Press Fantasy Grounds New Releases, Sales, & News June 5-11, 2023


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Fantasy Grounds New Releases, Sales, & News June 5-11, 2023

🎲This Week's Fantasy Grounds
New Releases!

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New Release
Pathfinder for Savage Worlds: Advanced Player's Guide
Pinnacle Entertainment Group

Ready to go beyond the basics? Expand the limits of what's possible with the Pathfinder Advanced Player's Guide!

With new Ancestries, Edges, Hindrances, Gear, Powers, and Magic Items, there's something for everyone.

Let our host of new Hindrances inspire your next character's backstory! Or grab one of the new Background Edges that keys off your character's Ancestry. Play one of the six new classes.

Pathfinder for Savage Worlds Advanced Player's Guide(S2P11514).jpg

New Release
D&D Classics - I12: Egg Of The Phoenix
Wizards of the Coast

There were the thieves in the lost crypts of Empyrea, raising hundreds of--no, that's too disturbing to think about. There were the three dragons who--no, that's too painful to remember too. Now there's this egg of the Phoenix. What does that have to do with anything? This was supposed to be a cut-and-dried stop-the-slavers job. Who said anything about retrieving lost artifacts? Trudging through forest, traipsing through castles, trotting through dungeons, traveling through other planes: this has turned into more than your run-of-the-mill adventure. The compensation had better be worth it! Provided, of course, you're around at the end to collect your share.

D&D Classics - I12 Egg Of The Phoenix(WOTC2E9201).jpg

New Release
Better Days
Modiphius Entertainment Ltd.

The away team must locate the means to repair their ship, while delicately navigating the unexpected cultural situation on the planet. Difficult decisions need to be made regarding Starfleet directives and the future of the Bajor you find yourself upon. Will the crew be able to successfully infiltrate Bajoran society and find their way home without impacting the timeline?

Better Days  (MUH052204FG).jpg

New Releases
Arcadia Issues 016 & 017
MCDM Productions, LLC

Welcome to ARCADIA! Inspired by old-school tabletop magazines, ARCADIA is MCDM's digital magazine for 5th-edition GMs and players.

Arcadia Issue 16 17 MCDMFG5EA016 MCDMFG5EA017.jpg

New Releases
from Schwalb Entertainment

Shadow of the Demon Lord Monstrous Pack 6- The Remainder-
This pack contains the remainder of the original Monstrous Pages products published for Shadow of the Demon Lord.

Shadow of the Demon Lord Tombs of the Desolation-
This reveals one of the most dangerous places in the lands of R?l, providing new options for players and Game Masters alike.

Shadow of the Demon Lord Monstrous Pack VI, Tomb of Desolation (IPFGSDLSETD).jpg

New Release
Creatures & Treasures II
Iron Crown Enterprises

A Rolemaster bestiary offering complete descriptions and game stats for hundreds of fantasy beasts.

Creatures & Treasures II (ICEFGRMC1558060790).jpg

🎲On Sale This Week

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Fantasy Grounds Game Day
June 8th

Try out new rulesets and Fantasy Grounds.
The games are Numenera, Pathfinder for Savage Worlds, and D&D5E.

This is a Free event!
Fantasy Grounds Game Days | Warhorn

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Paizo Organized Play on Fantasy Grounds
June 10th
Pathfinder Society & Starfinder Society

Players only need the free Demo account to play.

org play June 10 sf .png
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