D&D General Fantasy cannibalism, a theoretical philosophy discussion


Warning: I'm bored. Also this may veer into uncomfortable territory.

So the subject here is Need based emergency cannibalism in a situation that, in the real world, would be considered forgivable. I.e. marooned on a barren island, trapped by an avalanche, e.t.c.
Also for our purpose here we will consider the eating of ANY creature of humanlike or greater intelligence cannibalism. Debates and loopholes of the "if I'm a human and i eat a gnome is it really cannibalism?" nature should go elsewhere.

You're marooned on a desert island with a group of people. You have no supplies and no magic that would provide supplies or escape. Eventually, one of you succumbs to starvation, and the rest of you, in desperation, eat them.
Subsequently, you are rescued.

The eaten party can be restored by the 7th level spell resurrection. Since you obviously aren't casters of that power level, you would have to find someone who could cast it for you.
This would cost at least 2500 gold

So here's the question: how great is your duty of care? How responsible are you to restore them?

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That is dependent upon the assumed duty of care in the setting in general. Would there be an expectation of revival if the corpse were intact and eligible for the cheaper Raise Dead option?

No way to fashion things from resources on the island? To also hasten rescue?
No way to forage for things on the island or the surrounding environs?


Lord of the Hidden Layer
Since the person died of starvation, not by my hand, I would feel more obligation to provide them* a decent burial and/or contact their faith's representatives to properly lay their soul to rest.

There are too many vengeful undead in D&D. I don't need that kind of extra complication in my life.

* The inedible parts of their body, anyway


Depends upon the character I'm playing & setting details.
This. I've had characters that would kill and eat another PC just for fun. I've also had PCs that would volunteer to be killed and eaten. In some settings eating another intelligent creature is acceptable, while in others it will turn you into a ghoul. There's just too many variables.

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