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Fantasy Grounds

SmiteWorks USA LLC.
Fantasy Grounds- Black Friday Sale

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Fantasy Grounds

SmiteWorks USA LLC.
New Release
D&D Classics: B6 The Veiled Society (Basic)
Wizards of the Coast

The widow insists there are demons in her house. She hears them at night in her root cellar, and now they call out to her.
But she is old and nervous and her mind often plays tricks on her.
For characters levels 1-3.

D&D Classics B6 The Veiled Society (Basic)(WOTC2EB6).jpg

Fantasy Grounds

SmiteWorks USA LLC.
New Release
Pathfinder 2 RPG - Kingmaker Companion Guide
Paizo Inc.

The heroes of the Stolen Lands can use all the help they can get! The Kingmaker Companion Guide presents seven fully detailed companions inspired by the Kingmaker video game, ready to provide all sorts of assistance, each accompanied by a fully detailed personalized adventure to go along with their story. Notes on how an additional six companions can aid your adventures, extensive rules for camping and cooking strange and even magical meals to bolster your characters' abilities, and a fully detailed system to incorporate weather and hazards like blizzards, flash floods, tornadoes, supernatural storms, and more into your campaign make the Kingmaker Companion Guide a must-have expansion for your Kingmaker Adventure Path or indeed any Pathfinder campaign!

Pathfinder 2 RPG - Kingmaker Companion Guide(PZOSMWPZO2023FG).jpg

Fantasy Grounds

SmiteWorks USA LLC.
New Release
Crown of the Oathbreaker
Elderbrain, Inc.

The story is set in the Kingdom of Aglarion, where the characters will uncover dark secrets from the past of a royal family after the fall of a blessed era and break a curse that plagues the kingdom.

Crown of the Oathbreaker(EBFG5ECOTO).jpg

Fantasy Grounds

SmiteWorks USA LLC.
🎲Fantasy Grounds Friday
with Host Bryce Mousseau
and Special Guest Robert Schwalb
from Schwalb Entertainment.

Friday, Dec. 2nd at 2 pm EDT,
Streaming on Twitter, Twitch, YouTube, Steam, & Facebook.
Bring your questions about Shadow of the Demon Lord.

FGF AD 2022 - Rob.jpg

Jay Murphy1

Meterion, Mastermind of Time !


Jay Murphy, Vanishing Tower Press,

First Two Books in Deluxe USR Sword & Sorcery RPG Series Deliver Rules-Light Classic Pulp-Fantasy

Aspen, CO - Vanishing Tower Press is pleased to announce the release of the first two books for the Deluxe USR Sword & Sorcery roleplaying game in print-on-demand (POD) format on DriveThruRPG. Deluxe USR Sword & Sorcery delivers classic pulp-fantasy using the Unbelievably Simple Roleplaying (USR) engine, a rules-lite system customized for adventurers who live—and often die—by the terrible swift sword.

USR Sword & Sorcery Deluxe Book One: Characters, Combat, and Carousing and Book Two: Mass Combat and Magic feature never-before-printed mass combat rules for the game, as well as carousing, an expanded magic section, and more.

"I grew up reading Sword & Sorcery by Robert E. Howard, Michael Moorcock, Lyn Carter, and other writers who gave us heroes and anti-heroes that carved up their world one sword stroke at a time," said Jay Murphy, the game's designer. "This is a love letter to the genre and it utilizes a rules-light formula that stays out of the way and lets game masters (called Crypt Keepers in the game) and players get right into their own bold adventures."

The soft-cover POD format in a comfortable A5 size, just like they did in the old days. Book One: Characters, Combat, and Carousing is 50 pages B/W with a price of $12.25. Book Two: Mass Combat and Magic is 40 pages B/W, with a price of $12.06. The retro-styled game is written by adventure writer Jay Murphy and includes new art by Jeremy Hart, Daniel Hernandez, Gennifer Bone, Michael Gibbons, David Lewis Johnson, Earl Geier, Joyce Maureira, Luigi Castellani, and Miguel Santos.

"I believe the artists commissioned for this project delivered illustrations which match the fevered-pitch of combat prevalent in the wonderful books that inspired this game," said Murphy. "They really give the books the feel of the game's simple, but exhilarating, combat rules."

Murphy has previously published old-school adventures, including Purging Woth Nrld Oekwn’s Muddy Hole, a 40-page adventure that pits PCs against a well-organized tribe of troglodytes and alien slime, which 10 Foot Pole's Bryce Lynch said was, "full of evocative writing and interesting interactive encounters. And is non-standard as all get out."

Deluxe USR Sword & Sorcery Book Three: Worlds of Adventure, featuring the sinister and savage world of Xoth, will be released in the near future.

Vanishing Tower Press is happy to arrange interviews with the author and PDF copies for online reviews. Direct all inquires to

Mutant Lord

And some more interior inks from our latest book for The Mutant Epoch RPG....


Junk Ghoul
A new, terrible mutie opponent for The Mutant Epoch RPG found on page 49 of our latest book Monday Mutants Bestiary.


Dust Fiend glamour shot. New art from page 28 of this new book for the Mutant Epoch RPG: Monday Mutants Bestiary, a 206 page mutant manual.


Half Piffer Human From page 97 in the Piffer creature description, new art for the Monday Mutants Bestiary book. This strain of very short, scaly humanoid hybrid are just one of untold strange NPCs your characters can meet in The Mutant Epoch world. Join us at… The Mutant Epoch Tabletop Role-Playing Game Homepage


Muto Colossus grayscale art for the Encounter Tables section of our latest 206 page book, Monday Mutants Bestiary

Muto-Colossus-Giant -Mutant-Humanoid-web.jpg

Muto-Colossus Ink Art for this new omnivore’s description from page 75 of our new ttrpg game book! I think these are my favorite freaks from this latest bestiary, and gonna be great fun to describe at the game table.

Grab a 10 page sample at our website. The Mutant Epoch Tabletop Role-Playing Game Homepage

Print book only $24.99, 206 pages, 8.5 x 11” softcover URL Monday Mutants Bestiary: 30 Mutie Monsters to Challenge Every Excavator (The Mutant Epoch Role Playing Game): McAusland, William, McAusland, William: 9780994923783: Books

PDF 10.99 Monday Mutants Bestiary - Outland Arts | The Mutant Epoch RPG |
or direct from us at Monday Mutants Bestiary

Fantasy Grounds

SmiteWorks USA LLC.
New Release
Karthax - The Living Tower
Grim Press

Karthax - The Living Tower is a 5e Compatible dungeon delve where players explore multiple floors, each with unique challenges and roleplaying.

Karthax - The Living Tower(GPFG5EKTLT).jpg

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