Press Fantasy Grounds New Releases, Sales, & News July 24-30, 2023

Fantasy Grounds

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Fantasy Grounds New Releases, Sales, & News July 24-30, 2023


New Release
The Forsaken Bog
Grim Press

A bog witch runs an orphanage in the bog, using the children to turn them into wood-monsters, which the entity feeds upon their souls. Can your party bring peace and save the kids?

The Forsaken Bog(GPFG5ECZFB).jpg

New Release
Shadow of the Demon Lord Maze of the Goblin King
Schwalb Entertainment

The Maze of the Goblin King details the twists and turns, the monsters and mayhem, and difficulties and dangers of the famous labyrinth!

Shadow of the Demon Lord Maze of the Goblin King (IPFGSDLSEMGK).jpg

New Release
Shadow of the Demon Lord Expert Paths of Shadow Bundle
Schwalb Entertainment

Explore and expand the paths in Shadow of the Demon Lord.

Shadow of the Demon Lord Expert Paths of Shadow Bundle(IPFGSDLSEEPOS).jpg

New Releases
Raiders of the Serpent Sea Campaign Guide
& Players Guide

Modiphius Entertainment Ltd.

Raiders of the Serpent Sea is a blend of high fantasy and a darker world of grim seafaring raiders. Nowhere is safe, danger and glory abound!

Raiders of the Serpent Sea Campaign Guide (MUH109V003FG).jpg

New Release
Frozen Depths Map Collection
Grim Press

50 Encounter Maps for your TTRPG games!

Frozen Depths Map Collection(GPFGMCFD).jpg

New Releases
from Paizo Inc.

Pathfinder RPG- Pathfinder Companion: Quests and Campaigns
Quest for Glory

All great characters are made even greater by the adventures they undertake, and yours is no exception!

Pathfinder RPG- Campaign Setting: Fey Revisited
Unveil the mysteries of primeval legends, encounter ancient creatures from a time before time, and prepare to enter a preternatural world where nothing is permanent and everything is alive and vibrant.

Pathfinder RPG - Campaign Setting: Chronicle of the Righteous
Together, the virtuous forces wage an unending war against the blasphemous and the profane, all the while lifting worthy mortals to stations of ever-greater glory among the boundless celestial spheres.

Pathfinder RPG - Pathfinder Companion: Faiths and Philosophies
There's more to faith than simply choosing a god. Whether as a servant of a powerful deity, a devotee of a world-shaping philosophy, or a zealous atheist, it's time to claim the power of your convictions with this guide to devotion--religious or otherwise.

Pathfinder RPG - Pathfinder Companion: Demon Hunter's Handbook
Raise your banner and lead the charge in your fight against the dreaded demons of the Abyss with Pathfinder Player Companion: Demon Hunter's Handbook!


New Release
FG Countryside Map Pack
SmiteWorks USA, LLC

This map pack consists of many static images as well as some new animated elements for the construction of dusty countryside areas and the like.


🎲On Sale This Week
July 24-30, 2023
in the Fantasy Grounds Store

Titles from Paizo, Grim Press, Kobold Press, Legendary Games, Goodman Games, and more...

ALL SALES 07-24-23.jpg

Fantasy Grounds Game Day
Thursday, July 27th

Try out new rulesets and Fantasy Grounds.
The games are Pathfinder 2 and Starfinder.

*SFS 5-09: Counterfeit History [FG Beginner Friendly]
*PF2: Beginner Box - Menace Under Otari [Part 2 of 2] [Play to Learn] [Streamed - No Webcams]

This is a Free event!
Fantasy Grounds Game Days | Warhorn

fg july 27 SF .png
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