite brute I just created: The Grick.

No, no. Not the blue one, those are only the young ones. The REAL Grick with a matured green skin, it is! :)


Shado and Ander00 BOTH should win this week, both different both site favs. If one doesn't get it this week then they shall the next... let's just call it a two winner week.


Oh Wow. I hadn't jumped to the first page in a day or so. Thank you so much for recognizing my work there. It means a lot to see it put to good use and even displayed in such a fashion.

AMP Productions

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Hey there!

Just wanted to let you know I have updated the Myconians to a new format simulating the "warforged" article in Dragon magazine. It is made to look similar so you can start building a binder of custom content!

Check it out if you can!

Dungeon Delver's Guide

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