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Fantasy Grounds New Releases, Sales, & News October 16-22, 2023


New Release
D&D Planescape: Adventures in the Multiverse
Wizards of the Coast

Infinite realms of immortals and impossibilities, the Outer Planes brim with celestials, fiends, gods, and the dead—and they’re all just a step away. Enter a portal to Sigil, the City of Doors—an incredible metropolis where portals connect to every corner of the multiverse. From there, venture to the Outlands, the hub of the Outer Planes, and discover wonders beyond imagination. The possibilities – just like the realms – are endless.

New Release
Starfinder RPG - Starfinder Enhanced
Paizo Inc.

Enhance your Starfinder experience with this invaluable game resource covering all aspects of the Starfinder rules! From totally revised fundamentals like core classes and starship combat to brand-new systems for expanding the way you play, this rules resource offers fresh ideas while still blending with the existing system. With Starfinder Enhanced at hand, you'll be ready for the countless challenges of infinite space!

Starfinder RPG - Starfinder Enhanced (PZOSMWPZO7122FG).jpg

New Release
Pathfinder RPG - Pathfinder Companion: Blood of the Beast
Paizo Inc.

Embrace the Beast Within!

Anthropomorphic animal races have been a staple of fantasy gaming for decades, and Pathfinder Player Companion: Blood of the Beast presents all the tools you need to play members of some of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game's most iconic bestial races. Packed full of character options for members of all classes, as well as some that members of other races can adopt, Blood of the Beast is sure to spice up any campaign!

New Release
Pathfinder RPG - Pathfinder Companion: Monster Summoner's Handbook
Paizo Inc.

Call upon otherworldly powers and summon beings from beyond with Pathfinder Player Companion: Monster Summoner's Handbook! Featuring dozens of new feats, magic items, archetypes, and character options designed to grant you control over fantastic beasts and enhance your summoning prowess, this player-friendly volume contains everything you need for your adventurer to command forces benign or malevolent, divine or alien. Call upon never-before-seen creatures and claim all the tools you need to make yourself a true master of monsters!

New Release
Pathfinder RPG - Pathfinder Companion: Dirty Tactics Toolbox
Paizo Inc.

There are those who fight and die honorably, and there are those with pockets full of dirty tricks who live to brawl another day. Embrace the subversive with Dirty Tactics Toolbox, a player-focused manual filled with loads of deliciously devious tips, tricks, and rules options to ensure that your character never has to face a fair fight. Delve into the art of the ambush, research new poisons, and discover ways to enhance your sneak attacks and dirty trick combat maneuvers. And if none of that suits your sly sensibilities, arm yourself with magic that targets your enemy's jugular or turns her sword into an angry snake. Dirty Tactics Toolbox contains everything you need to gain the upper hand and then exploit the advantage mercilessly

New Release
Pathfinder RPG - Pathfinder Companion: Heroes of the Streets
Paizo Inc.

Not every adventure awaits within a sealed tomb or mad wizard's tower. In seemingly civilized cities, dangers lurk down every twisting alley, and backroom deals might spell the end for nosy investigators. Pathfinder Player Companion: Heroes of the Streets provides the resources to take your Pathfinder RPG character from a dungeon-delver to a witty and backstabbing urbanite.

Heroes of the Streets is a player-focused supplement that provides inspiration and rules for city-focused characters and campaigns, allowing you to make the most of an urban adventure.


New Release
Lost Lore: Eminent Domains: Forces & Philosophies
Frog God Games

Gods oversee the cosmos. They control the ebb and flow of the seasons. They ensure that the risen moon gives way to the morning sun. They apportion all manner of mysteries, terrors, and wonders upon mortals. Gods truly do govern the fundamentals of reality. But domains are those fundamentals. Air and Chaos. Earth and Evil. Fire and Good. Law and Water. When clerics choose their domains they form connections with the deepest and most powerful facets of existence. Whether something primal like the elements or the very foundations of morality, it only makes sense to offer them a chance to expand and enhance their bond. This book gives clerics a host of new options tied to their domains.

This product includes three new feats and three new spells, each with customizations specific to the elemental and alignment domains. In addition, each domain describes a holy water variant that provides interesting options to clerics and other pious followers.

Lost Lore Eminent Domain (FGGFGPFLLED).jpg

New Release
Friend or Foe Folio 2 (5E)
Grim Press

Friend or Foe Folio 2 (5e) gives Game Masters another 100 named non-player characters, each with beautiful art, lore, personality traits, and a 5e stat block. These NPCs can easily be dropped into any D&D5e game with minimal preparation, as their motivations are clearly detailed. In addition, each NPC has unique quest hooks - quickly expand your ongoing campaign with new adventures for your players!

Friend or Foe Folio 2 (5E) (GPFGFFF25E).jpg

New Release
Cyberpunk RED: Interface RED Volume 1
R. Talsorian Games, Inc.

Night City's voracious, Choomba! It needs more places, more people, more things. More! More! More! It's never satisfied and we know you aren't either. Your campaigns can always use a little something extra to push it right over the Edge.

Cyberpunk RED Interface RED Volume 1 (IPFGCPRIRV1).jpg

New Release
Fallout RPG: Fully Operational
Modiphius Entertainment Ltd.

Scavenging Run!

Few tools of pre-war America have developed as much notoriety across the Wasteland as a fully operational suit of Power Armor, a symbol of status, of wealth, and strength. Most wastelanders would give their last cap, sell out a friend, or even kill to get their hands on a set.

Fallout RPG Fully Operational (MUH0580208).jpg

🎲On Sale This Week
October 16-21, 2023

in the
Fantasy Grounds Store

Fantasy Grounds Game Day
Thursday, October 19th

Try out new rulesets and Fantasy Grounds.
The games are Savage Worlds, Pathfinder 2, and Dungeons & Dragons.

*Pathfinder for Savage Worlds: Not Everyone Becomes a Deity [Play to Learn] [Part 2 of 3]
*D&D5e: The Haunt
*SWADE: Deadlands - Halloween Donner [Play to Learn]

This is a Free event!
Fantasy Grounds Game Days | Warhorn

fg game day Oct 19 sw dl.png

Fantasy Grounds Game Day
Saturday, October 21st

Try out new rulesets and Fantasy Grounds.
The games are Pathfinder 2 Society and Dungeons & Dragons 5e.

*PFS2 1-03: Escaping the Grave [Play to Learn]
*5e: The Murkmire Malevolence

This is a Free event!
Fantasy Grounds Game Days | Warhorn

fg game day Oct 21 pf.png

Join us November 24th-26th
A celebration of all things
Fantasy Grounds.
Add a game to the schedule.
Please visit FG Con 2023 | Warhorn to register for the event and view the game submissions.



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